Pellegrini wants bald truth behind Clattenburg display – Arsenal 2 Man City 2

It takes a lot to ruffle the luxuriant silver locks of Manuel Pellegrini, but merkin-wearing referee Mark Clattenburg has done it again.

Hair raising - Manuel was angry at referee Mark Clattenburg's poor performance. Courtesy@MCFC

Hair raising – Manuel was angry at referee Mark Clattenburg’s poor performance. Courtesy@MCFC

It was five months to the day since ‘Twattenburg’ – as he is ‘affectionately’ known to City fans – allowed Liverpool’s Martin Skrtel to punch the ball clear in the dying seconds at Anfield, denying the Sky Blues a stonewall penalty, and condemning them to a 3-2 defeat.

Arsenal’s Jack Wilshire was accorded a similar luxury of deliberate handball as City chased down a draw at The Emirates, and Pellegrini was quick to cite ‘Cackenburg’ as the common denominator.

Not a problem? Clattenburg reckons he's rectified his receding hairline, it's just the day job that needs sorting now.

Not a problem? Clattenburg reckons he’s rectified his receding hairline, it’s just the day job that needs sorting now.

‘Jack The Lad’ had already dived for a penalty in a challenge with Gael Clichy, elbowed Frank Lampard in the face and recklessly kicked through at City’s French left back in the first half…without even a hint of yellow from the contemptible, incompetent, some might even suggest ‘iffy’ ref.

Who knows what motivates his performances when officiating City matches, but whatever it is, it invariably leaves a bad taste with those who champion fair play and equitable decision-making.

The rug-wearing refbottled it’ last April, when Liverpool’s Suarez committed a second yellow card offence, a blatant dive worthy of a BAFTA, after a non-tackle from City’s Martin Demichelis.

And here we were AGAIN!

Poseur - Clattenburg just loves the limelight even when his performances are less than illuminating.

Poseur – Clattenburg just loves the limelight even when his performances are less than illuminating.

Not only were City cheated out of a 77th minute penalty when Wilshire twice handled the ball, the England midfielder shouldn’t even have been on the pitch to score, an admittedly well taken, 63rd minute  Arsenal equaliser.

Pellegrini – ordinarily the embodiment of diplomacy and restraint – couldn’t mask his anger as calamitous Clattenburg and déjà vu struck again.

Clattenburg and his idiot assistant had turned a blind eye to Wilshire’s antics, instead choosing to book Lampard on his debut, and then Zabaleta, for innocuous fouls.

Booked - Lampard saw yellow from the man in yellow - Wilshire didn't, despite numerous offences. Courtesy@MCFC

Booked – Lampard saw yellow from the man in yellow – Wilshire didn’t, despite numerous offences. Courtesy@MCFC

Speaking about the official from Gosforth, Pellegrini said: “He had a very bad game. He had a bad day today and he had another against Liverpool, last season.”

The highly offensive ‘C’ word – Clattenburg, of course – managed to blight, what was an otherwise, absorbing, thoroughly entertaining and spicy encounter.

Pellegrini said his 67th minute substitution of the outstanding Aguero with Dzeko, was induced by a fear that Clattenburg’s questionable handling of proceedings would see the Argentine striker sent off.

Super striker - Sergio had to be substituted for fear of calamitous Clattenburg showing a red card to the City scorer. Courtesy@MCFC

Super striker – Sergio had to be substituted for fear of calamitous Clattenburg showing a red card to the City scorer. Courtesy@MCFC

Sergio was booked for his vociferous complaints that he had been fouled, not once, not twice, but three times, immediately prior to Sanchez’s superbly executed volley, giving Arsenal a 74th minute lead.

Aguero had edged City in front in the 28th minute, (his 78th goal in 126 games for the Blues), with a precision strike after superb link up play with Spanish speedster Jesus Navas, down Arsenal’s right flank.

It came against the general run of play but City, with a much changed line-up, proceeded to dominate the rest of the half.

