Can Manuel silence moaning Maureen? – Man City v Chelsea

Maureen’s been at it again!

Moanrinho has excelled himself, managing to plummet to new depths of hypocrisy.

He has the fawning media masses hanging on his every word as he trots out his pathetic ‘mind games’…with all the psychological subtlety of a colonic irrigation procedure, via a turbo-charged vacuum cleaner.

The Snide One - Maureen will be a very unwelcome figure at The Etihad.

The Snide One – Maureen will be a very unwelcome figure at The Etihad.

His ‘special need’ to be heard has to be accommodated as table-topping Chelsea prepare to take on the Champions of England, hence Jose’s assertion that Manchester City should be forced to play in the Europa League!

If it wasn’t so pathetic it would be funny, but ‘The Snide One’ doesn’t do humour.

The sneer from Setubal managed to keep a straight face – both of them – as he proclaimed that City should have points deducted, Premier League titles stripped away and admission to European football’s top club competition denied.

Oozing self righteousness the Portuguese pillock claimed City had not been adequately punished for the breach of UEFA’s so called Financial Fair Play regulations, but he saved the best bit until last.

Samurai Samir - Nasri put Mourinho to the sword In the FA Cup, but City lost both league encounters last season. Courtesy@MCFC

Samurai Samir – Nasri put Mourinho to the sword In the FA Cup, but City lost both league encounters last season. Courtesy@MCFC

Using Chelsea – the polar opposite of fiscal restraint and equitable economics – as a paragon of virtue, he said that the Roman Abramovich-owned club had “…become a team like any other, managing our resources in a rational manner.”

The press and media report Jose’s bilious rants – fair enough, he’s easy ‘copy’ – but the fact they do so unquestioningly is gut-churning. They put it into a selected context, lauding the Londoners for achieving a £36m summer transfer profit.

It certainly helps that some potty Parisians were happy to spend £50m on David Luiz – a Brazilian who’s as mad as a box of frogs…and that’s on a quiet day!

It's never personal - Pellegrini won't rise to Mourinho's bait, but he loves putting one over Jose. Courtesy@MCFC

It’s never personal – Pellegrini won’t rise to Mourinho’s bait, but he loves putting one over Jose. Courtesy@MCFC

What is funny is how the net trading losses of £651.6m since Abramovich took control in 2004, are strangely overlooked.

And before those losses are explained away as being entirely historical, back in the day before FFP, how then did Chelski still manage to post a £49.4m loss in 2013?

As far as being a master of psychology and an eminent figure in the world of football economics, Jose is decidedly less than special.

Go figure - Jose is a hypocrite when he criticises City's spending in light of Chelsea's massive and sustained losses.

Go figure – Jose is a hypocrite when he criticises City’s spending in light of Chelsea’s massive and sustained losses.

It would appear to some jaundiced eyes, that City are in meltdown because of a poor home defeat against Stoke, a thoroughly deserved draw away at Arsenal and a desperately unlucky defeat in Munich.

Conversely Chelsea are apparently Premier League champions-elect following wins over newly promoted Burnley and Leicester, three points off Swansea and, an admittedly impressive, 6-3 victory away at Everton.

The fact they only managed a 1-1 Champions League draw at home to Germany’s FC Schalke – a team that had lost all four of their previous competitive games this season – seems to have dipped under the radar.

Returning hero - Zaba will be back after serving his Champions League ban in Munich.Courtesy @MCFC

Returning hero – Zaba will be back after serving his Champions League ban in Munich.Courtesy @MCFC

While Jose is now the self proclaimed ‘Happy One’, it’s Manuel Pellegrini who has allegedly ‘lost it’, just because he put that appalling apology of a referee Clattenburg up for closer scrutiny.

The press cited Manuel’s touchline ban in Munich as further ‘evidence’ that Pellegrini is becoming increasingly hot-headed this season.

The case for the prosecution is wafer thin. The ban related to Pellegrini’s fully justified verbal attack on the atrocious officiating of Swedish ref, Jonas Eriksson, against Barcelona back in February.

That was seven months ago – 207 days in which Manuel has resorted to type…that of being a courteous, diplomatic and honourable gentleman, the type of manager that fans and owners want at their football club.

Aguero joy - Sergio scored a cracker at Stamford Bridge but still lost out. Courtesy@MCFC

Aguero joy – Sergio scored a cracker at Stamford Bridge but still lost out. Courtesy@MCFC

Despite a unique Premier League and Capital One Cup double in his first season, there are still plenty of detractors ready to chip away at the Chilean.

