City 3 Liverpool 0…when it comes to Premier League titles

Pep Guardiola would never compromise his principles and park the proverbial bus, but a baying mob of Scouse scum made doubly sure it was never going to be an option.

Misdirection – For once Pep didn’t get his team selection or tactics right.

The pre-match attack on City’s team coach – which rendered it non-operational – will be viewed as a victory by loutish Liverpool fans and, who’s to say, probably by many associated with Liverpool FC past and present?

It certainly served the Anfield cause, and let’s face it, it was an open secret that such an assault was planned – it’d been all over social media for the past fortnight.

Of course Liverpool were quick to distance themselves from such undignified scenes, apologising ‘unreservedly to Pep Guardiola, his players, staff and officials caught up in the incident’.

Under attack – The City team bus was deemed to be unfit to drive after the skanky Scousers through bottles and bricks.

Such an apology was about as much use as a one-legged man in an arse-kicking competition.

One can only surmise if, behind closed doors, the Anfield hierarchy were less than perturbed about the well orchestrated attack.

The statement went on to say: ‘The behaviour of a number of individuals was completely unacceptable…’

It had the same shallow ring as comments from BT Sports pundit and Liverpool ‘legend’ Steven Gerrard.

The loutish Liverpool fans answered Liverpool FC’s request to ‘gather to show their passion and support for the team…in a friendly, respectful and considerate manner.’
What a load of bollocks!

Slippy G, claimed it was unfortunate that ‘one or two’ had overstepped the mark, when seeking to whip up an intimidating atmosphere. Try one or two thousand and it’d be closer to the truth.

As the feral hordes let loose their bile and venom, they epitomised why some Liverpool fans are despised. They’ve well and truly earned their tag of being ‘offended by everything and ashamed of nothing’.

Merseyside Police did their bit to add to the mayhem, inexplicably announcing the change of route for the coach into Anfield – giving Rent-A-Mob the heads up – before failing, abysmally, to give Pep , his staff and players, safe passage to the ground.

Merseyside Police thought it was a good idea to broadcast the change of route for the City team bus!

After the inevitable battering of the coach – more than likely to have unnerved some within the City party – Merseyside Plod condemned the attack as ‘appalling’.

No Shit Sherlock!

By heck, there’s not much gets past the cops in Liverpool is there? Merseyside Police have, of course, sought to exonerate themselves of any blame.

Anarchy outside the ground gave way to some Keystone Kop defending as City conceded three in 20 first half minutes.

The announcement of the re-routing of the coach was also accompanied by a statement from Liverpool urging supporters ‘to gather to show their passion and support for the team…in a friendly, respectful and considerate manner.’

Was it the intention of the club’s PR department to take the p*ss, or did something get lost in translation?

What did they expect from fans who are the antithesis of how the Liverpool loving media like to portray the Anfield faithful – as a fair and good humoured bunch?

Battered and bemused – City had no answers to Liverpool’s high pressing play and swarming attack.

UEFA have charged Liverpool with four breaches of their disciplinary regulations relating to the setting off of fireworks, the throwing of objects, acts of damage and crowd disturbances.

But UEFA, being UEFA, won’t review the case until the May 31st at the earliest.

One wonders if things would be moving at such a snail’s pace if European Football Royalty like Real Madrid or Barcelona had been the victims of such an attack?

UEFA would be saying the English hooligan disease had returned and impose swift and serious sanctions on Liverpool, but hey…it’s only those newly-moneyed upstarts from Manchester, so why bother?

Enough to drive a City fan insane – a lack of width up front saw a lopsided City attack fail to muster a shot on target.

Whether the ‘welcome’ impacted on City’s players is something only they and Guardiola can say, but it sure as hell didn’t do them any favours – and how it showed.

Jurgen Klopp’s side proved to be a class act on the field – the polar opposite of the skanky Scouse hooligans on the streets outside the stadium.

They were deserved winners, it would be churlish to pretend otherwise.

Sterling Show – Raheem should be restored to the starting XI for the Manchester derby and the return fixture with Liverpool, as City go in search of two red routs.

That said – and at the risk of sounding like a post match Arsene Wenger interview – Mo Salah was fractionally offside for the first goal, Leroy Sane was just onside when providing the assist for Gabriel Jesus’ disallowed goal, and Raheem Sterling had a definite penalty when Robertson took the City substitute’s legs from under him.

