Time for a proper perspective on Pellegrini – Man City v Newcastle United

So Manchester City are without a win for 10 days. They lost their second Premier League away fixture in more than six months on Saturday, leaving them with more points and better placed than this time last year…the season when Manuel Pellegrini’s team won the title.

Holy Sh*t – The Samaritans’ phone lines must be ringing off the hook with around the clock calls from Pellegrini, Ruben Cousillas, Brian Kidd, the players, administrative staff, supporters, who knows, even long distance calls from the more opulent areas of the Middle East!

Remember this? Just 10 Premier League games ago MP was holding the trophy aloft. Don't panic Mr Mainwaring!

Remember this? Just 10 Premier League games ago MP was holding the trophy aloft. Don’t panic Mr Mainwaring!

The cool Chilean who led City to their best ever single season in their 120 year history, must cut a panic stricken figure, positively feverish, riddled with anxiety amid a club gripped by a fear that it’s all gone so horribly wrong.

Errrrrrrrrr NO – it’s all complete and utter botox – or something sounding very similar.

As Pellegrini continues the defence of the first trophy he won – doubtless the first of many – in England, City are once again under scrutiny for not having blown all comers out of the water by rugby scores.

Mine's a double - Manuel was celebrating a PL & FLC triumph on May 11th.  It's amazing how short some people's memories can be. Courtesy @MCFC

Mine’s a double – Manuel was celebrating a PL & FLC triumph on May 11th. It’s amazing how short some people’s memories can be. Courtesy @MCFC

The naysayers are grunting, the clouds are darkening, the onset of British Winter Time is more than a coincidence it’s ‘a sign’, after City shipped four goals and dropped a combined total of five Champions and Premier League points over a period of 120 hours.

Oh how those fun loving pundits and mirth makers of the media like a bit of merriment at City’s expense. Could it yet be a case of he who laughs last laughs loudest, or did he simply not get the punch line?

Unless anybody has forgotten, Pellegrini took it upon himself to remind the world and his wife that there are still 87 Premier League points up for grabs, so can we cancel the express delivery order to take the trophy from the Etihad to Stamford Bridge.

The usual would go down a treat against The Toon. Sergio sealed the opening PL win this season 2-0 at St James's Park. Courtesy@MCFC

The usual would go down a treat against The Toon. Sergio sealed the opening PL win this season 2-0 at St James’s Park. Courtesy@MCFC

First things first, and it’s the arrival of a murder of Magpies who fly into Manchester looking to inflict fatal wounds on City’s retention of the League Cup.

Effing and jeffing Alan Pardew’s team suddenly have the wind beneath their wings after back-to-back league wins, including a surprise victory over Spurs on Sunday.

Whereas West Ham managed to break a 10-game winless streak against City, the Geordie Nation will be hoping that their barren spell against the Sky Blues won’t extend to 18 fixtures.

It’s an astonishing run and one that Pellegrini needs to extend if he is to douse down the negative wave of comments flooding into the Etihad.

Back with avengence - Nasri, wounded in action against Newcastle last January, will be out to help City retain the Capital One Cup. Courtesy@MCFC

Back with avengence – Nasri, wounded in action against Newcastle last January, will be out to help City retain the Capital One Cup. Courtesy@MCFC

His, and City’s, cause is helped by the earlier than expected return of Samir Nasri, 29 days after he last appeared against Bayern Munich. His recovery from groin surgery has gone well and Nasri has proved himself a quick healer.

He was ahead of schedule last season when he came back to first team action following a nasty injury on Tyneside in City’s 2-0 win last January.

Regrettably, Frank Lampard is still out with a thigh muscle problem and Super Frankie will also be unavailable for Sunday’s Manchester derby.

Pellegrini has already stated there will be changes in personnel from the Upton Park reversal. Whether a change of set-up and tactics will accompany any squad rotation remains to be seen.

New beginings - Hot shot Jovetic's good start to the season needs to be reignited. Courtesy@MCFC

New beginings – Hot shot Jovetic’s good start to the season needs to be reignited. Courtesy@MCFC

Stevan Jovetic had a lively last half hour against the Hammers, so a starting berth in place of a possibly weary, Aguero, shouldn’t be a surprise.