There is certainly no love lost with Maureen, so what better time to hit back and narrow the gap to just two points at the top of the table?

Pellegrini has been busy protecting his team and defending the under-fire Yaya Toure.

Toure de Force - Yaya hit his 20th and City's 100th PL goal of last season. City need him back in form against Chelsea. Courtesy@MCFC

Toure de Force – Yaya hit his 20th and City’s 100th PL goal of last season. City need him back in form against Chelsea. Courtesy@MCFC

Last season Yaya showed himself to be worthy of the term ‘world class’, an accolade all too frequently wasted on decent international stars who wouldn’t get a sniff of a place in a select World XI.

But it’s open season on the Ivorian colossus and a chance to destabilise City.

Ex-Manure midfielder, Paul Scholes was Mr Invisible when it came to media interviews during his playing career, but now the humourless Ginger Whinger is more than ready to offer his views, his negative views, on Yaya, as long as he’s being paid.

City & England's finest - Joe should make his 200th Premier League appearance for City against Chelsea. Courtesy@MCFC

City & England’s finest – Joe should make his 200th Premier League appearance for City against Chelsea. Courtesy@MCFC

Pellegrini is right to defy the daft press conference questions about individual players, even when – like Joe Hart (Sunday will be his 200th Premier League game for City) – it’s to praise them.

It’s all about being together – winning together and losing together.

Despite the obvious drama and heartache of his summer, Yaya simply has to come to the party and make a full contribution to a City win..

Fernando and Stevan Jovetic are still sidelined with injury, with the no nonsense Brazilian midfielder a particularly big loss for this match up. The City boss has confirmed ex-Chelsea legend, Frank Lampard, will be in the squad.

Blue is the colour - will Frank wear sky against his old Chelsea royal blue? Courtesy@MCFC

Blue is the colour – will Frank wear sky against his old Chelsea royal blue? Courtesy@MCFC

It could see Lamps on the City bench and one would hope the professionalism, for which he is renowned, will shine through if he sees action in sky blue.

Unlike last season, City will have the spine of their team available for selection. Kompany was missing in the totally avoidable 2-1 loss at Stamford Bridge, whereas the in-form Fernandinho and Aguero were absent in the 1-0 reversal at the Etihad.

Hart, Kompany, Yaya, Silva and Aguero were an all too rare on-field quintet last season. They need to be pulling the strings on Sunday.

Silva Sunday - Can David take the winning honours from his Spanish countrymen Fabregas and Costa?Courtesy@MCFC

Silva Sunday – Can David take the winning honours from his Spanish countrymen Fabregas and Costa?Courtesy@MCFC

Chelsea are undeniably stronger this season having enjoyed an excellent summer transfer window. Fabregas, Costa, Drogba and Remy give Mourinho a new potency to his attack, while in Belgian keeper, Thibaut Courtois, Chelsea have a world number one in the making.

Unless there is to be a shocking seismic shift in the tectonic plates of the Premier League, the colours of either City or Chelsea will adorn the big trophy with the golden crown next May.

The Etihad encounter will not be decisive in itself, but an eight point Chelsea advantage might be unassailable, and it’s not even October.

Sour face - City need to put in a winning performance and beat mouthy Mourinho.

Sour face – City need to put in a winning performance and beat mouthy Mourinho.

A City win and a two point differentiator could prove a turning point for Pellegrini. It might even shut Maureen up, at least for a day or so.


By David Walker






  1. September 20, 2014  10:21 pm by DOUGLAS HENSHAW Reply

    Spot on Dave just hope we shut the moaning twat up just like we did with St Brenden. Don't know which one I hate most. #TrustOurMP

    • September 21, 2014  12:14 am by David Walker Reply

      Take solace from the fact you can hate them both as much or one more than the other at any given time #FLEXIBLEHATING it's all the rage.

  2. September 20, 2014  10:23 pm by JoshCannon99 Reply

    Great read, as usual, David. Mourinho really is a complete twat of a broken record. Why doesn't he keep his nose out of other club's business and focus on his own team. It's not as if Chelsea spend nothing and make millions - they are just as bad as us.

    Hopefully we'll be able to shut out Costa, Fabregas tomorrow and get a result - can't afford to lose and let them gain any more ground. Plus it would shut his highness up for a while!

    • September 21, 2014  12:18 am by David Walker Reply

      Well, it might keep him quiet until he has a microphone thrust in front of those chops. He then tells everyone what he 'sinks'. I hope City can sink him faster than the Bismarck or the Belgrano - choose your own history lesson. Nobody sinks it will be easy but we're the bloody champions on our own turf - let's do it!