The result could have been very different.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and the fact that the in-form Sterling was on the bench and Ilkay Gundagon started, proved Pep can’t always get it right.

Guardiola is normally bang on with his selection and tactics, how else would City be enjoying the most successful season in their history?

Perfect placement – Jesus puts City 2-0 up before half time against Liverpool back in September in the 5-0 win. They’ll need at least four to have any chance of Champions Legaue progress on Tuesday night.

Sadly the lack of attacking width down City’s right hand side – aligned to every player producing a sub-standard performance – meant Liverpool were never on the back foot.

Clueless City capitulated in a fashion which completely belied their status as Premier League Champions-Elect. It’s an unpalatable but inescapable truth that Liverpool have more than had the measure of City at Anfield in 2018.

Sergio is already City’s all time record goalscorer with 199 goals. Let’s hope he goes through the 200+ mark ASAP against United and Liverpool. Graphic by Stiz of the BlueRoom.

An away goal would have been a massive lifeline going into what now looks like Mission Impossible – or at best – Mission Improbable, at the Etihad on Tuesday night.

But all is not lost and City and their supporters must have the belief that this quarter final can be salvaged and turned on its head.

The upside is City are more than capable of scoring three against any team, especially with a fit again Sergio Aguero seeking his 200th goal in City colours.

Another magical showing from Merlin in the Manchester derby will go a long way to securing David Silva’s third Premier League Winner’s medal in 7 years.

The downside is Liverpool are just as likely to score at least one, meaning City would have to score five, to progress.

Much could depend on who emerges unscathed from the respective Manchester and Merseyside derbies on Saturday.

Salah limped off last night with what looked like a groin strain. Could that keep him out of the match with Everton and then City?

City celebrate victory at The Swamp in December – will they be doing likewise on Saturday night?

Pep, quite rightly, said he was prioritising the Champions League quarter final above a potential Premier League clinching win over United.

It still holds true, but such was the manner of the loss, City need a morale boosting victory to lift the air of gloom that has suddenly enveloped the supporters.

It’s bizarre and wrong on so many levels but, if City don’t beat United and then fail to claw back the 3-0 deficit on Tuesday night, the season will begin to feel tainted – a glorious triumph petering out into anti climax.

Last time out against United it was Milkgate. Now City need to show why they are the Cream of English football.

Come hell or high water City will claim their third Premier League title in the last seven years, smashing several records on the way. They’ll also lay down a marker that the best is still very much come from Pep’s predominantly young, and rapidly developing, team.

Premier League success – so often the priority of the fans – may have to suffice this year, but the elusive Champions League crown remains the Holy Grail for Sheikh Mansour, Khaldoon Al Mubarak and City.

Pep still has a year left to run on his three-year deal– it may be enough to see City rule Europe – but an extension beyond 2019 would surely be welcomed by all parties.

Genius. Leader. Winner – Pep needs to galvanise his team and win the Premier League in style with another victory over United.

It’ll be a perverse measure of City’s achievements and the fans expectations, if winning the title by beating United at the Etihad is seen as anything other than spectacular.

As for whether or not Klopp’s lot cop for it next Tuesday…well that can wait.


By David Walker


A Dedication…

This blog is dedicated to Steve Wilson – a wonderfully brave Blue who passed away on Sunday – and #TeamWilson, his adoring family, who continue to raise thousands of pounds in his memory, for Macmillan Cancer Support.

RIP Steve and ‘Go Sarah’ in the London Marathon! @ReadButNeverRed @djwskyblu


  1. April 6, 2018  8:09 am by Red is the only color Reply

    Liverpool 5 City 0 when it comes to european titles man citi such a small club can't even sell out the emptyhad for the second leg against Liverpool. Notts Forest and Villa have more European cups than Citi will ever have. You Citi boys are just bitter losers

    • April 6, 2018  8:56 am by David Walker Reply

      Not too big on match ticket sales information are you Paul? Bitter losers? We acknowledge Liverpool fully deserved the win on Wednesday night. As for City never winning the Champions League, only time will tell.