Whether or not the manager would entertain dropping, or diplomatically resting, an off-key Yaya Toure remains to be seen.

Vincent Kompany and Pablo Zabaleta – the embodiment of City’s glory days, could benefit from a break, allowing Demichelis and Sagna to play in a game Pellegrini very much wants to win.

If the Barcodes are once again scanned and checked-out of the Capital One Cup on Wednesday evening, the reviled Reds put to the sword for the fourth consecutive derby, and the repugnant Russians and their racist followers metaphorically ‘hung, drawn and quartered’ Guy Fawkes-style on the 5th of November, then the crisis that never was would be even less so!

It's ours - Having won the Capital One Cup City quite fancy the idea of retaining it. Courtesy @MCFC

It’s ours – Having won the Capital One Cup City quite fancy the idea of retaining it. Courtesy @MCFC

For ‘Fawkes sake’ Bonfire Night is all about celebrating the fact the British Parliament avoided being blown to smithereens. The least City fans can do is look forward to the retention of their highly successful sitting MP!


By David Walker

Hopefully City and Newcastle fans can come together on Wednesday night to honour the memory, bravery and humanitarianism of City fan, Alan Henning who was so brutally murdered by Islamic extremists.

Kind  & Courageous - RIP Alan Henning.

Kind & Courageous – RIP Alan Henning.

City and Toon supporters paid their respects to John Alder and Liam Sweeney in this season’s opening fixture after the two Geordie lads died following their beloved Magpies over land and sea. Tragically, it falls to the two sets of fans to once again mourn the passing of one of the best. RIP Alan #MCFCBLUEBROS NEVER FORGOTTEN.

www.readbutneverred.com @ReadButNeverRed @djwskyblu


  1. October 28, 2014  8:24 pm by Fifthcolumnblue Reply

    Am I alone in finding this new-found "sense of entitlement" that seems to have crept into the minds of a substantial minority of our fans rather disturbing?

    FWIW, we had a striker in absolute top form in Negredo last season, and we clearly miss his muscularity and drive in front of goal. 23 goals up to Christmas is a big miss, but people need to start pointing the finger at Platini and UEFA rather than our players or manager.

    A couple of good wins, especially in the derby will put paid to a lot of the moaning, but if we fail to win either match I might seek out a remote cabin without the internet for a couple of weeks!

    • October 28, 2014  8:42 pm by David Walker Reply

      God help us if we have a triple whammy of negativity against Newcastle, Manure and the Russians! Can you see if they're doing 2-4-1 deals on those log cabins? ;-)

      • October 28, 2014  9:25 pm by Fifthcolumnblue Reply

        Make sure you bring a deck of cards and a case of whiskey!

        • October 28, 2014  11:12 pm by David Walker Reply

          Bloody hell No 5 - you're sounding like Max bleedin' Bygraves - a deck of cards indeed. I'll bring Frustration, Ker Plunk and Snap and you'll have to make do with Bailey's with ice! ;-) #TOPMAN

  2. October 28, 2014  10:46 pm by Philip Entwistle Reply

    Spot on with your assessment of the last 10 days Dave, the forecast City apocolypse from the Red media is laughable. Please, please remember we are City fans when back to back draws was a great run of results. Lets not get above ourselves unlike the swamp dwellers who expected and often did win everything in sight. Those of us of a certain age can remember when we reigned supreme, those days are coming back, 4 trophy's in 4 years and we are on the verge of total collapse - bring it on. KTF

    • October 28, 2014  11:10 pm by David Walker Reply

      Back to back draws...Christ I was giddy when we won back to back corners! I am keeping Faith... at least until the ransom demand is met in full. ;-) These fickle fans they think Adversity is a dance troupe who won Britain's Got Talent about 3 or 4 years ago! Cheers Big Fella, always appreciate your inputs.

