City’s new Champions League theme – Cum on Feel the Noize!

‘We Fight Till The End, We Fight Till The End, We’re Man City We Fight Till The End…’ It’s a rousing terrace war cry and one rapidly becoming Manchester City’s Champions League campaign theme in 2015/16.

Winners - The Boys In Blue congratulate City's Belgian Prince.

Winners – The Boys In Blue congratulate City’s Belgian Prince.

Last gasp winners against Borussia Moenchengladach and Sevilla have seen City snatch six points in nerve-shredding, nail-biting encounters in a fiercely competitive Group D.

The joy and relief was palpable as City’s flame-haired Belgian Prince set the Etihad alight with a sublime finish against the luckless Spaniards. Kevin de Bruyne is already drawing favourable comparisons with City royalty of the past…none other than Colin The King.

Belgian Bargain - KdB is looking like a steal at £54m. Courtesy@MCFC

Belgian Bargain – KdB is looking like a steal at £54m. Courtesy@MCFC

As he heads into the intensity of his first Manchester derby, the 24-year old attacking midfielder is a huge hit with the City faithful.

Five goals in seven starts and two sub appearances, plus four assists is a sensational start to his City career, statistics which even suggest the Premier League leaders could have netted a £54m bargain.

KdB has assumed the main creator duties in the absence of El Mago David Silva, and completely confounded the snide comments aimed at him by Jose Mourinho, his former boss at Chelsea.

Fight Till The End - KdB sent the Etihad into rapture with his 91st minute winner.

Fight Till The End – KdB sent the Etihad into rapture with his 91st minute winner.

As is to be expected, ‘The Sour One’ has stunk the place out with his bilious mumblings this season, almost as bad as the stench created by the corrupt and scandal ridden shenanigans of UEFA.

With its leader, Michel Platini, suspended from all football activities pending investigations into an extraordinary £1.3m payment from disgraced FIFA President ‘Sepptic Blatter’, UEFA have now held themselves up for ridicule beyond compare.

Unbelievable - UEFA want to punish City...for the fans booing the Champions League anthem. Platini and Infantino won't have the last laugh!

Unbelievable – UEFA want to punish City…for the fans booing the Champions League anthem. Platini and Infantino won’t have the last laugh!

The nincompoops of Nyon have decided to charge Manchester City with the heinous crime of – wait for it – allowing their fans to boo the Champions League anthem – SACRE BLEU!

The 1992 adaptation of Handels 1727 ‘Coronation Anthem’ is undoubtedly an evocative musical arrangement, but one that City fans see as highly provocative, symbolising the pomposity, hypocrisy and potential criminality of UEFA.

Setback - An excellent Sevilla side went 1-0 up thanks to Yevhen Konoplyanka's goal.

Setback – An excellent Sevilla side went 1-0 up thanks to Yevhen Konoplyanka’s goal.

The irony of UEFA attempting to curtail freedom of speech, at the same time as their fatuous Financial Fair Play regulations face being outlawed in the European Court Of Justice, is not lost on those who value democracy throughout the EU.

Memo to UEFA Officials: Subject: Bedtime Reading – Article 10 of The European Convention on Human Rights ‘Everyone has the right to freedom of expression…’

Part Poopers - UEFA aren't going to ruin City ambitions to rule European football some time soon.

Party Poopers – UEFA aren’t going to ruin City ambitions to rule European football some time soon.

Maybe Le Petit Napoleon Platini has been listening to the sycophants within UEFA a little too much. Alas he will soon discover he isn’t an all powerful Supreme Being, more like a petit tête de merde.

On the topic of freedom of expression, perhaps those who attend Champions League fixtures at the Etihad would care to pump up the volume and actually SING WHEN CITY AREN’T WINNING! It would make a welcome change.

Come on CITY - The Etihad faithful could do better - alot better - in trying to support the team. Courtesy@MCFC

Come on CITY – The Etihad faithful could do better – a lot better – in trying to support the team. Courtesy@MCFC

Rewind to September 30th and the incessant booming support of the Borussia Moenchengladbach fans who kept ‘singing till the end’ in an attempt to give their team every encouragement.