  3. September 20, 2014  10:57 pm by Susan Bookbinder Reply

    Love your writing as always David; especially colonic irrigation, that is just hilarious! Keep it coming, you have a loyal and growing following who love your style.

    • September 21, 2014  12:19 am by David Walker Reply

      After those comments young Suzy I feel - how can I put it - flushed with success. Thanks as ever x

  4. September 20, 2014  11:46 pm by Gary Moughton Reply

    David, I don't think you should take Jose's bait. I don't think Manuel reads anything written by Her Magesty's Press or would let it inform his day to day work. Our manager's knowledge in football is on another planet to the journalists he is contractually abliged to speak to for 15 minutes or so each week because of Manchester City's envolvement in the Premier League or Champions League. He would struggle to educate most of them if they were afforded a year in his presence, and in any case most of them have a pre-written adjenda long before he's uttered a word in these weekly meetings. Mourinho tries to deflect the world from any serious questions and get under the skin of any oppositions team or fans. None of it means anything in the real world outside of the pantomime that is the English Premier League

    • September 21, 2014  12:26 am by David Walker Reply

      Indeed Gary. As a former journalist I never fail to be amazed at the inane, obvious and downright bloody stupid questions Manuel has to suffer. One journo - it might have been Neil Custis judging from his voice (I could be wrong Mr C) asks him his thoughts on the prospect of Chelsea going 8pts clear. MP says to ask him after the match, before going on to say to ask him his thoughts if City win and the gap is down to 2pts. The journo then goes on to say something along the lines of a 2pt margin being better than an 8pt deficit....DOH - NO SH*T SHERLOCK!

  5. September 21, 2014  12:04 am by Graham Ward Reply

    Plenty of football to be played, irrespective of the result, although a win would be much the preferred outcome. A draw wouldn't be a disaster, but a loss doesn't bear thinking about.
    I think we'll edge it 2-1.

    • September 21, 2014  12:27 am by David Walker Reply

      I'll take it at 2-1. Could you gift wrap it and have it sent to my home? Cheers GW.

  6. September 21, 2014  12:58 am by Mark Shaw Reply

    Another stand out piece again David, as always.

    What Moaning Maureen said doesn't surprise me in the least (We all know he's not the most cerebral thinker in the game despite what he thinks). What does surprise me is the fact he believes his own risible musings. If he wasn't a football manager he could well make a living being an internet troll.

    I for one haven't jumped on the Yaya hating bandwagon and I hope I'm in the majority. Yes, he and his parasite.....Errr I mean Agent made headlines during the summer for all the wrong reasons but let's not forget he lost his brother to one of the cruellest diseases known to mankind and that sort of thing isn't something you get over in 2-3 months. Even footballers are not immune to debilitating grief.

    On a lighter note, let's hope Yaya has a blinder tomorrow and tears the Cockney rent boys a new one as it were and a Lampard winner would just about make it a perfect weekend

    • September 21, 2014  8:37 am by David Walker Reply

      Thanks Mark. I'm with you on all of the other elements of your comments, albeit I have been critical of Yaya in the recent past, but doesn't mean I don't want him to succeed - far from it. Can you imagine Frank's wild and provocative celebrations if he scores the winner - Adebayor-esque like - no, me neither.

  7. September 21, 2014  6:59 am by guy Burke Reply

    I actually find Maureen extremely amusing these days and actually laughed out load when i read yesterdays back page at a busy retail outlet. I think we can take it as a great compliment that he saves his best pearls of wisdom for our club and our esteemed manager whom he obviously fears more than any other? Todays game whilst being far from a decider will be a great chance to peg back Maureen and shut a few shandy supping southern journalists up. I would like to see yaya and nasri in particular up their game and prove their quality, if this happens cannot see beyond a City victory.

    • September 21, 2014  8:38 am by David Walker Reply

      I'll take that scenario all day long. Cheers Team GB.

  8. September 21, 2014  8:26 am by John Okoh Reply

    You spoke my mind, let's hope our players at Manchester City will understand what is at stake and on sunday tear Maureen's chords

  9. September 21, 2014  9:11 am by ukpabia andrea Reply

    lolz. Mourinho already getting to u mancity guys even before a ball is kicked? That's 1-0 to chelsea already. Loves how Mou can really get on peoples nerves!

    • September 21, 2014  9:57 am by David Walker Reply

      Nothing could be further from the truth...we simply laugh at his idiocy - we laugh at him, not with him.

