Why are City always the villains? Aston Villa 0 Man City 2

When Sir Baconface’s bunch used to score late goals to win with monotonous regularity, the Manure-fawning media told us it was ‘The United way’ – it was in the Swamp-dwellers DNA.

When Moanrinho’s lot dominate a game, dictate the play, sometimes park the bus but emerge victorious, it’s a testimony to Maureen’s tactical genius and Chelsea’s patience and professionalism.

Game over - Sergio celebrates at 2-0. Courtesy@MCFC

Game over – Sergio celebrates at 2-0. Courtesy@MCFC

When Manchester City bag a brace of beauties, have 68% possession, 27 goal attempts, seven times more shots on target than their opponents and hit the post twice, it’s a ‘…performance full of mistakes and too many errors.’

You really couldn’t make it up!

It would be hysterically funny were it not so cynically biased.

The comments, following City’s fine 2-0 away win at Aston Villa, came from former England & Newcastle striker, Alan Shearer, the Premier League’s all-time highest scorer.

Against all odds - Manuel and his team don't get the credit they deserve. Courtesy@MCFC

Against all odds – Manuel and his team don’t get the credit they deserve. Courtesy@MCFC

Surely then an opinion to be respected, after all he speaks as a representative of that bastion of unbiased commentary – the British Broadcasting Corporation – and its flagship Match of The Day.

Shearer, once described by his then Newcastle Chairman, Freddie Shepherd as ‘Mary Poppins’, might benefit from a spoonful of sugar to rid him of his bitterness towards the Champions of England.

Shearer veritably bristled with indignation when his own employers produced statistics for the most prolific Premier League scoring ratios, based on minutes played to goals scored.

Thwarted - Sergio is the most efficient Premier League scorer of all time. Courtesy@MCFC

Thwarted – Sergio is the most efficient Premier League scorer of all time. Courtesy@MCFC

Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero topped the chart with a goal for every 114 minutes played…and where did the all-conquering Shearer figure? He didn’t make it onto the caption.

Sanctimonious Shearer said of City: “I think they (City) thought they just had to turn up and they’d win – but that doesn’t happen in the Premier League.”

No shit – Alan thanks for your expert insight, we’d never have known that a team actually has to earn the win – and City did earn the three points.

Only last week fellow MOTD pundit Robbie Savage, who nowadays likes nothing more than making snide comments about City – ever since the club sacked his ex-Leicester City team mate, Roberto Mancini – was urging Joe Hart to leave the Etihad to ‘save his England career’.

Calling card - AK47 copped for the only yellow card of the game. Courtesy@MCFC

Calling card – AK47 copped for the only yellow card of the game. Courtesy@MCFC

In fairness the BBC are far from alone in their lop-sided take on all City matters. ITV have taken to allowing a Ginger Whinger to ‘entertain’ the nation with his insight and analysis on the Etihad outfit.

Paul Scholes is too thick to conceal his unbridled hatred of all things sky blue, whereas, ITV’s ‘top’ (in the loosest sense of the word) commentator, Clive ‘The Red’ Tyldesley, never misses a chance to have a dig.

BT Sport’s pride and joy Michael Monotone Drone Owen – the consummate broadcasting professional – so much so, he calls City ‘United’ at least twice every game, is an Uber Tw*t and don’t even get me started on Sky’s Right Dork, Dwight not-so-bright Yorke.

Remarkably, Gary Neville, the man you’d think least likely to be objective about Citeh, HAS made a successful switch from the pitch to the commentary booth.

Match winner - Yaya's 82nd minute strike knocked the stuffing out of Villa. Courtesy@MCFC

Match winner – Yaya’s 82nd minute strike knocked the stuffing out of Villa. Courtesy@MCFC

Tactically savvy, he genuinely informs and educates Sky viewers. I’d go so far as saying if England’s next coach needs to be an Englishman, then the once reptilian Manure right back is the man for the job. He still detests City but doesn’t let it stop him doing his job.

