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Mr Whippy eat your heart out - MAN CITY 5 BLACKBURN ROVERS 0

 A  ‘99 Special’ from Pellegrini’s may sound like a delicious treat from an exotic ice cream parlour, but when it comes to creating mouth-watering delight’s Manuel is superior to Mr Whippy, Mr Creamy or any other genius gelato-maker. The only thing missing from a Manuel-made 99 is anything remotely flaky – his Manchester City side are decidedly solid as they continue to give all-comers a damn good licking! While City […]

94 Not Out – Can City reach a century? MAN CITY v BLACKBURN ROVERS

So it’s au revoir Samir and hola Sergio as the revolving door to Manchester City’s medical facilities continues spinning…and the Sky Blues just keep on winning. It’s now 13 wins and just two draws from the last 15 games since City last suffered a reversal more than two months ago. If that fabulous run of form wasn’t impressive enough it needs to be put into context. The undefeated, overwhelmingly victorious […]

‘Disaster’ as City only draw - BLACKBURN ROVERS 1 MAN CITY 1

First rule of writing – don’t do bland – nobody wants to read ‘beige’ – so at the risk of being a tad ‘colourful’ and offending some of my fellow Blues, here we go with reflections on a less than satisfactory sortie to Blackburn. Manchester City haven’t lost a match since a particularly dim Sunday in Sunderland on November 10 – that’s 13 matches and 11 wins ago. Only two […]

Manuel is well up for the Cup - BLACKBURN ROVERS v MAN CITY

Magic or mundane – the FA Cup 3rd round kicks in today with some managers and fans viewing it as an unwanted distraction from Premier league proceedings…others not so. The overwhelming majority of those associated with Manchester City will be up for the ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ rather than adopting the ‘Road to Hell’ approach as the oldest cup competition in the world gathers momentum. For City, the FA Cup symbolised […]