  10. September 21, 2014  9:15 am by Toby Teasdale Reply

    "A colonic irrigation procedure, via a turbo-charged vacuum cleaner." My health and safety officer advices turbo charged hoovers are now illegal under European law!

    Most of Maureen comments are 'whistling in the dark'. The greater the fear the louder he whistles. This week he has been doing his 'Tweetie Pie' impression. Luckily for him they no longer take canaries down the pit. Pellegrini should take it all as a compliment.

    Todays ‘toe to toe’ is Froch v Groves III. Hopefully a fully fit Aguero will pack too much punch for an aging Terry (34 in December) and give him, in the words of Barrington Dalby's , ‘A right Shellacking'.

    The icing on the cake (no pun intended) will be if Yaya gets his arse into gear.

    Today the world will be watching. Let's give them a show.

    • September 21, 2014  9:59 am by David Walker Reply

      OK, OK I hear you - how about deploying the new Dyson? Always a pleasure TT.

  11. September 21, 2014  9:33 am by Andy Devereux Reply

    I've never paid any attention to Maureen he's an idiot and as he gets older he gets worse.As you say David if we bring our A game we can beat Maureens mob and hopefully shut him up......if just for a little while anyway.

    • September 21, 2014  10:00 am by David Walker Reply

      Silence would be golden...apart from the sound of the Etihad ROAR!

  12. September 21, 2014  9:46 am by pete lynch Reply

    Dave you and your fantastic blog is part of my match day experience. Thank you.

    • September 21, 2014  10:00 am by David Walker Reply

      If you spot an ugly swine in an Arabic City scarf today... ;-)

      • September 21, 2014  12:31 pm by Toby Teasdale Reply

        Watch it!

        • September 22, 2014  11:52 am by David Walker Reply

          I was referring to myself TT - why are you ugly as well and wear an Arabic scarf on matchdays? We could start a new trend.

  13. September 21, 2014  10:08 am by Mark Reply

    David what a brilliant read!

    I have said it numerous times to the numbskulls who support Liverpfool and the rags, that FFP was there to protect them and it's failed. Because now either one them, as missed out on a CL place because they couldn't stop us. I've also questioned these idiots as to why these rules weren't put in place after the Leeds debacle. Neither one could give a reasonable answer, so I reminded them " it's because they were no longer a threat, and neither their fans, or clubs couldn't give a toss about clubs going bust, as long as it didn't effect their revenue.

    I'm unsure of the correct date when an additional place was given to the prem for the CL. But it won't be far from around the time Chelsea came into their money. So it's ironic nothing was mentioned about FFP when they went on a spending frenzy, and outbidding the rags at every opportunity.
    Whatever they try next, May never effect City again. But this is the only season, that we have been pinched by the bent rule, and probably the last. So in effect the rules didn't stop us, but have probably helped us pull away from the likes of Tottenham and Everton, who would have been a lot closer had new investors not been put off by FFP

    • September 21, 2014  11:29 am by David Walker Reply

      I hope Jean-Louis Dupont wins his legal battle and FFP is thrown out - corrupt and self-serving of the traditional European cartel, FFP stinks the place out.

  14. September 21, 2014  10:49 am by Richard Cooper Reply

    Mourinho : All his comments are just crass puerile nonsense !
    If Lampard plays a part this afternoon I am sure he will "turn in" a professional performance, but if he actually speaks to Mourinho after the game some journo will say he is totally disinterested !
    Should be cracker today and I will go for 2-1

    • September 21, 2014  11:27 am by David Walker Reply

      Let's hope so, 2-1 is a popular scoreline - even more so if it happens.

  15. September 21, 2014  12:20 pm by GeorgeInIsrael Reply

    Frank Lampard to score winner with a 93rd minute penalty would be perfect today!

    • September 21, 2014  2:27 pm by David Walker Reply

      No argument here George!

  16. September 21, 2014  12:51 pm by Glenn Kavanagh Reply

    12.36 & the game has been on my mind constantly I'm a bit nervous. I'm hopefully we can up our game, milner to start maybe?? Although nasri has been poor so far he had a great record against Chelsea. Zaba will have his hands full with hazard. We must avoid early yellow cards particularly the defense. It'll be a tough game with massive challenges , terry can't handle Sergio. He is weak against small players. Hart must use the ball well & not put us on the back foot by giving them cheap possion. He drives me nuts when he does that. He needs a Mancini blast there big time. The boss will be under massive pressure if we don't win.has he a week sport for the 42?? Maybe. We'll find out who the real citymen are today won't we!!!.

    • September 21, 2014  2:28 pm by David Walker Reply

      Trust Our MP!

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