Yes, it’s the right of every ‘Cityzen’ to express themselves as they wish, but if you’ve bought your ticket you might wish to optimise the chances of your team winning…by doing more than just sitting there moaning at City’s perceived shortcomings on the night.

Can we have some more please? Let's make the Etihad a cauldron of noise and a vision of sky blue & white. Courtesy@MCFC

Can we have some more please? Let’s make the Etihad a cauldron of noise and a vision of sky blue & white. Courtesy@MCFC

It’s a chicken and egg situation – what comes first the entertainment and goals to get the fans rejoicing or, could the supporters conceive of the notion of cheering the team in periods of adversity to help lift their game?

Just an idea – perish the thought!

What wasn’t in doubt – at least for those who hadn’t buggered off before the final whistle – was the unexpected but unbridled joy of de Bruyne’s winner against a very able and dangerous Sevilla.

Goal - City fans know how to celebrate a winner. Courtesy@MCFC

Goal – City fans know how to celebrate a winner. Courtesy@MCFC

For long periods the La Liga outfit dominated play accumulating 12 corners to City’s 6 and having 55% possession.

City were once again gripped by the strange lethargy and malaise that seems to come calling on Champions League nights, but not everyone in sky blue was afflicted.

Oft maligned, Jesus Navas put in a magnificent shift against his former club, on what would must have been an emotional occasion for the flying Spanish winger.

Sweet Jesus - Navas was superb against his old Sevilla team and should be appreciated more by City fans. Courtesy@MCFC

Sweet Jesus – Navas was superb against his old Sevilla team and should be appreciated more by City fans. Courtesy@MCFC

He was indefatigable, providing a string of fine crosses only to find the levels of anticipation sadly missing in City’s strike corp.

Another player who is heavily criticised, Wilfried Bony, took much of the praise for the Sevilla own goal which levelled the scores in the 36th minute.

Bony of contention - Wilfried has still to show his best for for City. Courtesy@MCFC

Bony of contention – Wilfried has still to show his best for for City. Courtesy@MCFC

Bony is a top quality Premier League striker, his record at Swansea is there for all to see. In Aguero’s absence, City have to persevere with him and hopefully game time and match fitness will help the big Ivorian come good.

Sadly his lack lustre performance was encapsulated in one act, when he wasn’t even looking as Sterling played a promising through ball up to him in the second half.

Marauding Ivorian - Yaya set up KdB's winner after Pellegrini's astute substitutions.

Marauding Ivorian – Yaya set up KdB’s winner after Pellegrini’s astute substitutions.

He was replaced shortly afterwards by Fernando, a switch that released Yaya Toure to maraud upfield and ultimately lay on the winner for KdB.

Bony could conceivably still be suffering the after effects of the malaria he contracted in the summer. It’s a horrible disease, so maybe City fans need to give him the benefit of the doubt for a while longer.

Contrasts - KdB is already a firm favourite with the fans, whereas Bony still has work to do.

Contrasts – KdB is already a firm favourite with the fans, whereas Bony still has work to do.

A man whose contribution isn’t in doubt is Vincent Kompany. His 93rd minute introduction will surely mean the Belgium and City skipper’s restoration to the first team for the derby on Sunday?

If – IF – Manuel Pellegrini and the City hierarchy were annoyed by Kompany’s appearance for his country, having missed five City games with a calf injury, then the point has been made.

Quite simply, City got away with it against Sevilla, but despite the obvious talents of Mangala and Otamendi, neither possess the leadership qualities of City’s Captain Fantastic.

Trust Our MP - Manuel's late substitutions helped steer City to a hard fought win.

Trust Our MP – Manuel’s late substitutions helped steer City to a hard fought win.

Vincent needs to ensure his men fight from start to finish and give the vociferous 3,000 band of travelling Blues plenty to shout about.

Unlike the sometimes tepid ‘support’ inside the Etihad, the hardcore away fans are never short of a song or two, especially when their team take maximum points and the booing is reserved for disenchanted Reds.



