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City can’t be ignored – especially with two ‘Elephants in the room’

Having an ‘Elephant in the room’ would usually mean an incredibly awkward situation, a source of embarrassment that is simply taboo or one that could trigger an argument. The metaphorical idiom refers to an obvious truth that is either being ignored or going unaddressed, a major problem or risk that no one wants to discuss…so surely having TWO elephants in the room would spell double trouble for Manuel Pellegrini – wouldn’t it? […]

Professionalism can beat Palace...not the 'C' word - Man City v Crystal Palace

Character is a word often abused in football parlance. How often do we hear a player or a manager, a pundit or a commentator trot out how a team has shown ‘character’, simply because they’ve been a goal or two behind, staged a ‘comeback’ and earned a draw or a win? The noun is bandied around like confetti at a wedding where all the guests have taken advantage of the ‘buy […]

Pellegrini is a happy plucker - Man City 2 Swansea 1

It’s fast approaching the time of year when birds get stuffed and gobbled up. Manchester City, anxious to avoid looking like champion turkeys come Christmas, made an early start on some lively Welsh swans. City fans who love reminiscing about a famous ‘Sick Swan’ slaughter at Old Trafford in 2011, had to make do with a 2-1 ‘bird cull’ as plucky Swansea were rightly put to the sword. Pre-match, Manuel […]

SAS change of colours – Man City 3 Liverpool 1

A scintillating new sky blue strike-force has replaced Liverpool’s much lauded, but now defunct, ‘SAS’ pairing in the Premier League sharpshooting stakes. With the Scousers’ attack looking decidedly ‘gummy’ after Luis Suarez scurried off to Barcelona and Daniel Sturridge rendered largely ineffective, it was Manchester City’s ‘Sergio and Stevan’ who plundered the goals, and with it the spoils of war, in this combative encounter. Rejuvenated and now injury free, Man […]

City’s domestic dilemma

Manchester City’s defence of their second Premier League title in three years is hampered by two great lengths of red tape – the dubious Financial Fair Play regulations and the eminently more laudable ruling on ‘home-grown’ players. The hypocrisy, corrupt practices and self serving sentiments of FFP have been well documented, as has the fact that if City are to comply with their FFP punishment, their net transfer spending is […]

City set for splashdown! MAN CITY 4 ASTON VILLA 0

Singing and dancing in the rain, the Manchester City faithful soaked up the unbridled joy of an Etihad Stadium awash with goals, as Liverpool’s title bid all but went down the plughole. Whereas the puddled Scousers had been prematurely celebrating amid the April showers, it’s the City fans feeling rosy as May flowers with sky blue blooms and the sweet scent of Premier League success. Manuel Pellegrini’s crop are proving […]

Could Mourinho throw Pellegrini a title lifeline? - MAN CITY v WBA

It would be a perverse irony if Manuel Pellegrini’s nemesis became his saviour, albeit by proxy. It’s only two letters, but ‘if’ is a word with wide ranging and far reaching consequences, especially in relation to the Premier League title tussle, one of the most intriguing for many a year. If Jose Mourinho can breach the Anfield fortress of the nearly ordained champions-elect, and if Manchester City can emerge with […]

Jose eats humble pie... well a very tiny slice! MAN CITY 2 CHELSEA 0

Magnanimity isn’t Jose Mourinho’s strong suit. Normally, there’s as much chance of witnessing the Chelsea manager being gracious in defeat as catching a glimpse of Lord Lucan riding Shergar, being pursued by the Abominable Snowman along the banks of a famous Scottish Loch with a certain ‘Nessie’ watching on. The self proclaimed ‘Special One’, the tactical genius who had breached Fortress Etihad just 12 days before, was out-thought and out-manoeuvred […]

Palace & Pulis prepare for potential pummelling - MAN CITY v CRYSTAL PALACE

With 16 Premier League points safely gathered from a possible 18 this month, City have to overcome a rejuvenated Crystal Palace to round off the year in style with a 10-out-of-10 home wins record. Red Hot Chilean Manuel Pellegrini, will want to sustain City’s winning ways as the title favourites seek to surpass the 15-home game winning streak, established when Roberto Mancini’s side won the Premier League in 2011-12. Now, […]

MAN CITY 5 WIGAN O – Pellegrini’s predators pound the pie-eaters

They say a week in politics is a long time. Manuel Pellegrini is the ‘sitting’ MP in sky blue Manchester and, on the basis of the last seven days, he’s going to remain so for a long time to come after three landslide victories. A fully qualified engineer before his election to numerous ‘seats’ in the world of football power, the present incumbent at the Etihad came to prominence based […]