Surgical strike - Sergio executed the cross from Jesus with cool precision. Courtesy@MCFC

Surgical strike – Sergio executed the cross from Jesus with cool precision. Courtesy@MCFC

Pellegrini’s team selection had surprised many, most notably with Yaya Toure omitted from the 18-man squad, having only arrived back from international duties in Africa on the Friday morning.

Injuries to Fernando and Jovetic, along with tactical changes, meant starts for Milner, Zabaleta, Lampard, Navas, Fernandinho and Clichy. Eliaquim Mangala made it to the bench, but not the pitch.

Top tussle - Navas and Sanchez were outstanding for their respective teams. Courtesy@MCFC

Top tussle – Navas and Sanchez were outstanding for their respective teams. Courtesy@MCFC

Ex-Swamp dweller Welbeck, making his Arsenal debut, was within a fraction of a 12th minute dream goal, but his deft finish hit the post. A wayward David Silva back pass had gift-wrapped the opportunity to the England striker who’d made the Swiss roll in Basel just five days beforehand.

Arsenal’s fluent midfield – orchestrated by Ramsey and complemented by the pace of Sanchez – was causing City problems, but the champions looked dangerous on the counter attack.

Nasri replaced Lampard for the second half and the Frenchman’s joy, when he thought he’d scored a winner for 3-2, was short-lived. He was clearly offside.

Battling - Milner operated to great effect against the likes of Ramsey in the middle of the park. Courtesy@MCFC

Battling – Milner operated to great effect against the likes of Ramsey in the middle of the park. Courtesy@MCFC

Substitutes Kolarov and Dzeko came agonisingly close to grabbing late glory. The Serbian full back with the AK47-esque left foot shot, hammered the ball against Szczesny’s post.

Moments later, Dzeko’s lob eluded the Polish keeper but came back off the post, with the Bosnian striker slow to react to the rebound.

The goal that gave City a more than deserved share of the spoils was a well executed header from Demichelis. The rickety rear Gunners switched off, leaving the Argentine defender unmarked from an 83rd minute corner.

Well done - City scorer Demichelis and the excellent Clichy helped the Sky Blues to a deserved draw. Courtesy@MCFC

Well done – City scorer Demichelis and the excellent Clichy helped the Sky Blues to a deserved draw. Courtesy@MCFC

The previously exuberant Emirates masses gave way to a smaller Etihad enclave as the airwaves – rather than the airways – were dominated by the decibels emanating from the ecstatic visitors’ enclosure.

On the balance of play a draw was a meritorious outcome, but City looked the likeliest winners as the pea-whistler and pee-taking Battenburg brought proceedings to a close.

As the dust settles on what was a tremendous global advert for the Premier League, the pundits and the media are once again going into default mode of ABC – Anybody But City – for the title.

Never say die - Zaba personifies City's 'fight 'till the end' spirit. Courtesy@MCFC

Never say die – Zaba personifies City’s ‘fight ’till the end’ spirit. Courtesy@MCFC

Pellegrini has emphasised it will be very difficult for City to retain their PL crown, especially one wonders, if the primary objective is Champions League glory.

Even at this early stage of the season, the next seven days could be pivotal with the CL clash with Bayern Munich on Wednesday and the visit of Maureen’s Chelski to Manchester on Sunday.

Taking the biscuit - 'Battenburg' often leaves a sour taste!

Taking the biscuit – ‘Battenburg’ often leaves a sour taste!

An away draw and a home win would have the hairs standing up on the back of many a City supporter’s neck, but the bald facts of Mark Clattenburg’s officiating will continue to perplex the fans and Pellegrini alike.


By David Walker @ReadButNeverRed @djwskyblu



  1. September 14, 2014  10:10 am by John baker Reply

    Fantastic read yet again David, it makes the blood boil all this cheating going on, all we ask for is a fair game

    • September 14, 2014  11:08 am by David Walker Reply

      MC does have a habit of avoiding taking the big decisions if they are going to go in City's favour. If we win, lose or draw on merit then we can, and must, accept whatever comes our way.

  2. September 14, 2014  10:12 am by The Cabbie Reply

    What an idiot ,his over priced overpaid team should have been down to 9 men .Stop Arsenal playing at all costs ,He first should learn the rules of the game.Intentional hand ball ,not ball on hand from 3 feet You are not the top manager you would like to think you because you do not speak English .You hd so many yellow cards because you deserved them and more .

