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Chelsea’s ‘Special Coach’ – park it over there mate!

Jose Mourinho has an obvious affinity with large passenger transport vehicles. He is very adept at parking buses and, in his capacity as a coach, the removal of his teeth would ordinarily accommodate 52 seats. But for once – sadly, probably just the once – Jose is keeping his poisonous ‘Norf & Sarf’ shut. The self-proclaimed ‘Special One’ is in a strop and seeking to perpetuate the myth that his […]

On song or off key? Chelsea v Man City

There’s a fat lady in London SW 6 preparing to break into song tonight. If the obese vocalist is moved to belt out a chorus in the wake of a Chelsea win, it’ll mean Jose Mourinho’s team will have to hit some seriously bum notes to allow Manchester City back into title contention. In the lyrics of another football-loving singer, Elton John, ‘Saturday night’s alright for fighting…’ and, metaphorically speaking, […]

Double trouble for City...again! - Man City 0 Middlesbrough 2

For some it spells magic, for others, unexpected misery. FA Cup upsets are fuelled by the over achievement, hunger and desire of the underdog, aided and abetted by the sub-standard performance, arrogance and complacency of the favourites. Whatever the factors Manchester City and, to an even greater degree, Chelsea, were given a sickening double dose of ‘it’, as Middlesbrough and Bradford City embarrassed and humiliated the Premier League’s front-runners in […]

Let’s be Frank! - Hull City v Man City

Arsene’s whinging and Maureen’s continuing to moan about Manchester City, so it’s nice to confirm that Hypocrites United are still ever fearful of the Champions of England. Speaking of United, dear old Sir Baconface only started being ‘nice’ to Whinger when he perceived Arsenal were no longer a threat, so God forbid Arsenic and Moanrinho are ever overly pleasant about Pellegrini. You have to love the idiocy of Wenger’s press conferences when […]

The Song Remains the Same - Man City 1 Chelsea 1

A blues remix of a timeless classic proved to be top of the pops as ‘Super Frank, Super Frank, Super Frankie Lampard’ went straight to Number 1 at the Etihad Stadium. Blue was the colour, football was the game with Manchester City and Chelsea fans all together in singing Lampard’s name. Fair to say the Stamford Bridge legend and City new boy was feeling a ‘Whole Lotta Love’ as he […]

Can Manuel silence moaning Maureen? - Man City v Chelsea

Maureen’s been at it again! Moanrinho has excelled himself, managing to plummet to new depths of hypocrisy. He has the fawning media masses hanging on his every word as he trots out his pathetic ‘mind games’…with all the psychological subtlety of a colonic irrigation procedure, via a turbo-charged vacuum cleaner. His ‘special need’ to be heard has to be accommodated as table-topping Chelsea prepare to take on the Champions of […]

Sky Blues back in the news - CRYSTAL PALACE 0 MAN CITY 2

Happy Monday has arrived courtesy of Blue Sunday and yet another seismic shift in this, the most enthralling ever struggle, for Premier League supremacy. With less than a handful of games to go it seems any side labelled as title favourites suddenly develops a case of the shakes – the tectonic plates of the PL moving beneath their feet. Having been written off, vilified and then virtually ignored in recent days, […]

City lifeline disappearing as Jose eyes Lisbon not Liverpool - MAN CITY 3 WBA 1

In the world of the after match football interview, the word ‘character’ is used and abused more than most. Managers and players willingly trot out the word e.g. ‘…the team showed real character…’, simply because they rallied to earn a draw, who knows, maybe even a win, in the face of adversity. Whichever, it’s cue cliché corner and more ‘characters’ than a Walt Disney Parade. Character be blowed – it’s […]

Could Mourinho throw Pellegrini a title lifeline? - MAN CITY v WBA

It would be a perverse irony if Manuel Pellegrini’s nemesis became his saviour, albeit by proxy. It’s only two letters, but ‘if’ is a word with wide ranging and far reaching consequences, especially in relation to the Premier League title tussle, one of the most intriguing for many a year. If Jose Mourinho can breach the Anfield fortress of the nearly ordained champions-elect, and if Manchester City can emerge with […]

Jose eats humble pie... well a very tiny slice! MAN CITY 2 CHELSEA 0

Magnanimity isn’t Jose Mourinho’s strong suit. Normally, there’s as much chance of witnessing the Chelsea manager being gracious in defeat as catching a glimpse of Lord Lucan riding Shergar, being pursued by the Abominable Snowman along the banks of a famous Scottish Loch with a certain ‘Nessie’ watching on. The self proclaimed ‘Special One’, the tactical genius who had breached Fortress Etihad just 12 days before, was out-thought and out-manoeuvred […]