By David Walker @ReadButNeverRed @djwskyblu



  1. October 22, 2015  7:37 pm by HeavyRiffs Reply

    I can see City backing the fans on this one and going through the courts if need be, UEFA will never get anything to stick, that stifles a person's right to expression. They're in for a public shaming I reckon, If they had any shame left that is...

    • October 22, 2015  8:01 pm by David Walker Reply

      I reckon the Shame Jar emptied a long long long time ago! Imbeciles :-)

      • October 22, 2015  8:11 pm by HeavyRiffs Reply

        Perhaps a shame brown envelope then, they're sure to have a few of those.

        • October 22, 2015  8:37 pm by David Walker Reply

          They have a print room out the backat the Nyon HQ! Loads and loads of brown envelopes just waiting to bulge with dodgy greenbacks, Euros or whatever.

  2. October 22, 2015  7:57 pm by Jeremy Poynton Reply

    The regulation apparently specifies that national and "competition" anthems must not be disrespected. However, this is not an anthem, it is a theme tune, and with any luck, UEFA have just guaranteed that the anthem will be booed at all CL fixtures now, in solidarity with us.

    You'd think UEFA had better things to do...

    • October 22, 2015  8:00 pm by David Walker Reply

      Indeed, like looking for a new President. We'll boo when and what we want ;-)

  3. October 22, 2015  8:16 pm by Dave Leyland Reply

    Wel'll Boo when we want, we'll Boo when we want, were Man City we'll Boo when we want!!!

    I believe the club will fight this all the way, however before we win, we will be docked points and eventually kicked out of the competition, possibly never to return until the European Courts intervene.
    Once we have won we will dominate Europe for years!!!!

    Let Battle with Pride commence!!!!

    • October 22, 2015  8:35 pm by David Walker Reply

      It won't get that far HHSM legal eagles will nail their sorry corrupt asses! Let's get those battles won...starting with Sunday!

  4. October 22, 2015  8:44 pm by richard cooper Reply

    I agree with above coment -it is a theme tune
    Martin Samuels article in the Daily Mail expresses everything far more eloquently than I can
    We have been to 4 German grounds -they all give it 100% from start to finish irrespective of the score - All english fans could learn by it - The fact we were still in the hotel bar at 0130 in Gladbach having Bitburgers and chatting with their fans is testament to their enjoyment
    Toure, Navas, KdB tops against a more than capable Sevilla
    4 points from 3 games should do it

    • October 22, 2015  9:08 pm by David Walker Reply

      Haven't read the excellent Martin Samuels as yet, but I will. Yes the Germans certainly know how to support their teams, but also respect opponents and their fans. I think this Group D could go all the way to the last game in December and I think City could need 5 or even 6 points to get through and/or win the group. Onward to Sevilla - looking forward to seeing a beautiful city and a winning City,

  5. October 22, 2015  9:08 pm by Glenn Kavanagh Reply

    Oh just to say I had big doubts about kdb man what an elegant player he is, he's looking a amazing

    • October 22, 2015  10:17 pm by David Walker Reply

      Hi GK it's been a while - KdB is absolutely that, his build and style of play, endless stamina, first touch, shooting ability and eye for a pass are very reminiscent of Colin Bell - can there be a higher accolade from a City fan?

  6. October 22, 2015  10:22 pm by Doug Henshaw Reply

    Nice one Dave. So hope Uefa try to punish city & we drag them through them through the courts & show them up for the idiots they are. The atmosphere was beyond poor on Wednesday me personally when I come away I've a sore throat but some won't be which is a shame what the answer is I wish I knew but really hope something happens & soon. I never have & never will leave early I know it's none of my business what others do just think it's a shame that people do.

    • October 22, 2015  10:55 pm by David Walker Reply

      Yes, I too often leave the Etihad like 'My Little Pony' e.g. just a tiny bit 'hoarse' ;-) On the topic of personal freedoms, democracy and freedom of speech, it's not for me to tell people what to do, but simply express an opinion highlighting the benefits of being more vocal and supporting the team until the final whistle. I always stay until the end, even though I usually face a three-hour drive home after a night game. There you go, living proof that 'Care In The Community' never worked in my case.