    • May 10, 2018  6:00 pm by carl birchenough Reply

      Notts Forest ? Thats brave, or stupid.

  2. April 6, 2018  8:11 am by Red is the only color Reply

    AS Gary Neville put it Man "Shitty"

    • April 6, 2018  9:19 am by David Walker Reply

      Gary Neville is often highly complimentary about City, albeit through gritted teeth. Funny alliance you've chosen there with Mr Neville - of course he always got on so well with Liverpool fans when he played for United didn't he?

  3. April 6, 2018  9:29 am by AJ Reply

    I came here to legitimately take a look at how City fans saw the game. Never had a problem with City fans in general. And YES, the bus attack WAS disgusting, and one which all genuine Liverpool fans are genuinely pissed off about..... but your vitriol, anger, and - yes - disgusting - condemnation of everything Liverpool because of the actions of a few dick heads is pathetic, bitter and bang out of order! You even back-handedly 'hinted' at Hillborough, so YOU, are every bit as disgusting as the 'Scouse Scum' you rant about.

    Oh, and just for the record, Sane WAS off-side, and Otamendi cleared the ball with his ARM at 29:37.

    • April 6, 2018  9:37 am by David Walker Reply

      There was no hint of any kind about Hillsborough - let's get that straight. I, like any decent human being was appalled by the tragedy and fully supported JFT96. You're well wide of the mark with that one, so don't go there. Despite our 'exchange' on here, it would appear we are actually in agreement, albeit via different routes.

  4. April 6, 2018  9:39 am by AJ Reply

    Oh, and a CLEAR handball by Kompany at 30:01..... fact is, Mane scored from the resultant cross anyway, but it was a penalty - not given - before that. He raised his hand from his side to outstretched to stop the shot from Salah. You got away with 2 blatant penalties. Liverpool got away with one.

    • April 6, 2018  9:43 am by David Walker Reply

      Did you miss the sentence which referred to Liverpool as '...deserved winners, it would be churlish to pretend otherwise.'?

  5. April 6, 2018  9:45 am by AJ Reply

    Really? "They’ve well and truly earned their tag of being ‘offended by everything and ashamed of nothing’". - Just another way of saying "always the victims." Like it or not, deny it or not, it's there.

    • April 6, 2018  10:08 am by David Walker Reply

      That's a general statement and NOT a reference to Hillsborough in any way shape or form.

  6. April 6, 2018  10:35 am by Lynn Mollekin Reply

    Well said David. I couldn’t believe the violence that happened especially with all the prior warnings to the police and Liverpool, disgusting the club and fans should be ashamed.

    • April 6, 2018  10:42 am by David Walker Reply

      Thanks for the feedback Lynn. You can't but think the bus attack simply should never have happened give the mass of pre-publicity given to the event. Liverpool's statement to their fans was ridiculous. City have never, and will most likely never, issue a Club statement encouraging City supporters to 'greet' an opposing team's bus.

  7. April 6, 2018  10:38 am by Sean Reply

    Seem to be riling a few Scouser there DW!😂 IMHO another excellent & objective piece. I think you spoke as you found and I agree. It's going to take decades of success to redress the public & media nonsense about lack of history, money spent & empty seats ; all if which can be proven to be complete bull $h1t. We have to remain as classy as we have shown thus far and take solace in the knowledge that the vast majority of football loving supporters enjoy watching City because the football is so entertaining E. G. Everton fans applauding us off last week. My only hope short term is that a few idiots DONT try to take revenge next Tuesday in the name of City. The Club and GMP need to put out a statement before the game highlighting increased policing, large level video coverage, zero tolerance and lifetime bans for offenders.

    • April 6, 2018  10:44 am by David Walker Reply

      Thanks Sean. Completely agree, City fans should show themselves to be above this type of behaviour. You simply do not attack a team bus and encourage - however stealthily - mob rule on the streets in order to intimidate opponents with acts of violence and hooliganism.

  8. April 6, 2018  11:06 am by AJ Reply

    'We have to remain classy"

    - "will be viewed as a victory by loutish Liverpool fans and, who’s to say, probably by many associated with Liverpool FC past and present?"
    - "As the feral hordes let loose their bile and venom, they epitomised why Liverpool fans are despised. They’ve well and truly earned their tag of being ‘offended by everything and ashamed of nothing’".
    - "but a baying mob of Scouse scum...."
    - "One can only surmise if, behind closed doors, the Anfield hierarchy were less than perturbed about the well orchestrated attack."

