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Pep, Sergio and City's family silver

How do you refer to a man who’s scored 159 times in 203 starts and 37 substitute appearances for Manchester City in five- and-a-half seasons – including 23 goals in 2016/17? Answers could range from sensational, exquisite, revered, goal-scorer, insatiable, one of a kind or, more succinctly…Sergio. City’s Argentine pocket rocket Sergio Aguero has already achieved legendary status and is contracted to stay at the Etihad until 2020. He’s a […]

Double trouble for City...again! - Man City 0 Middlesbrough 2

For some it spells magic, for others, unexpected misery. FA Cup upsets are fuelled by the over achievement, hunger and desire of the underdog, aided and abetted by the sub-standard performance, arrogance and complacency of the favourites. Whatever the factors Manchester City and, to an even greater degree, Chelsea, were given a sickening double dose of ‘it’, as Middlesbrough and Bradford City embarrassed and humiliated the Premier League’s front-runners in […]

Victors become the vanquished - MAN CITY 1 WIGAN 2

Ouch – what a difference a week makes in cup competitions in English football. Seven days ago tens of thousands of Manchester City fans were marvelling at the magnanimity of the magnificent Sunderland supporters, after their Black Cat team had lost 3-1 in the Capital One Cup Final at Wembley. It was so easy to admire their sentiments and to reciprocate the compliments. Well now it’s City’s turn to stand […]

Pilot Jose heading for a crash? MAN CITY v CHELSEA

Jose Mourinho might have been a pilot if he hadn’t become the hugely successful, high-flying football manager that we have all (bar Chelseas fans) grown to loathe and detest. When I say ‘pilot’ I don’t mean of the airline variety, no. Jose would have excelled in agriculture or equine circles as he shovelled manure and ‘piled it’ over here and ‘piled it’ over there, in fact, piled sh*t just about […]

Typical City...no, hold that thought - MAN CITY 4 WATFORD 2

It’s often said you learn more in defeat than in victory. Thankfully Manuel Pellegrini didn’t have to go the whole nine yards to glean new wisdom, but he was halfway to FA Cup humiliation against Watford as the Championship underdogs stirred up a hornet’s nest at the Etihad. Lessons will have been heeded in adversity as City recovered from a double-barrelled salvo, before swatting away the threat posed by Beppo […]

Rotation rotation rotation - MAN CITY v WATFORD

Goal gluttons Manchester City have sent most of their opponents into a spin this season as Manuel Pellegrini’s astute rotation policy has provided a resilient and resourceful platform for the club’s record-breaking run. With the games and goals ratio in almost perfect synch – matches every three days and approximately three goals per outing – City remain in the trophy hunt on four fronts. Pellegrini’s deft handling of key players, […]

94 Not Out – Can City reach a century? MAN CITY v BLACKBURN ROVERS

So it’s au revoir Samir and hola Sergio as the revolving door to Manchester City’s medical facilities continues spinning…and the Sky Blues just keep on winning. It’s now 13 wins and just two draws from the last 15 games since City last suffered a reversal more than two months ago. If that fabulous run of form wasn’t impressive enough it needs to be put into context. The undefeated, overwhelmingly victorious […]

‘Disaster’ as City only draw - BLACKBURN ROVERS 1 MAN CITY 1

First rule of writing – don’t do bland – nobody wants to read ‘beige’ – so at the risk of being a tad ‘colourful’ and offending some of my fellow Blues, here we go with reflections on a less than satisfactory sortie to Blackburn. Manchester City haven’t lost a match since a particularly dim Sunday in Sunderland on November 10 – that’s 13 matches and 11 wins ago. Only two […]

Manuel is well up for the Cup - BLACKBURN ROVERS v MAN CITY

Magic or mundane – the FA Cup 3rd round kicks in today with some managers and fans viewing it as an unwanted distraction from Premier league proceedings…others not so. The overwhelming majority of those associated with Manchester City will be up for the ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ rather than adopting the ‘Road to Hell’ approach as the oldest cup competition in the world gathers momentum. For City, the FA Cup symbolised […]

CHELSEA v MAN CITY - Mancini can capture sweet FA success

When Carlos Tevez lifted the FA Cup aloft in May 2011 it brought the curtain down on 35 years of pain and under achievement at Manchester City. Two years on and one gorgeous Premier League title success later, the malicious manipulative media would have you believe, if Vincent Kompany raises the famous old trophy in triumph next month, it would constitute failure. By exactly whose reckoning would being Champions of […]