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Justice...what justice? - LIVERPOOL 3 MAN CITY 2

An insatiable desire for justice and an agonising need for the truth behind the tragic events of Hillsborough has driven Liverpool Football Club for a quarter-of-a-century. With the 25th anniversary of the loss of the 96 innocent lives about to dawn, justice is on the horizon for the families and friends left behind. New inquests and criminal investigations are finally going to deliver damning accountability on the inept and corrupt […]

Low depression forecast as sky blue storm sweeps in from the east - LIVERPOOL v MAN CITY

Fuelled by the 25th anniversary of the Hillsborough tragedy and euphoric ‘champions-elect’ expectations, Liverpool are riding a tidal wave of emotion…but they’re heading straight into a sky blue storm. The short range forecast for Merseyside has become clouded by the giddy highs of recent weeks and an unexpected depression is about to hit, and hit hard, mid-afternoon on Sunday. Very few are predicting it, but a massive low is anticipated […]