    .. and finally, you've recently edited out your unfathomable attack on Steven Gerrard, who you claim was "trying to suppress a grin" as he condemned the bus attack. Sorry, but that lacks ANY measure of class on your part.

    You think any of this falls under the definition of "classy"? No, it does not.

    • April 6, 2018  1:27 pm by David Walker Reply

      It's all about opinions and this article was always going to draw reaction from opposite ends of the scale.

  9. April 6, 2018  11:14 am by AJ Reply

    These are my personal Facebook posts from yesterday.....

    "To all those Liverpool "fans" who attacked the Man City bus... YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO THE CLUB AND TO YOUR CITY!!!"

    "they should be identified and charged. It's taken decades for Liverpool to shake off its undeserved reputation.. this harms the Club and the City"

    "De Bruyne is wrong. It IS a big deal and tarnishes the name of the Club and the City. Those involved should be identified and serve jail time."

    • April 6, 2018  11:18 am by David Walker Reply

      Thanks for being a voice of sanity from within the Liverpool ranks.

  10. April 6, 2018  11:31 am by AJ Reply

    Please think twice before writing such derogatory and unfounded comments. It's best suited to the fans from Salford, not those of Man City.

    • April 6, 2018  11:35 am by David Walker Reply

      I know what I witnessed so my observations are certainly not unfounded. We will disagree on this matter on many levels, but at least we are able to conduct a civilised discussion. You have made your points in a clear fashion and they will stay on the Comments page for all to see. Thank you.

  11. April 6, 2018  11:47 am by AJ Reply

    What you saw is certainly not unfounded..... but to make comments such as the bus attack is "probably considered a victory by many associated with Liverpool, past & present"; that Steven Gerrard "was trying to suppress a grin", and you could "surmise that the Anfield hierarchy were less than perturbed", most certainly is!

    • April 6, 2018  1:26 pm by David Walker Reply

      It's always going to be subjective but there are sources - who will not be disclosed - who would bear out my assertions that many associated with Liverpool were happy to gain any edge, any advantage for this game, both on and off the field. I'll leave the topic there and appreciate your engagement on the topic.

  12. April 6, 2018  12:18 pm by Richard Cooper Reply

    I will keep this brief David. Yes Liverpool won on merit and yes an away goal would have been "gold dust" .Just go out and do your best on Tuesday City. I won't add to the coach incident as it has all been said, but no retaliation please. Don't sink to the level seen in that shameful episode.

  13. April 6, 2018  2:37 pm by Jeff escott Reply

    When we got off our coach about 7.20 the junction of arkle and an field road was deserted almost .the street actually looked like a bomb had gone off ,with piles of beer cans smashed bottles rocks and litter, there were loads of police there then. I asked one what the hell had happened because we hadn't heard, he replied in his broad scouse accent behind his cheeky grin that we'd missed it all a little earlier....hmmmm?

    • April 6, 2018  3:10 pm by David Walker Reply

      Yes, it was a scene to behold. There were barriers bent and mangled and as you say lots of broken bottles, rocks, beer can etc. It should never have been 'allowed' to happen. This was a planned attack. Three flares were let off at the same time before the projectiles began flying at the City bus in order to provi8de a smokescreen - literally - to those throwing the bottles, rocks etc.

      It was not an improvised thing and why on earth preventative measures weren't taken makes you question if there was a genuine will to stop it taking place.