    • September 14, 2014  11:12 am by David Walker Reply

      It was clearly Wilshire moving his arm to the ball - even Ian Wright admitted it was handball and I think you'd agree he's ever so slightly biased in favour of Arsenal over City. Pellegrini speaks English to a good enough standard so I am at a loss as to what linguistic skills have to do with your 'argument'. Of the four yellow cards only Fernandinho's was warranted. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. September 14, 2014  10:19 am by pete lynch Reply

    Thanks David, a draw a fair result however awful display by Clattenburg who seems to have some sort of agenda

  4. September 14, 2014  10:19 am by pete lynch Reply

    Thanks David, a draw a fair result however awful display by Clattenburg who seems to have some sort of agenda

  5. September 14, 2014  10:33 am by JoshCannon99 Reply

    Dave, this has to be one of your best articles to date.

    Absolutely spot on about Clattenburg - he is NOT fit to referee. It's unequivocal. I genuinely think I could have had a better game yesterday!!

    Even without the blue-titnted glasses on, their first goal was definitely a push or hold on Aguero, and the second, although soft, was a barge.

    His inconsistent performance with yellow cards was beyond belief and I totally agree that Wilshere should have been sent off - although that would have meant he couldn't have given a penalty!

    The one moan I have with regards to City, however, is Edin Dzeko. He is absolute donkey, any other striker would have smashed his second chance into the net and anyone with half a footballing brain would have followed up the chip and got there ahead of the keeper.

    • September 14, 2014  11:19 am by David Walker Reply

      In all honesty I think it's a bit rich to say Arsenal's second goal should have been disallowed because of Welbeck's push on Kompany. I agree totally that Aguero was repeatedly fouled in the run up to Wilshire's goal. I've already stated reasons why Wilshire shouldn't even have been on the pitch when he scored.

      I agree Dzeko should have shown a striker's predatory instinct and at least have thought to anticipate about the ball rebounding off the post but - and it's a big BUT - I think Edin has now earned his stripes as a bona fide City forward. He'll never be an Aguero, but he does make valid and valuable contributions, not least scoring vital goals in crunch fixtures.

      It'd be a dull world if we all agreed on everything...wouldn't you agree ;-) ?

  6. September 14, 2014  10:43 am by bisco26 Reply

    the perfomance of the ref is not good and we didn't to our standard. Mp should give david silva a rest cos his exusted. We need him back in his magical form. So he needs rest

    • September 14, 2014  11:22 am by David Walker Reply

      Silva wasn't at the peak of his powers, but I thought he played well enough. You're right in as much every player needs some rest, but in Silva's case it sure as hell isn't in a week where City play Arsenal, Bayern Munich and Chelsea.

  7. September 14, 2014  11:01 am by Andy Devereux Reply

    Would have taken a draw beforehand looking at our starting line up but think we maybe deserved to nick it.As for Twattenburg words really do fail me.Great read as always David.

    • September 14, 2014  11:31 am by David Walker Reply

      Like you, I'd have taken the draw pre-match and that was before seeing the teamsheet. We knew Arsenal had improved and are now a potent attacking threat but the loss of Fernando was massive for City. He'll be a big loss against Munich and Chelsea. Nonetheless we are more than capable of getting a draw or more in Germany and then let's see what Diego Costa and Co have when they come up against the Champions.

  8. September 14, 2014  11:20 am by Grant Reply

    Is it not about time you city fans stop thinking you have a God given right to win every game not once have said any thing about the persistent fouling you team committed you could of had 2 sent off

    • September 14, 2014  11:27 am by David Walker Reply

      Grant, I can assure you that 'proper' City fans - and that's the majority - do not feel we have any God given right to win every game. After what City have endured over the decades, that isn't a sentiment held by many. It may be true of a minority over recent seasons,but nevertheless, not a true representation.

      As for the persistent fouling - City committed 15 and Arsenal 11 in the eyes of the clown Clattenburg. Wilshire and Debuchy could easily have added another half dozen to that tally.