Speaking of pundits and inarticulate, ex-pond life pundits in particular, let’s get back to Villa Park and City’s third win on the road, and the preservation of their unbeaten away record this season.

Roy Keane – once of the the Theatre of Screams, more latterly ITV and now masquerading as Gandalf’s stunt double in the Lord of the Rings – was present as Villa manager Paul Lambert’s number two – take that whichever way you wish.

Well organised, disciplined and resolute, Villa put up a stoical defence against Manuel Pellegrini’s men. However, for Lambert to say the 2-0 score line wasn’t a fair reflection of the game is wide open to interpretation.

Keano? - City's travelling fans think they spotted this chap on the Aston Villa bench.

Keano? – City’s travelling fans think they spotted this chap on the Aston Villa bench.

Having seen shots from Aleksander Kolarov and Sergio Aguero hit the post, as well as Villa keeper Brad Guzan make some fine stops, did he mean it should have been 3-0, 4-0 or 5-0 to the visitors?

Of course he didn’t. He was only doing his job, promoting his team’s tireless efforts which, in truth, could have snatched a goal on a couple of counter attacks.

The fact is Joe Hart was called upon to make one save in the match – and he did so brilliantly.

Not a winning post - Sergio strikes the Villa woodwork. Courtesy@MCFC

Not a winning post – Sergio strikes the Villa woodwork. Courtesy@MCFC

Kieran Richardson came close in the 48th minute, seconds after Aguero’s shot hit Guzan’s post at the other end, but Hart snuffed out the threat.

To imply City were not worthy winners at Villa Park is absurd. The same applies to their overall achievements in recent times.

That is precisely what so many broadcasters and newspapers do in this country but, in the words of one of the less refined ditties in the City supporters’ song book, ‘…we don’t give a f*ck because we’re all p@ssed up…’ etc.

Big hit - the City fans have taken Frankie to their hearts. Courtesy@MCFC

Big hit – the City fans have taken Frankie to their hearts. Courtesy@MCFC

In truth we’re not all inebriated, but Manchester City FC and all those who care about it’s well being, now take it as the norm that City are disliked/ hated by sections of the press and the all pervading morons of Sky Sports, BT, the Beeb and last, but not least, TalkShyte.

Undeterred, Manuel Pellegrini lets his team do the talking on the pitch, City accelerate the delivery of off-field commercial success, stuff it up the fundament of football’s corrupt governing bodies and continue to repay the faith, investment and vision of Sheikh Mansour.

Job done - Vinny and Jimmy salute the City fans. Courtesy@MCFC

Job done – Vinny and Jimmy salute the City fans. Courtesy@MCFC

Last night, Yaya Toure stepped up to the plate in the 82nd minute with a show of brilliance, effectively winning the match.

What had been the norm last season was suddenly and joyfully back on the radar, as the Ivorian colossus curved a cultured strike beyond a mass of Villa defenders and Guzan’s despairing dive.

It was nothing more than City deserved but, nonetheless cruel on Villa, for whom Nathan Baker had an outstanding game. It was, however, all a bit too much for the home support in the North Stand who threatened violence towards their Mancunian counterparts – whatever next?

Six minutes later a scintillating strike from Sergio sealed the deal with yet another Milner assist.

Combative - Dino went off with a hamstring injury. Courtesy@MCFC

Combative – Dino went off with a hamstring injury. Courtesy@MCFC

Along the way City lost Fernandinho to a suspected hamstring injury, paving the way for Super Frankie to appear. Lampard seems to be enjoying his time at City, almost as much as the fans are relishing having him.

Pellegrini rang the tactical changes just after the hour when Fernando made a very welcome return as City’s holding midfielder.

Calling the shots - Pellegrini wants to retain the Premier League title. Courtesy@MCFC

Calling the shots – Pellegrini wants to retain the Premier League title. Courtesy@MCFC

It’s difficult to gauge the damage he could have prevented had he been available for the two Champions League fixtures and the domestic tussles with Arsenal and Chelsea.

Silva was his usual imperious self in a very capable team performance, one which augurs well if Pellegrini’s international corps remain unscathed after national service.