  7. October 23, 2015  5:55 am by Pete lynch Reply

    Intelligent piece David. All felt a bit flat on Wednesday, very odd. Agree Navas and KDB pick of bunch. Sterling is worrying me!

    • October 23, 2015  8:12 am by David Walker Reply

      KdB has been by far and away the best of City's summer signings. Sterling is hot and cold. Thanks for your feedback - I share your concerns.

  8. October 23, 2015  8:33 am by guvnor Reply

    Great read Dave, I like the Criticisms of certain things. UEFA ARE SHITE ENOUGH SAID ON THOSE TOSSERS. We should all and I mean all turn their backs and do the Poznan, you watch the cameras home in on that one. CTID - Come on Blue Boys make sure you bath when you get back with the points from Shitsville.

    • October 23, 2015  7:13 pm by David Walker Reply

      The funniest thing is I think UEFA actually think MCFC are going to submissive and apologetic about the booing. Silly sods have just given every City fan an incentive to boo even louder when we play Borussia Moenchengladbach in the final Group D game in December. A lot of fans I know said they didn't really give it full tilt against Sevilla - we've done it that often - but everyone in sky blue and white will BOO like merry hell next time - UEFA idiots.

      The BT Sports coverage of the Sevilla game was one of the few - if not the first time - the booing was heard on TV. In the days of Sky & ITV coverage, they always went to an advertising break when the booing was in full voice.

      As for the visit to The Swamp, inoculations and chemical hazard suits at the ready - dirty, filthy, scutty place ;-) Cheers Guvnor.

  9. October 23, 2015  2:28 pm by Philip Entwistle Reply

    Great read Dave as always but as you know those fans around us in the Colin Bell lower don't actually sing, perhaps something to do with the average age being around 50 / 55?
    Our loyal band of away fans do give it 'large' whenever I have been privileged to join there ranks on domestic or foreign away days. We have tried this season to get all the singing 'mongs' together, but again failed. Shove all the away fans in the gods out of harms way and give the whole of the lower South Stand over to those who want to relish in the atmosphere that this creates. Just listen out on Sunday and here the noise when we sing 'This CITY is ours, now f**k off back to London', heartfelt and sung with passion, even I join in, but my neighbours don't particulary like it...
    UEFA will back down on this 'booing' malarky, given the strength of opinion refurberating around the media, all except this is for that pillock Adrian Durham on Talk Shite.

    • October 23, 2015  7:21 pm by David Walker Reply

      You're never to old to rock the place down - those Rolling Stones aren't gathering any moss and old Jagger is till belting them out in what...his seventies? ;-) I know you get a bad deal having me bellowing about three feet from your lugholes! I've never heard the City choristers referred to in such a fashion...really Mr Entwistle! Yes, the Blue Boys will be making plenty of noise on Sunday - hopefully in celebration rather than in an act of defiance.

      As for the booing 'charge' I'm delighted UEFA are doing it. As you point out the wholoe of the media - barring the aforementioned dunce - have rounded on the arrogant bureaucrats, who are being openly ridiculed.

      Faith is till being kept...until the ransom demand can be agreed in a monthly installment plan.

  10. October 23, 2015  7:38 pm by zack Reply

    Nice one dave. I'm concerned about pellegrinis formation this weekend. We only have 1 fit striker, but he still insisted on playing 4-4-2!! Sterling is a winger FFS and he's no aguero or Silva. He should be playing on thr left to benefit from his pace. We could see it very clearly when KDB was shifted to the middle.

    • October 24, 2015  11:29 am by David Walker Reply

      Good shout on the formation. 4-4-2 left us exposed on Wednesday night and maybe Kelechi offers us a better lone striker option due to his pace. Certainly consider playing Yaya at No 10 and have a more solid look to the midfield. Cheers fella.

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