  9. September 14, 2014  11:33 am by carole Reply

    Last week, Pellegrini described this as a game we HAD to win. Okay, so we didn't, but we didn't lose either, despite being forced into changes with big players like Ferna, Yaya and our most in-form striker Jovetic missing.

    So after the match I found his comments irritatingly down-beat. He rarely shows his frustration so publicly but he looked unusually stressed: It felt almost as if he was conceding the title after just 4 matches.....yet again repeating the difficulty of retaining our crown. It's a pity if he's communicating that message to the players....

    • September 14, 2014  11:40 am by David Walker Reply

      I'd be very surprised if that's the impression Manuel is conveying to his players out of the public glare. He was more than likely reacting to Clattenburg's antics and wondering when this clown would stop trying to sabotage MCFC.

    • September 14, 2014  12:40 pm by Toby Teasdale Reply

      What would bacon face have said?

      • September 14, 2014  12:43 pm by David Walker Reply

        Hopefully he gets a vote and says 'YES' on September 18th. Then we can have him deported as an illegal alien ;-)

  10. September 14, 2014  11:37 am by john denton Reply

    Arsene saw that we were "systematically fouling" did he. What a pleasure for the travelling blues to be present at a match where the Arsenals managers eyes were open for a change.

    I am however glad that Arsenal got at least a draw because there is no way that Clattenberg deserved to be on the losing side

    • September 14, 2014  11:41 am by David Walker Reply

      Very droll JD. Wenger might benefit from a cataract converter?

  11. September 14, 2014  11:38 am by Grant Reply

    I can understand your point but at the end of the day city's recent successes were brought not earned if not for oil money mid table mediocrity I put Chelsea in that bracket to so not just having a dig

    • September 14, 2014  11:52 am by David Walker Reply

      City would not be where they are today without Sheikh Mansour - there isn't a City fan on the planet who would disagree. We were blessed with good fortune and we are optimising the opportunity. We now have a business model which, going forward, will be self sustaining on a global scale, with the Etihad Campus and City Academy serving us well in years to come.

      We made a net gain of £9m in the transfer window so are we still 'ruining football'? No we're not.

      We're evolving and, with due respect, others need to move on as well. The cartel of top European clubs - including Arsenal - have benefitted for years from UEFA policies of protectionism and the preservation of the status quo.

      The acid test for any of City or Chelsea's detractors is would they have done anything differently had they been the beneficiaries of a fabulously wealthy investor? I think not.

      Thanks again for your comments.

    • September 14, 2014  12:49 pm by Alan Reply

      Isn't it funny how because investment put a team where they are now their fans seem to forget where that investment came from? ' city's recent successes were brought not earned' My friend in that case so were all Arsenal's in the 30's and 90's the later investment by the owners (just like city) help you stay top with the way the preimer league and European money was put out, talk about hypercritical!

      I think the Welbeck push happens every game some given some not even it a way for a ref to bottle it or give a certain side something with a excuse, the pundits will say 'well you can't rasie your hands' etc or 'they're wasn't enough contact' depending on who is involved. it's a 100% foul by definition, but I have no probs with it not been given. Aguero on the other hand was kicked and shoved off the ball in a clear foul which MOTD didn't bother to show, a bit like the diving cheating Wiltshere, he's screaming at the ref for a pen and wiggy just ignores him so if it wasn't a foul what's going on why hasn't he booked him as he threw himself down like a sack of spuds! Never mind the slaming arm into fat Franks mush? Which is what he did and he left it in to boot. MOTD only apparently pull those dirty diving foreigners. Yaya was booked for diving against Stoke even though replays showed a foul city should of had a penalty but instead Yaya was booked. Unreal MOTD ignore one of the easiest players I have ever seen for going down because he's English, run next to him with the slightest touch and it seems to send him sprawling like a dying swan, he just a cheat, English or not it's that simple. City need to do what Sanchez do, feel a touch from behind spin and fall. They are too honest, Silva and Aguero need to learn to 'cheat' as our rivals are all at it game after game it's all well and good trying to stay on your feet but you won't get the free kick unless drop, fact.