  14. April 6, 2018  4:11 pm by Pete Reply

    Dave, as you know, I have supported City for many years and recall many instances which challenge AJ's assertion 'It's taken decades for Liverpool to shake off its undeserved reputation.. this harms the Club and the City" I'm not sure undeserved is a word I would use. I recall a sad and battered old lady walking behind the Kippax about 2 hours (pre Liverpool game) before kick off she was inconsolable having just been mugged by what she described as Liverpool Fans. I recall house owners local to Maine Road boarding up their windows, pre Liverpool Game, so as not to have their windows put in 'AGAIN' by the 'undeserving Liverpool fans' . I also recall the 200 + 'undeserving Liverpool fans' entering the Kippax as soon as it opened and innocently kicking and beating the early arriving City fans. This was followed by the 'WE took the Kippax song'. I also recall the singing changed significantly when the Kippax was actually full of City fans and the Police were abused by same supporters for not getting them out quickly enough. I also recall the the mass brawls surrounding Maine Road before and after many matches in the late 70's early 80's. I recall having to travel to and from city matches in a battered old coach because the nearly new one we had hired previously was smashed to pieces... 'Yes holes in the metal' and most windows smashed following the 1981 League Cup semi-Final. You guessed it by the undeserving Liverpool Fans. HEYSELS; I recall pictures of the Liverpool 'Fans' chasing the Italian supporters behind the goal... 39... YES 39 DEAD. Poor undeserving Liverpool Fans. Tell that to the dead Italians families. I don't want to mention Hillsborough but I have read the report I'm not sure 'Independent" is an accurate title. However on that issue. It is a tragedy that we as football fans do not want to have repeated and one that we all, of that time, must take some responsibility for. Did we with hindsight challenge our fellow supporters truly shocking behaviour... did we challenge the FA and our own clubs to do more to address the issue...I suspect, if we are all honest, WE DID NOT. Is it the sole responsibility of the Police to control our vices and misdemeanours? I again suggest not. Did we not acquiesce to this behaviour by not challenging. This report I feel was cynically used by those people in Westminster who represent the minority of people to further their own agenda.
    Back to the present I personally was appalled by the Media coverage of this, the headlines were of the match, which WAS poorly officiated and not the really headline. The outrageous behaviour of thousands of fans, which history will tell is so prevalent as to not to be deemed to be shocking, should have been screamed from the back pages with pledges to act. I suggest that Liverpool, who have already played a large part in getting English clubs banned from European Cup competition should be banned immediately and if they are saying that they can't safely manage the away players, officials and support should also have Anfield closed until it is fit for purpose. That would send an appropriate message to the Clubs and support that this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated. As you will have gathered I have no sympathy with AJ's assertion that the Liverpool Fans reputation is undeserving... I wonder what he actually did to challenge this behaviour at the time and what action he will take to address this blight on society.
    I am fed up with the apologists blaming the police (though in this case they did not cover themselves in glory). The fact that the Police could not cope does not exonerate this behaviour; it actually highlights the very present danger to the reality of huge public unrest and the possibility of danger to life. I would say to the Liverpool supporters TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS. The twittering of the pundits to such statements such as ' it should have made the players more determined etc' is misguided, failing to address the matter. The real point is that this is abhorrent to society it has nothing to do with sport or sporting behaviour and values. I feel Liverpool Club should distance its self by withdrawing from the competition. That is in a perfect world; in this one of greed, self interest and supporter exploitation it will not even have occurred to them.

    I abhor violence and trust that the City supporters will rise above this contemptible behaviour with exemplary behaviour of their own. Sadly I expect that is a forlorn hope.

    Finally to AJ who I'm sure will be bristling at my question of what did he do at the time. In response to his obvious retort I took an extremely frightened and disorientated Liverpool supporter into the City Social Club. To save him from an obvious beating.

    • April 6, 2018  4:47 pm by David Walker Reply

      Great stuff Peter. You have - quite rightly - broadened the topic to address the issues of what is and isn't acceptable behaviour, not only in and around football grounds, but society as a whole. The scenes from Wednesday night more than hinted at a return to those dark dark days of the 70s and 80s and nobody in their right minds would want that.

      Doubtless there will be some form of retribution meted out if Liverpool fans come to the Etihad looking for trouble, but as you say, we want football grounds to be places of entertainment where, win, lose or draw, your average football fan can go along in safe surroundings.

      Thanks for the comprehensive nature of your comments, born from your own experiences of being an avid City fan over many years.

  15. April 6, 2018  6:09 pm by John Watson Reply

    Your bang on with your comments David keep writing as you do don’t listen to any bin dippers.
    City 3 Liverpool 0 city win on penalties. 😃

  16. April 6, 2018  6:44 pm by Doug Henshaw Reply

    Hi Dave spot on again mate. Why did the police advertise the change in route, it has been known about for weeks yet the police who were very thin on the ground let it go on. It must of unnerved some of the people on the bus. It was absolutely disgusting I have Liverpool mates & they to be fair are just as disgusted, but it shouldn't of happened. I hope Uefa come down hard on them but I very much doubt it. Yes they deserved the win on that I don't argue. On the night Pep got it wrong but it happens, but we're not out yet. Us the fans have to get behind the team & roar them on in the next couple of games.