Yes yes Yaya - Toure celebrates his brilliant goal. Courtesy@MCFC

Yes yes Yaya – Toure celebrates his brilliant goal. Courtesy@MCFC

They’ll return to a hectic schedule of four matches in three different competitions in 11 days. All are eminently winnable and, if City take the spoils, then the praise will surely follow from Her Majesty’s Media.

On second thoughts we shouldn’t hold our breath, otherwise we’ll end up as blue as the moon which continues to rise in Manchester.


By David Walker

www.readbutneverred.com @ReadButNeverRed @djwskyblu



A special one-off T-shirt was made featuring the names and countries of Manuel Pellegrini’s cosmopolitan squad – all you had to do was identify how many INDIVIDUAL names AND COUNTRIES were on the shirt?

Number's game - the Etihad Airways commissioned T-shirt featured 27 player's names and 12 countries.

Number’s game – the Etihad Airways commissioned T-shirt featured 27 player’s names and 12 countries.

The answer, as supplied to us by DigitasLBi, on behalf of Etihad Airways, was 27 players and 12 countries.

We received dozens of entries via Twitter, Facebook and the comments section of the website and the winning entry – drawn at random – is David Kelly, a lifelong City fan from Leicester. Congratulations David.

Thank you to everyone who entered and keep a lookout for another great competition MCFC competition in the near future.





  1. October 5, 2014  9:29 pm by Gil Riley Reply

    Fabulous piece David - HILARIOUS!! Can't tell you how much I enjoyed that one!!

    • October 6, 2014  12:37 am by David Walker Reply

      Who said it was supposed to be funny? ;-)

      Glad to be of service.

  2. October 5, 2014  9:38 pm by Blue inc Reply

    Good read also funny Dave.
    Mike Ashley brought in club icon Alan Shearer to take over from Kinnear as the club's interim-manager on 1 April 2009 and we all know how that April fool ended do we not.
    Great performance from the boys couldn't fault their attitude they gave it their all to break down that stubborn Villa wall.
    Yaya playing further forward always works in buses parked situations.

    Gandalf’s stunt double :-) I'd of said catweasel.

    • October 6, 2014  12:36 am by David Walker Reply

      Didn't Catweasel have a toad as a little friend? Can't remember if it was ginger?

  3. October 5, 2014  10:19 pm by Graham Ward Reply

    We showed the necessary patience to keep going, and trusting that we would get the goal(s) required. Villa certainly made sure that they got bodies in the way, but I just wonder if they are fit enough against the very top teams to employ the strategies they do.
    They looked tired by the end of the game, and although it may have been tough to concede two in the last 10 minutes, overall it was a fair reflection of our dominance.
    Good to get Fernando back, but offset by the knock Fernie picked up. 10 points out of 12 so far away, and 1 loss in 16 or 17 Premier League games. No question marks there now!

    • October 6, 2014  12:35 am by David Walker Reply

      Let the anti-City brigade continue - actions speak louder than words. If, as and when we win another major trophy, it will be all the sweeter in the knowledge that bitter and sour juices will stir within our detractors.

  4. October 5, 2014  10:35 pm by Toby Teasdale Reply

    Yaya's got his mojo back.

    • October 6, 2014  12:33 am by David Walker Reply

      Let's hope he doesn't mislay it again.

  5. October 5, 2014  11:27 pm by Phill Reply

    The comments used to be snide, now just obvious. It is open season.

    Mr Kelly won the shirt? Fix!

    • October 6, 2014  12:32 am by David Walker Reply

      In all sincerity Phill I really hope you are joking on the latter. I have run several competitions for different entities via RBNR and there have been winners who I have never met and only had contact via social media, while there have been winners who I have known personally, but that is the luck of the draw. I could so easily have deleted your comment to spare any embarrassment or questioning of my integrity, but I have not done so because everything is above board and it just so happens that David Kelly won the shirt.

