Cheeky Liver bird wants City to sell Joe on the ‘cheep’

Fairly or unfairly, it’s pretty damn certain that Joe Hart is heading for the Etihad exit in the next few days.

Last night saw an outpouring of emotion for City’s popular keeper, as thousands of fans sang his name and applauded his every touch during the win over Steaua Bucharest.

Affairs of the Hart - Joe's leaving City but hopefully not in a cut price deal.

Affairs of the Hart – Joe’s leaving City but hopefully not in a cut price deal.

Pep Guardiola even gave Joe the captain’s armband for what will surely be his last appearance as a City blue.

After the match former City player – the ever UNPOPULAR – Steve McManaman, a so called ‘pundit’ on the loathed BT Sport Football, said it would now be appropriate for City to help facilitate Joe’s move away by selling him at a ‘reasonable’ price.

BraveHart - Joe puts a smile on what he described as a 'special night' playing for City.

BraveHart – Joe puts a smile on what he described as a ‘special night’ playing for City.

So called ‘McPointyMan’ – all he ever did in two years at City was point his fingers and tell others what to do, while he contributed sweet FA – pointed out City owed Joe a debt of gratitude after 10 years.

Errrrr, no, as saddened as I am to see Hart leave, the player has had a wonderful career at City, been handsomely rewarded and, at 29 yrs old, would still be a great signing for the likes of errrrr – Liverpool – McPointyman’s true love!

No ulterior motive there then Steve, so glad we cleared that one up!

Bloomin' cheek - McManaman is urging City to let Joe Hart depart at a 'reasonable' price. Liverpool could be a potential destination.

Bloomin’ cheek – McManaman is urging City to let Joe Hart depart at a ‘reasonable’ price. Liverpool could be a potential destination.

City must do unto others as they have done unto them in a crazy transfer environment of bloated fees – sell high – if at all possible.

A final farewell - Joe takes the applause from the Etihad crowd on what looks certain to be his final curtain call at City.

A final farewell – Joe takes the applause from the Etihad crowd on what looks certain to be his final curtain call at City.

Pragmatism may have a part to play, but City won’t do their credibility any favours if they sell a very very good goalkeeper at a vastly reduced price.


By David Walker @ReadButNeverRed @djwskyblu


  1. August 25, 2016  11:29 am by Richard Cooper Reply

    Correct - City have paid top whack if not over top whack for players so there is no way we should indulge in any favourable deal. The conundrum is that there can be limited clubs who need a keeper that can afford the purchase value and salary of Joe.
    I would prefer if Joe stayed or went on loan and adapted to Pep's style but that that seems unlikely
    Hopefully this will soon be resolved and the player and the club can "move on"

    • August 25, 2016  12:56 pm by David Walker Reply

      As ever RC we are in virtually total agreement. I must keep sending you the cheques for the duration of the season ;-)

  2. August 25, 2016  11:55 am by Tublu Reply

    I'd be surprised if Joe went there. He's a close friend of BJM who left city to play more in centre midfield and win medals, how's that plan going Jimmy ? Joe won't fancy having to fill in at DM or RB and collect runners up trinkets. If City do sell him his price should reflect his value as an England international, home grown player. Apparently when we are buying this means a starting price of around £35M

    • August 25, 2016  12:51 pm by David Walker Reply

      I agree totally with the LFC sentiments, but it would tick boxes on a number of fronts; Joe can 'stay local', Liverpool need a top GK, Joe would go straight in as No 1 and Klopp is a decent manager. I'm even more in agreement when it comes to extracting top fees for our outgoing players. Thanks for commenting.

  3. August 25, 2016  12:44 pm by Guvnor Reply

    Would not give either of the scouse teams a chance of doing a deal with Joe. Everton always get top dollar from us.

    • August 25, 2016  12:54 pm by David Walker Reply

      If there's a deal to be done then City must have the courage of their convictions. If, as it appears, Pep has decided Joe isn't what he wants, then we can hardly have it both ways and not sell to other teams. The window is closing very soon and if Joe has to go so be it, but not on the cheap. If he goes to Merseyside and plays a blinder then we can only hope Bravo does even better at City. Thanks for reading and the feedback Guvnor.

  4. August 25, 2016  3:32 pm by David Bickerdike Reply

    I would personally love to see Joe stay and compete with Bravo, and let Willy be the one to move on.

    • August 25, 2016  11:56 pm by David Walker Reply

      Same here, but it blatantly isn't going to happen for whatever reason. Whilst trusting Pep 100%, it is bemusing why Joe seems to have become a pariah at the Etihad, with the club desperate to get him out of the door. If it was solely on footballing abilities commonsense would suggest Bravo and Joe would create a healthy competitive environment, the like which Joe hasn't experienced for years at City. Pantilimon and Caballero have never held a light to Hart, whereas Bravo appears to be superior. Nonetheless, there simply HAS to be more to the situation than is in the public domain.

  5. August 25, 2016  7:41 pm by Andy Reply

    Great to have you back. Your written words have been missed..... Given Joe will still want to be England number 1, he will want to be playing rather than learning as a number 2 with Pep. In agreement that we should get a good price, either Joe will have to drop his salary demands or stay put. I think there is also a rule that Joe could buy himself out of his contract as he is close to 30 yrs old and won't be playing or selected for a minimum number of games. Not sure if being on the bench counts?

    • August 26, 2016  12:04 am by David Walker Reply

      Thanks Andy, the Read But Never Red Facebook pages have been active throughout the summer rather than the full on blogs, but it's time we started the blogs back up as the season starts taking shape. I'll be glad when September 1st dawns and we know Joe's fate. I think Bravo will be an upgrade on Joe, but prima facie it's mystifying why Joe is not just getting the cold shoulder, he's getting a 'frozen' shoulder. Maybe it'll filter out in due course, but this simply cannot be 100% down to the 'sweeper keeper' debate.

      It's all been relatively diplomatic and polite in the public domain - obviously City don't want any internal strife to be spotlighted by a media all too ready to stir it up - but something is amiss somewhere along the line.

      Players come and players go and, in Pep, we have the world's best manager who has already energised a previously lethargic City, who were allowed to slip into slumber under Manuel. We can but trust Pep to do what he does best, but it's a tad unseemly that Joe is being ostracized in this fashion.

  6. August 26, 2016  12:41 pm by Wilfie Boy Reply

    Well Said Walker auld bean. I will also be sad to see Joe depart but fans should not get too attached yo players.They all move on. I'm also disappointed in Joe. What has he been doing over the past few months? He should have studied what Pep wants out of a keeper. But perhaps when Bayern scored 3 at The Etihad a few years ago due to dodgy goalkeeping influenced Pep who was their Manager then.

    • August 26, 2016  1:27 pm by David Walker Reply

      Cheers Wilfie Boy - at least I avoided being called a 'has been' ;-) This whole Joe Hart 'circus' as Joe himself described it, is unfortunate and has divided opinion among City fans. I think it's the apparent speed at which Joe has been cast aside that has taken many supporters by surprise. It's Pep's team now, and as fans we should respect and trust his judgement, albeit there are many who emotionally invested in a keeper who has served us well in our recent glories.

      All of that said, I actually think Bravo is superior and will prove so in the coming years.

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