    • April 6, 2018  7:22 pm by David Walker Reply

      Too damn right Doug - we have to give it everything along with the players, starting with being crowned Premier League Champions tomorrow night.

  17. April 6, 2018  7:33 pm by AJ Reply

    To Pete.

    You have to be kidding me! You STILL lump Hillsborough in with Heysel? One was a preventable tragedy with NO VIOLENCE INVOLVED, one was absolutely due to fan violence. TOTALLY SEPARATE! After all these years, do we STILL have to spell that out?

    The Heysel tragedy - while in NO WAY would I attempt to exonerate Liverpool fans what happened - you cannot, because it suits your arguement, dismiss the fact that this was two sets of idiot fans clashing with the worst possible outcome. One Italian fan was caught on video brandishing a gun!! The deaths were tragic and could easily have happened to either set of supporters. Watch the footage.... both were after blood, not just the Liverpool fans.

    As for the other examples, I have many of my own. Being attacked by hundreds of Leeds fans lying in wait walking back to our train. Being attacked in Blackpool (nothing to do with football) by a group of about 10 Mancunians, simply because they heard my Scouse accent. I was alone versus 10. I was punched and attacked walking to a game at the Hawthorns. 3 of us were circled by a mob of Birmingham fans and we escaped simply because we were faster and more desperate. To make this look like it's a Liverpool fan only issue is extremely narrow minded and short sighted.

    As for banning the club... ah, yes that'll work!! So next time City play in Europe, all the United fans need to do is go there as 'City fans' bottle the opposition's coach and City get knocked out without kicking a ball... hmmm.

    Your comments re Hillsborough are disgusting by the way and have no place in this discussion. A best friend of mine - a fireman, but he was there as a fan - died trying to save other Liverpool fans. He was safe, but went back in to try to rescue others. He never made it. He was 27. Francis McAllister is his name and he died a hero. Look it up, and get your facts right.

  18. April 6, 2018  11:01 pm by Pete Reply

    AJ your quote.."It's taken decades for Liverpool to shake off its undeserved reputation.. this harms the Club and the City" My response addresses that repeatedly...there is no undeserved reputation, it is one that a percentage of your fans went to great lengths to build. I note you appear to not accept that fact but use none related incidents to try to get away from the painful truth. I have already stated I abhor violence.
    Re HiIlsborough I personally feel that a report that is working with the victims families only is not independent, it did not investigate the behaviour of the fans that day or previously. I do believe the report was commissioned in that way by a government with a hidden agenda, I still do. Please read my original comments again. I agree that this is not the place to have a debate on Hillsborough but I do feel that when this issue comes to court and all the facts are addressed in full it will be extremely difficult reading/listening. I have not in any way slighted the victims and was deeply shocked when this event took place.

    I have no doubt that your friend was a hero. And like all the other victims did not deserve to die in such terrible circumstances.

    I did however get my facts right. As I have said, read what I've written.

    I deliberately started the following paragraph with back to the present indicating that I had moved on from that subject back to the recent incidents which were disgusting and due to your lack of response, on that topic, can only surmise you did nothing to challenge.

    My points I think were well made and reasoned, the behaviour of Liverpool fans did a great deal to get England banned previously and therefore they should be harshly dealt with. I stand by all I said. I'm sure CCTV footage will clearly show that the vast majority of fans causing the trouble on Wednesday then went into Anfield.
    I'm sure United fans will get dressed up as City fans stone, abuse and threaten the away fans, then go and sit in the Etihad with their tickets bought for just that event.

    My outrage is against this abhorrent behaviour which when not challenged can expand and lead to tragedy.

  19. April 6, 2018  11:58 pm by AJ Reply


    Re HiIlsborough I personally feel that a report that is working with the victims families only is not independent, it did not investigate the behaviour of the fans that day or previously. I do believe the report was commissioned in that way by a government with a hidden agenda, I still do.

    is absolute CRAP.....