      I know you via social media and a mutual friend - would it have been suspicious if you had entered and subsequently won? I am working under the assumption that you were joking, but I have to play a straight bat on this one.

      Would you care to respond?

      • October 7, 2014  12:40 am by Phill Reply

        Sorry for the late reply, not had chance to be on a computer, yes it was in jest and of course I see how it could look to others reading, which I do apologise for. The comment was made more towards Mr Kelly who l have known since 1979 as I didn't think he could count beyond 6..... it was not in any way delivered to question the integrity of yourself. Please accept my apologies.

        • October 7, 2014  1:03 am by David Walker Reply

          I had thought and hoped as much - no apologies required mate. As I said if you are trusted to run a competition then it has to be fair for all - the same principle as MCFC would like the press and pundits to adopt - just play fair!

          It'd be good to meet up one day but seeing as though you've been back to the UK and are once again Stateside it'll have to wait a while longer. Thanks for having the courtesy and good grace to clarify your comments.

  6. October 6, 2014  5:34 am by Eileen Fullen Reply

    Wow a Masterpiece - once again you show your brilliance on all football matters
    Thank you

    • October 6, 2014  8:05 am by David Walker Reply

      That's very kind of you Eileen, but in truth they are just my take on MCFC matters - some people like it and some people don't. Thanks for reading and commenting - constructive feedback is always welcome whether it be positive or negative.

  7. October 6, 2014  9:34 am by David Kelly Reply

    Great read again Mr Walker.
    Shearer so wrong 67% possession and 28 shots, won 0-2, as for Lambert 90 minutes in a game, 2nd best again.
    Thank you for the shirt (When it arrives), I will wear it with pride of course, I went over that picture of the shirt at least 20 times.

    • October 6, 2014  12:21 pm by David Walker Reply

      Congratulations on winning the competition. It didn't do to try and get the number of names and countries if you'd had a couple of wine gums, but quite a few had the correct answer and some were very close...but no cigar. I have passed your details to the agency acting on behalf of Etihad Airways and they will be in touch with you directly. As for the media's approach to City, we can but do our best on the field of play and see if attitudes change in the fullness of time. Thanks for reading and for your feedback.

  8. October 6, 2014  10:33 am by Richard Cooper Reply

    Super article David, a good start to a wet Monday.
    2 away wins, 6 points, 6 goals and one clean sheet says more than Mr Shearer's jaundiced comments.
    A good win (eventually) against a stubborn and at times lively Villa with as you said Baker outstanding and to be fair the fact both our goals came from outside the box is testement to their resilience.
    It is good that it was a game where we are not discussing dodgy refereeing or dubious tackles.
    David Silva: Merlin of a performance
    The Mangler : Redemption Day and a standard to now maintain
    Fernando : Good to see him back and allowing Ya Ya to go forward and do what Ya Ya does best
    Jimmy Milner : Industrious as always although his crosses were not up to his usual standard until his assist for Sergio and if he can do that once, twice, three times a game that is fine by me
    I could go on but am against time today
    We thought about Keano look alikes yesterday and came up with Buster Merryfield (Only Fools & Horses) but he was a nice guy !

    • October 6, 2014  12:23 pm by David Walker Reply

      The Mangler - I like that! All valid observations RC - Thanks once again for your support for RBNR.

  9. October 6, 2014  12:22 pm by Doug Henshaw Reply

    We used to be everybody's 2nd team little ole city never a threat to anyone. But now we are a threat & the media love nothing better than to have a dig at us yes it was a hard game yes Villa played well but at the end of the day we won. Shearer might have been a top striker in his day but he failed at Newcastle. has he taken over from Hansen as the lets have a go at city. Well sod em all hope we keep on upsetting them. Is there a better player than David Silva in prem don't think so he was immense. Great read Dave & quite funny you have hidden talents Dave.

    • October 6, 2014  11:35 pm by David Walker Reply

      Only 'quite' funny - I must try harder ;-) The irony is I pay no heed to the MOTD muppets, it just made for easy copy and a rallying point for MCFC fans. Silva is superb, probably the best ever City player, but I feel disloyal to Colin Bell saying that.