      • September 14, 2014  11:19 pm by David Walker Reply

        A lot of truth in what you say Alan. As for MOTD, the best way to show your disdain is not to watch. Gawd knows how some geek can tell us who was watching what programme on which channel at any given time, but if enough folk say BBC - Bollox Biased Cretins - then they'll be taken off the air because no bugger will be watching or listening!

        Cheers fella,

  12. September 14, 2014  12:18 pm by Richard Cooper Reply

    It is difficult to add anything to your comments at the risk of becoming repetitious.
    As a Gooner said in the queue outside Islington/Highbury tube station - "it's games like that which justify my expensive season ticket" - Quite correct
    It was a superb game with both both teams going out to win from start to finish.
    A few observations :-
    We would all like to see young English players doing well in the Premier League including young Jack, but he has to take out the more "snidey" aspects of his game, dives, shirt pulls etc.
    I don't really think that Clattenberk and his inept comrades have an anti City agenda - I just think he is so inconsistent and they miss or "bottle", for whatever reason, important decisions, whilst giving out yellow cards for inocuous challenges. As far as I am aware it is still a contact sport. At one point I was just waiting for a second yellow !
    Kompany and Demichelis were "rocks" and the header by Martin in the top corner did indeed give us a well deserved point.
    Navas was pacey and positive and caused the Gunners moments of panic
    Milner was tireless
    Silva - Apart from his sloppy pass I thought he did have a pretty good game
    Frank Lampard doesn't look right in a pale blue shirt ! but thought for 45 minutes he added a bit of composure
    Dzeko and Kolorov were outside Pret a Manger at Euston surrounded by folk getting "selfies" etc. A big tough guy like Kolorov carrying a dainty little Pret a Manger bag seemed (tongue in cheek) out of character.
    Got to watch Mr Costa closely next weekend - he really does seem to be "on fire"

    • September 14, 2014  12:35 pm by David Walker Reply

      Pret a Manger, Costa, blimey... you're like a walking talking advertising comment box - did you take the Tube or the Subwayhome? Love the mental image of AK47 with his vegetarian on wholemeal 'to go'! Thanks as ever for your entertaining feedback.

  13. September 14, 2014  12:30 pm by Toby Teasdale Reply

    Keep your hair on David.

    Although you only had to blow on an Arsenal player for them to fall writhing to the ground, I was happy to get a draw and thought it a fair result. . Ronaldinho in partnership with Milner were outstanding and in the end the Arsenal midfield was on its knees.

    Both Gooner goals were crackers, but should have been disallowed because of blatant fouls during the build up. Perhaps we should bring Wenger or that other Frenchman 'Cousteau' up to the new training centre for a course on diving in the 21st Century! Whilst the besyruped 'Pea-whistler and pee-taking' Battenberg' is p*ss poor, he's not in the same league as the Champions League bent Swede, Jonas Eriksson!! How are these mountebanks allowed to officiate??? I better stop in mid rant, or else you'll get me talking about why football pitches are the same size as Solomon's temples lawn.

    Anyone know who's officiating the game against the 'sausage suckers' on Wednesday? If we win you'll see me dancing on the big table in the hofbrauhaus, the one next to the oompah band

    • September 14, 2014  12:39 pm by David Walker Reply

      Ronaldhino? I think you might need the hair of the dog TT - you must be hic, hallushinate - hic- hing! Yes, who could ever forget the Swedish turnip? That would not be a very pleasant reunion to see him on the pitch with City's First XI. Don't forget your lederhosen!

  14. September 14, 2014  12:31 pm by Toby Teasdale Reply

    Sorry Ronaldinho was a Freudian slip, should of course have been Fernandinho.

    • September 14, 2014  12:41 pm by David Walker Reply

      Damn - you sobered up PDQ! You managed to get your mitigation in before my sarcasm, masquerading as wit.

  15. September 14, 2014  1:47 pm by Fifthcolumnblue Reply

    TBH, I was actually prepared to give WIshere (Snidey little thug that he is) the benefit of the doubt over the handball, as in real time, it looked more ball to hand than a deliberate offence. However, the replays show the first contact with his arm was a blatant bit of cheating, with the second being less blatant. ClusterF**k is a renowned homer, but I don't imagine for one minute that he'd have given that decision to us at the Etihad any more than he did yesterday. And it's a big "what if", but I suspect there'd have been a penalty and a card if that had been in the other penalty box.