  3. October 29, 2014  12:53 pm by Richard Cooper Reply

    Despite the fact that the Barcodes will one day end their appalling record against City I can't see (hopefully)a "tuned in" City failing to progress against a team carrying I believe a few injuries.
    Just got to focus and don't underestimate the opposition.
    Get through tonight and this much derided competition becomes more exciting.
    A football club is in the business to win trophies and although some may be more prestigious than others to me all trophies are important be it the Capital One Cup or the Europa. I would dislike us to become like the followers of ManU who when they were in their "pomp" scoffed at anything but the Chumps League and Premier League. That is just arrogance.
    Back to back corners - I still watch our '10 best throw-ins 1998' dvd.

    • November 1, 2014  10:07 am by David Walker Reply

      Hi RC - sorry for the late response I've been somewhat pre-occupied since Wednesday night, partly with MCFC, hence no formal report on the Toon debacle. I'll combine with the Manure preview. Love the throw-ins comment and just hope and pray - good coming from an agnostic - that we get back to winning games as of November 2nd.

  4. October 29, 2014  12:54 pm by Richard Cooper Reply

    Sorry David - Bit of a typing "cock - up" above - Ooops

  5. October 29, 2014  1:40 pm by Toby Teasdale Reply

    With 'We're not really here’ our theme song. There are no prizes for observing City supporters are famous Omphaloskeptics. In stark contrast to our lotus eating, debt-ridden, neighbours.

    Introspection is what we do! But maybe we should take a break from contemplations to check where we are at!

    Our infrastructure is amongst the best in Europe. With sufficient seating space to avoid having wrap your legs around the neck of the spectator in front. We’re still in all cup competitions, well placed in the league (pacing ourselves nicely). Plus, and it’s a big plus, we will soon be rid of FFP strictures and able to snaffle the likes of Khedira, Barkley, Pogba or anyone else MP fancies (up to and including Messi).

    We all know the Sheikh will spend whatever it takes to become Europe's best. It's no longer a question of if? Just when?

    • November 1, 2014  9:53 am by David Walker Reply

      Agreed TT - despite what many think, myself included at one stage - FFP will undoubtedly have had an effect in the short term. You could argeu we could still have spent another £58m in the summer based on our net transfer profit of £9m but I think City's hierarchy were out to prove a point to UEFA and get them off our backs sooner rather than later. A case of half a step back and then two steps forward.

      It may ultimately hurt us this season, but, as you quite rightly say, there'll be nothing holding us back thereafter.

  6. October 29, 2014  4:09 pm by Graham Ward Reply

    Plenty of changes tonight I think. The first of a big trio of games, I still think we'll have enough to beat Newcastle, 2-0 is my prediction.
    I agree with Fifth's last comment, but I'd be no good in the log cabin - hate spirits!

    • November 1, 2014  9:55 am by David Walker Reply

      No 5 and I are confident we won't be needing my family's output - Johnnie Walker's - anytime soon, despite the Capital One cock up. Let's make it four Manchester derby wins on the bounce and then we won't need a stiff drink, just a celebratory tipple!

  7. October 29, 2014  4:32 pm by David Kelly Reply

    Still the cool Chilean, even his press conferences are done with a smile now. As for the critics, that's all they are critics, with very little knowledge about football. Our first Premiership title we were 7 points behind with 4 games to go.
    Last year at one stage we were 10 points behind the leaders and we won the premiership on both occasions.
    So to the critics I say: Shut the F--K up. Keep the faith with MP. thanks again for the write up Mr Walker.

    • November 1, 2014  9:57 am by David Walker Reply

      Agreed Mr Kelly BUT a loss in the derby and anything short of a win against CSKA will put Pellegrini on increasingly thin ice with Abu Dhabi. Hope MP puts his skates on and glides to back-to-back victories.

  8. October 31, 2014  10:01 am by goonermichael Reply

    I hope you play better on Sunday. Can't bear the other lot

    • November 1, 2014  9:58 am by David Walker Reply

      In the words of Michael Jackson - 'You are not alone'. Thanks for your good wishes GM.

  9. November 1, 2014  11:24 am by goonermichael Reply

    They are due a hiding and you can't let the chavs run away with it. Good luck I hope you smash them

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