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Mayday Mayday – City fans in distress over Zaba departure

Tears of unbridled joy, anguish, frustration and sadness – there’s something decidedly emotional about Manchester City and the 13th day of May. First we had Sergio Aguero with 93 minutes and 20 seconds on the clock back in 2012, drilling home the most sensational climax to a Premier League season ever. Never mind ‘Cry Me a River’, City’s delirious fans could have filled an ocean, weeping uncontrollably after Agueerrrrooo fired […]

Rotation rotation rotation - MAN CITY v WATFORD

Goal gluttons Manchester City have sent most of their opponents into a spin this season as Manuel Pellegrini’s astute rotation policy has provided a resilient and resourceful platform for the club’s record-breaking run. With the games and goals ratio in almost perfect synch – matches every three days and approximately three goals per outing – City remain in the trophy hunt on four fronts. Pellegrini’s deft handling of key players, […]

MAN CITY 2 NORWICH CITY 3 - City hit bum notes as Canaries on song

A season that began with a five goal feast of free-flowing football ended with a five goal flop as the deposed champions floundered in a miserable show of rank incompetence. The contrasting emotions from winning the Community Shield and downing the reigning European Champions, to capitulating to a bunch of Canaries on a Sunday afternoon excursion could not have been starker. A season full of hope and ambition, fuelled by […]

MAN CITY v NORWICH CITY - That was the week that was...

There’s an adage that a week is a long time in politics – they should try applying it to being a Manchester City supporter! It seems an eternity since Roberto Mancini’s side were on the receiving end of a shock FA Cup Final defeat to the now relegated Pie Eaters of ‘Wi-gone’ – come to think of it, it seems a lifetime since City were Roberto Mancini’s men. The wounds […]

READING 0 MAN CITY 2 - It's the life...Brian

As the dust begins to settle on an almost surreal scenario coming out of Manchester City this week, I would venture to say that the Blue Moon is set to rise in the right trajectory for years to come. We’ve had the turmoil and turbulence of Roberto Mancini’s emotive departure, the ghastly timing of his demise and the nigh on schizophrenic portrayal of a man worshipped on the terraces, but […]

Arrivederci 'Bobby Manc' - Grazie!

Even by their own crazy historical standards, the last 48 hours have been eventful for Manchester City Football Club…for all the wrong reasons. The sacking of Roberto Mancini – a year to the day of him guiding City to their finest hour and that stunning ‘Agueroooo’ title winning triumph – is seemingly outrageous in the extreme…until you take a closer look. Prima facie it beggars belief that the Italian has […]

MAN CITY 0 WIGAN 1 - Mayday Mayday, City in distress!

What a mess from start to finish! How and why have Manchester City found themselves in a position where – just 12 months on from winning the Premier League  – they’re back being savaged and ridiculed by their many detractors? You would be hard pressed to find a more passionate supporter of Manchester City Football Club than I, so it saddens me immensely to witness what has unfolded over the […]

MAN CITY 1 WBA 0 - Wembley warmer nets Champions League spot

Edin Dzeko stepped up with a farewell flourish as City bagged all three points against the Baggies, while focusing on this weekend’s FA Cup Final. City boss Roberto Mancini tested the depth of his star spangled squad, making eight changes from the sleepy affair in South Wales which produced not much of anything, in a tame 0-0 draw with Swansea. An irregular Tuesday night slot to catch up on a […]

MAN CITY v WBA - City must bag Baggie points

The Boing Boing Baggies bounce into Manchester for a fixture that has suddenly assumed new meaning in Manchester City’s quest to secure second spot in the Premier League. Rafa Benitez’s ability to ram it up Fergie’s fundament in recent times, means City face a rude awakening after the snoozy sunny Saturday in Swansea, and a real fight to hold on to the runners-up position. A match, previously viewed as nothing […]

SWANSEA 0 MAN CITY 0 - Nice weather and lovely beaches...

Swansea away – not an easy fixture for any Premier League team – so what were the highlights when the recently deposed champions of England rolled into South Wales? Well, the Gower Peninsula bathed in early summer sun is beautiful, the marina looks a treat, the local pizza parlour did a gastronomic pepperoni passion…sorry – oh yes, the football – that was totally underwhelming to the point of being non […]