    Referees are best when you don't notice them, but increasingly, primadonnas like Cluster seem to think the game is all about them. Is it any wonder that so many football fans feel as though referees are on the take? Most of the bad decisions are probably down to ineptidude, but until idiots like Cluster are held to account for such blatant inconsistencies, then the suspicion of corruption will never go away.

    Check out the Vine of Wilshere's hand ball and tell me it was anything other than a penalty!

    • September 14, 2014  11:07 pm by David Walker Reply

      Nicely put No 5. Are Malaysian Syndicates 'back in' in Gosforth or did they never go out of fashion in the first place?

  16. September 14, 2014  6:25 pm by Glenn Kavanagh Reply

    I'm not a fan of moaning about the ref after t he game. I don't like our manager to do it.never that's just my view, it doesn't suit the boss who's no usually a gentleman. OK the ref wasnt great get over it. While the arsenal goals were well taken I still feel that hart should have done better. The weakness in his game are gloating , he always goes to ground early the Sanchez goal was a sidefoot into the middle of the net. He has terrible feet his distribution is always rotten. I'm not sure if he's going to improve these areas of his Game. Its a big problem for us - I'm not sure how good the cabellero is yet but time will tell. Navas had a magnificent game the weight he put on his pass to Sergio was beautiful. He worked his ass off & sent in two or three other great crosses - nobody there to finish them off. He's a very intelligent player particularly for a winger. He has a great attitude & definitely needs to play more. He's a menace. I'm a big fan of his , we are starting games very slowly again just like last season. If we continue doing this with the likes of Chelsea & Munich we'll be three down after Half an hour. Nice reading your article keep up the good work ' fingers crossed for Wednesday night. Good luck to all in blue. ✌

    • September 14, 2014  11:13 pm by David Walker Reply

      Have to disagree GK, hence why did I write this tribute to Clattenburg in the first place? The difference with MP is that he so rarely criticises a referee, when he does there MUST be something to it. Clattenburg has 'previous' in abundance.

      Navas was excellent and so bloody quick and, as you say, he worked so hard, not only in attack but also covering back. Personally I couldn't fault Joe with either goal but his distribution isn't the best in the PL. I'd still have him as our No 1 and, if he ever did suffer from complacency, he now knows Caballero will step in and do a good job.

      Thanks for reading and responding.

  17. September 14, 2014  9:00 pm by Phil Entwistle Reply

    Nice article Dave but I thought you a lttle kind about Clattenburgs performance.
    I have today just finished umpiring my last game of the Cricket season, during which I gave the Haslingden professional Brenton Parchment out LBW, and when Accrington were staging a comeback and were within 35 runs of victory, I gave the last recognised batsmen out also LBW.
    Whats this to do with Clattenburg you might say, well my decisions were made with a clear conscious and without fear or favour to either side.
    There is nothing that Clattenburg or his 'bosses' can say about his performance that can re-assure anybody, it was total incompetence and ne has now truly cemented his No.1 status from Howard 'the red' Webb.
    No wonder it is so hard to retain the title with dickheads like him refereeing all the big games, and as you say David - anybody but City.
    Keep the Faith

    • September 14, 2014  11:03 pm by David Walker Reply

      I know I'm a fool to myself, he's such a lovely lad, never taking (allegedly) always giving...decisions, the advantage, penalties etc to City's opponents. And, I hear it's all his own hair - he kept it stuffed in a cushion from 1987. As an umpire are you permitted to give MC 'The Pavilion Finger'...or even two? Cheers Phil see you for Maureen's visit. CTWD!

  18. September 14, 2014  11:46 pm by Graham Ward Reply

    A hard earned draw, that, taking all things into consideration, I was happy with. Wilshere got away with a blatant handball, I just hope he's smiling as he did on MOTD interview last night if a similar situation happens to Arsenal later on in the season.
    I won't hold my breath.