  10. October 6, 2014  2:04 pm by pete lynch Reply

    Great read pal as usual, high standards met once again. The city hatred/disrespect is laughable now. Your bang on with GN - who'd have thought that???

    • October 7, 2014  12:58 am by David Walker Reply

      Indeed - I was minded to cancel my Sky subscription when G Neville Esq took to the analysis chair. I always recall his first, faltering and very nervous interview on MNF, with none other than Roberto Mancini, after we'd beaten Swansea 4-0 in the opening game of 2011/12.

      He is very accomplished, unlike his rodent of a brother - Phil - Mr Charisma, as in totally MISSED any charisma. Cheers Pete.

  11. October 6, 2014  2:32 pm by James HouseOlogy Reply

    Great read David, I think it's safe to say "The Establishment" will always glorify Manure and Chelski and won't change their opinion on our recent well deserved successes. I was with a friend who is staunch West Ham whom said out of the big 5 it's only City he respects as well pointed out with relegated to Div 2 still getting 30'000 plus per gate..... The media have there stance on City and that will never change. But those that know and understand what the club has been through they can't deny what we have become. I thought we were very good on Saturday as you said the more realistic score line would have been 4 or 5-0!!!

    • October 6, 2014  11:32 pm by David Walker Reply

      What will the Establishment do when we are the 'established'? Until they are forced to wrestle with that little dilemma we'll just say 'fck 'em'. As you say, we know our origins and our MCFC values no matter what the media say about us. CTWD.

  12. October 6, 2014  2:38 pm by blueincy Reply

    What was the correct answer to the competition Dave?
    Just want to check my eye sight:-)
    Well done D. Kelly, you jammy sod!!

    • October 6, 2014  11:29 pm by David Walker Reply

      27 players and 12 countries. Thanks fella for giving it a go, we'll have a nice competition coming along again shortly. Well worth a punt.

  13. October 6, 2014  8:33 pm by Glenn Kavanagh Reply

    I thought them goals were never going to arrive. Fernando good lad changed the mindset of the team, great to have him back. Vk,JM & 21 all excellent, it would be nice to see James grab a couple of goals. I don't watch motd much - I did hear shearer's comments, I found them a little lopsided to be honest. Savage( who I find at times mildly amusing in a friendly puppy sort of way) comments about Joe were very odd. I don't really get that one, motd is ruined by the editing I can never really get into it. I end up watching a lot of games with the volume turned off because of the sh** commentary... Ian dark being the exception' that guy is deadly I love him doing the boxing. I watched juve v Roma a better of a game (boring seria a) 5 goals two redcards three penos (2 4 carlitos) unreal stuff - danny Higginbotham was commentating. He was pretty good, very good actually, I can't listen to carragher who's brutal as for Gary Neville he's normally pretty good, over here in Ireland the media describe him as harry potter with his sky wand. For all his expertise it didn't do england much good in Brazil. As for Roy Keane??? He's a hard b*****d, he looks like an Axe murderer. When he "walked out" on us in the world cup in 2002 in Japan the country went into meltdown, you wouldn't believe it...the place was spilt 50\50 , it still is. The most ferocious footballer I've every seen. Be good bluemooners. P.s when the 42 scored I stayed silent. I won't budge ha

    • October 6, 2014  11:27 pm by David Walker Reply

      Good stuff GK. Don't think Keano was too keen on the song the City fans sang about him and his dog! You won't alone about the goals - as we hit the 80th minute I was fearing they would never come.