    I wonder would you be writing such vile shite if one of your own family had been wrongly accused of causing the disaster while lying stone cold DEAD on a slab???


    Yet we STILL, almost 30 years on, have to endure the likes of you....

    Ok, done here. Done dealing with pieces of garbage like you who are so biased against another club, you'll even dishonour the dead - even when there is OVERWHELMING evidence against your "conspiracy theory" - to prove it.

    And, YES, make no mistake about it - you HAVE dishonoured the dead! I only hope you can sleep well at night. Actually.... no I don't.

  20. April 7, 2018  10:37 am by Will Reply

    It was pathetic that the bus attack happened and should have been stopped. Local pubs could have been locked and having alcohol in the streets not allowed for starters would have quelled much of the idiocy. That being said, I will pay tribute to the incredible atmosphere inside Anfield and how this inspired the team. I was not there on Wednesday but I witnessed it a few times as a neutral against the likes of Chelsea, Barcelona & Ajax and it does make a huge difference. We can do the same on Tuesday like we have done on European nights before in our very much FULL stadium. We fight 'til the end.

    • April 8, 2018  6:02 pm by David Walker Reply

      We most certainly do, so come Tuesday night LET'S MAKE SOME FCKIN NOISE!

  21. April 7, 2018  2:25 pm by Pete Reply

    Re AJ's tirade, I wonder if he can refer me to the pages in 'The Report of the Hillsborough Independent Panel' that refer to the fans behaviour.
    I have made my opinion known re the tragedy previously. Until all the facts are known I, nor I suggest anyone else, can make an informed Judgement.
    I do however struggle with the Authenticity of AJ. I note that his knowledge and experience of football hooliganism appears to be less than that of a kiosk worker in a train station. I also note that he had little or no knowledge of Heysels. Any Liverpool supporter worth his salt would have come up with the argument that the English fans were from a number of teams and also that the trouble apparently stemmed from previous encounters. They were also found not to be culpable.
    I doubt this person AJ was present during the period of the 70' and 80's. Nobody who experienced that carnage can forget it. Nor would they want it to reappear. I note that he couldn't deny that Liverpool's reputation is a deserved one. Nor could he provide any evidence that he did something to attempt to reduce the issues of the other night. I'm sure that the Liverpool plod have had to to see the E.N.T. specialist to deal with their newly acquired tinnitus and found that they can't exit their stations due to the hordes of willing witnesses all appalled by their fellow supporters behaviour. If they are truly disgusted where's the evidence, action speak louder than words.

    As usual, a tirade will always suffice, when met with a reasoned argument, there is no freedom of speech only indoctrination.

    I will leave you to conclude the rest of my opinion on AJ.

    I will however finish with WHEN ALL THE FACTS of HILLSBOROUGH are in the public domain. Then and only then can a proper judgement be made. It is without doubt a tragedy that could have been averted and one I, like all real football fans, would never like to see repeated. I do hope the victims families get their justice.

  22. April 21, 2018  5:15 am by Martinmoumn Reply

    Hellow my name is Martinmoumn. Wery good article! Thx :)

  23. June 4, 2018  5:00 pm by Premature T Shirt Reply

    David I have always looked to your and Ian Cheesemans and Martin Samuels articles on City as providing an excellent perspective and at odds with a media enthralled by the United and Liverpool and to a lesser extent Arsenal hype.

    I totally agree with the tone you have taken in your article. If this wasn't
    deliberately albeit indirectly set up by the club and either pig ignorant or
    compliant police then clearly Santa Claus does exist and the tooth fairy reall does live down the bottom of my garden.

    I won't add further to the debate other than to say instant karma was finally served when Real proved winning a Champions League title is considerably more difficult than winning a straight knockout competition like the European Cup. No disrespect to Forest and Villas achievements but it's time for Liverpool fans to end the delusion and confusion.

    • June 18, 2018  9:33 am by David Walker Reply

      Many thanks for your comment and my apologies for not responding sooner. Yes, it was rather sweet to see the Scousers screw up in Kiev. After the attack on the City team bus I'm not sure which of the reds are the most hideous in their behaviour and attitude - the traditional Red Scum or the Bin Dippers!

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