    • September 15, 2014  12:34 am by David Walker Reply

      I'd have taken the draw at 12.45 and also in the 82nd minute, but thereafter there was only ever one likely winner and they weren't wearing red and white. Wilshire/Wilshite...what's a consonant between friends?

  19. September 15, 2014  3:57 am by Simon Wilson Reply

    Superbia in Proelio. MC cannot take that away. Nor can Blatter or Platini however hard they try. Proud of the lads this weekend!

    • September 15, 2014  9:49 am by David Walker Reply

      Likewise Mr W. We could so easily have won it at the end and Yaya, and particularly, Fernando, would have given MP more tactical options. MP saw it as two points lost because of MC, but come the end of the season, I think and hope we'll look upon it as a point gained.

  20. September 15, 2014  10:27 pm by craig ashley Reply

    A few observations. James Milner should have got 2 yellows for deliberate fouling if Jack Whiltshire should have been sent off for fouling. There was a lot of "fouls" similar on the one that led to afc's equalizer for both sides. Most teams are denied certain penalties, it happens to Arsenal as much as City. The foul by Welbeck before the second goal, so would you want a penalty for similar contact by defenders on forwards, I recall Guiroud being recently denied a penalty from much more of a push then that by Welbeck. Diving will be part of football until all supporter realise all teams have players that dive, the only way to stop diving is to stop this "its not us, its others" attitude; Arsenal are no worse or better then any other prem team. Finally, a draw was a fair result after a great game, why do you all have such a problem?

    • September 16, 2014  10:37 am by David Walker Reply

      We agree that a draw was a fair result. We are also in agreement that it would be great if players of all teams would stop diving and cheating. Fouls and bookings are sometimes subjective, sometimes undeniable. There is no doubt Fernandinho's booking was warranted. The problem City have in this instance is primarily the referee and to a lesser degree Wilshire antics. Clattenburg has a helluva lot of previous with City and we're sick of it. Wilshire on the day commited way too many offences to go unpunished.

  21. September 16, 2014  9:04 am by goonermichael Reply

    Fernandinho and Milner should have been off. Clattenberg is shite but he doesn't seem to have an agenda like some. He's just way too lenient. pellegrini is doing a rednose. Funny.

    • September 16, 2014  10:40 am by David Walker Reply

      Clattenburg has an agenda against Man City. Actions speak louder than words and it goes back years. If City should have had two players off then it should have been 9-a-side as Wilshire and Debuchy should have gone. Debuchy deliberately handballed and commited at least one foul that merited a yellow card. Pellegrini is known for his restraint and non-controversial comments. For him to say what he did means there is some substance to his complaints.

  22. September 16, 2014  9:11 am by goonermichael Reply

    Just watched that vine. penalty? clutching at straws there. Handball by the player in blue

    • September 16, 2014  10:42 am by David Walker Reply

      Shudda gone to Specsavers...and while you're there get Arsene to sign your shirt...that's if he can see your shirt. Agree to disagree. Until the next time!

  23. September 20, 2014  2:44 pm by Alan chappell Reply

    clattenburg has been Sussed now no hiding place for him. His display in Chelsea Man U game sending two off was suspicious,his intent in the sending off Bellamy at Bolton was suspicious, his penalty for Chelsea against Man City a couple of seasons back was suspicious, but his game of all games was the anfield city game last season where single handly tried to put the premier trophy in the corridors of anfield. Last Saturday was just such a one sided refereeing display it was embarrassing to watch, the card count against city was building like Lego bricks, his blatant disregard for fairness as seen him move up a notch, I thought arsenal played well but they still could not beat the CHAMPIONS, the most pleasing aspect beyond clattenburgs bias officialdom was city still came back against all the odds,' better luck next time mark ?

    • September 21, 2014  12:12 am by David Walker Reply

      I remember Bellamy's sending off at Bolton and I remember being told that Clattenburg simply couldn't stand Bellers and needed no encouragement to send him off. Why can't other fans see what we see, or maybe he just likes to screw us? Just because we're paranoid doesn't mean he's not out to get us. Cheers Chap!

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