  14. October 7, 2014  8:53 pm by Stuart Reed Reply

    Admittedly City were sloppy early on and there were a few loose passes, things weren't quite clicking. You could see the frustration on Aguero's face when the the pass from Yaya down the right wing didn't come off. City kept on going forward and despite the errors created so much. Thought Kolarov was excellent in the first half particularly. At 75 minutes I though uh,oh is it going to be one of those days ala Stoke at the Etihad. However this was a much better game and fair play to Villa who started very brightly.
    But, according to Shearer, City were only any good for the last 10 minutes when the 2 goals were scored? Did he not see that onslaught just before half time? Great managerial changes from MP & at the end I had this thought that the season is NOT over & Chelski have NOT won the league despite our constantly being told so. (Re: Savage by weekend he had re written him comments & always knew that Hart was going to play v Roma (If they'd listened to MP - he'd already said that Caballero was going to get a 2 game run).

    before half time? Two pieces of class from Yaya and Aguero - whose reaction to scoring was fabulous - real passion

  15. October 8, 2014  1:30 pm by ALAN BROWN Reply


    • October 9, 2014  11:17 am by David Walker Reply

      Hey Alan - GREAT TO HEAR FROM YOU - how are you doin mate? Hope you're on the mend, when are you coming back to put me in my place and to tell me to 'Stop sitting on the fence'

  16. October 9, 2014  1:35 pm by Toby Teasdale Reply


    Not read this article in full until now, a good read.

    “City are disliked/ hated by sections of the press and the all-pervading morons of Sky Sports, BT, the Beeb and last, but not least, TalkShyte.” Don’t forget the Telegraph and Indie! We are not like, or liked by, most of the rest! We are masochists, and being hated is part of the attraction of supporting City.

    The secret to a happy, successful life of paranoia is to keep careful track of your persecutors- Tyrone Hayes.

    Monday morning I flew easyJet to Copenhagen, crammed with Danish Rags wearing red Onesies. Ecstatic after his hero's had 'battered’ Everton 2-1, the bouncy specimen next to me gushed they are now favourites to win the league. He did not detect any irony when asked if De Gea had been man of the match?

    Supporters like these Snivelling Scandinavian Sycophants without we can do? However, they are the trappings of success. And who the morons referred to in your opening blast, appeal. However, I am lucky have friends in Finland who are the complete opposite. They became City fans in spite of our previous lack of success, and at root more loyal than me.

    Fully agree with your comments about Fernando, he’s like De Jong on 'Growmore'.

  17. October 10, 2014  7:35 pm by David Walker Reply

    The old Growmore - I used to use that with all my saplings & perennials - the answer used to lie in the soil.

    I've been surmising whether we'd be well advised to go for Sami Khedira in Jan - £10m apparently as out of contract next summer.

    Class player - 27 years old & with Yaya going to ACON - again - Lamps NYC bound in Feb - not before, please - we could do with long term reinforcements.

    As for those skanky Manure Scandinavians...they're going to win the league - I never knew they had such a well developed sense of humour.

  18. October 11, 2014  3:35 pm by by Reply

    Junior Kunene • posted About 2 Hours Ago Contributor I
    Let me ask this question...imagine the City owners get bored with
    their project like the Monaco owner has...what will happen to Man
    City? Who will bank roll the high wages earned their players? I mean
    it's not like their revenues will be able to keep up. Another
    Portsmouth will happen! People should stop being emotional & think
    rationally, football clubs have to be self sufficient enough to run on
    their own.

    my reply

    City is pretty self sufficient. Monaco are in a league with little
    money, in a little stadium that is always empty. City are in the
    exact opposite situation.
    But let me ask this question ... imagine the Man Utd owners get
    bored with their project like the Monaco owner has. Who pays
    Rooney's, Falcao's, Di Maria's or RVP's massive wages? What if
    the Liverpool owners get bored? What if Abramovich gets bored of
    Chelsea? What if Usmanov gets sick of paying Arsenal's massive
    payroll without any titles?
    If anything, City has been far more financially responsible than
    Man Utd, who on top of their massive debts have been throwing
    rolls of money at everything that

  19. October 14, 2014  3:49 pm by blueinc Reply

    Junior Kunene, that'll be one of them brainwashed drones Dave, you know the one's that read red issue.
    Dirty oil money..
    Arab springs..
    Empty seats..
    Just a few of the rhetoric's they spew.
    Makes being a blue all the more sweeter nowadays mate tbh.CTWD

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