City succeed in ‘derby day’ spat – Man City 1 Man Utd 0

Sizzling Sergio Aguero’s 10th goal of the season consigned the most expensive ever starting XI in Premier League history to a well deserved defeat.

Oh the sweet sweet irony that, after all the jibes and the hideous hypocrisy that spews forth from The Swamp about youth development and creating, rather than buying top class players, Louis’ Gaalactico’s came up short at the Etihad.

Sergical strike - Aguero makes the breakthrough. Courtesy@MCFC

Sergical strike – Aguero makes the breakthrough. Courtesy@MCFC

Manchester United would never seek to buy success, or so they’d try and have us believe. Such a vulgar pursuit would be for the likes of those ‘noisy neighbours’…you know, the ones who have a squad costing £341m compared to Manure’s £382m.

United are getting into bad habits as they try and panic buy their way back to the pinnacle of English football…you know, the place presently occupied by Manchester City.

Happily, City are now in the good habit of regularly beating their nearest, but far from dearest, rivals.

Scene of City success - the Sky Blues notched up their fourth successive derby win. Courtesy@MCFC

Scene of City success – the Sky Blues notched up their fourth successive derby win. Courtesy@MCFC

All this talk of habits makes me question if Rooney is going for the ‘monk look’?

Hardly surprising given that Shrek is always getting his hair off at any decision that goes against United. Is it time to revisit the transplant clinic Wayne?

As far as crowning glories go, Sergio’s solitary strike was sufficient to give Manchester City their fourth consecutive league victory over Manchester United, and their first Premier League win since they trounced Tottenham 4-1 last month.

Bald facts - Rooney always gets his hair off when losing to City. Courtesy@MCFC

Bald facts – Rooney always gets his hair off when losing to City. Courtesy@MCFC

On that occasion Sergio struck four times, an achievement he might well have emulated had it not been for the cowardice and incompetence of referee Michael Oliver.

What an abject apology of an official he is – denying City stonewall penalties, not once, twice but three times. Had City not secured maximum points there’d have been hell to pay.

Nonetheless Oliver, along with Stephen Child and Stuart Burt – clowns masquerading as ‘Assistant Referees’, all need to be demoted until they can actually do their jobs in the top flight.

Having correctly sent off United’s Chris Smalling for two bookable offences, Oliver completely bottled it when last man Marcos Rojo felled Yaya. It was a penalty and a straight red card.

Winning combination - Yaya, Gael & Sergio celebrate City's winner. Courtesy@MCFC

Winning combination – Yaya, Gael & Sergio celebrate City’s winner. Courtesy@MCFC

He also failed to punish Microphone Head Fellaini, after he scraped his studs down Aguero’s achilles. Not content with escaping punishment and a nailed on City penalty, the vile Belgian went back to the prone Argentine, stooped over and spat on him.

Disgusting Fellaini – he’s Belgian but is he Flemish – has previous in the phlegm throwing department, having gobbed on Pablo Zabaleta at Old Trafford last season during City’s 3-0 win.

Spitting image - Felon Fellaini spat at Sergio.

Spitting image – Felon Fellaini spat at Sergio.

One can only wonder what Vincent Kompany, his national team captain, thinks of his despicable and dirty countryman?

Felon Fellaini was involved in City’s third penalty claim, when first Carrick and then the Man of a Million Pubic Head Hairs, fouled Aguero in full view of Oliver.

Mindful of not upsetting his assessor – Slur Baconface Alex Ferguson was sitting in the stand – Oliver waved away the appeal, much to Aguero’s obvious astonishment.

Etihad salute - World Class Aguero. Courtesy@MCFC

Etihad salute – World Class Aguero. Courtesy@MCFC

Even Sky TV pundit’s Gary Neville and Jamie Redknapp agreed City had three valid penalty claims. Had it been BT Sport, one could only have marvelled at how Monotone Drone Owen would have fully justified Oliver’s decisions!

Maybe the referee was keen to avoid giving any penalties, irrespective of the circumstances, after being ridiculed for rewarding Stoke City’s Victor Moses’ BAFTA winning dive a couple of weeks ago.

It doesn’t work that way Mr Oliver – you were a prat then and an even bigger prat now.

Angel but no United delight - City kept the most expensive player in the most expensive team in Premier League history under wraps. Courtesy@MCFC

Angel but no United delight – City kept the most expensive player in the most expensive team in Premier League history under wraps. Courtesy@MCFC

With Fellaini, Oliver and Smalling firmly cast as the villains, it fell to City’s superstars to step up as heroes on derby day, to win the game and get the club’s campaign back on track.

It wasn’t a vintage display from Pellegrini’s men but it was far more committed than of late.

Yaya, while still looking way too languid at times showed he cared. He produced a precision pass to Gael Clichy, splitting the United defence and enabling the French full back – a last minute replacement for the injured Kolarov – to set up Aguero for the winner.

Magnifique - Clichy played well after being drafted in as a last minute replacement for injured Aleksander Kolarov. Courtesy@MCFC

Magnifique – Clichy played well after being drafted in as a last minute replacement for injured Aleksander Kolarov. Courtesy@MCFC

The Ivorian should have had a penalty and came close to icing the triumph in the dying minutes, first with a 20 yard curving shot and then a header that cleared De Gea’s bar by inches.

Jesus Navas was guilty of gift-wrapping a save to his fellow Spaniard in United’s goal, when he should have put City ahead in the first half.

Moments later Aguero forced De Gea to save at point blank range with a part of his anatomy that Louis Van Gaal was talking during his after match press conference!

Ball player - De Gea saves from Sergio in a delicate fashion. Courtesy@MCFC

Ball player – De Gea saves from Sergio in a delicate fashion. Courtesy@MCFC

For all of LVG’s swagger and arrogance his team are worse off than this time last year with wee Davey Moyes!

Louis’ secret Irish signing, the oft mentioned but thus far unseen, Phil O’Sophy might have done better than Van Persie and Di Maria, the only two Reds to force saves out of Joe Hart. One wonders when he’ll be handed his debut!

Happier times - Manure were a whole point better off at this stage last season under a certain Football Genius!

Happier times – Manure were a whole point better off at this stage last season under a certain Football Genius!

United’s derby day debutant, £30m full back Luke Shaw, was outstripped by Navas as the lightning fast Spanish winger slammed a shot against De Gea’s post.

LVG had put England international Shaw on a ‘special diet’ earlier in the season as he deemed him unfit. The ex-Southampton man has wrestled the mantle of ‘You Fat B*stard’ from Rooney in the Manure-taunting stakes.

Rooney, not quite exhausted from his constant haranguing of Oliver, did manage a turn of pace to elude Fernando and nutmeg Kompany as United sought an ill-deserved equaliser.

One in the kisser for LVG - the best striker in the Premier League. Courtesy@MCFC

One in the kisser for LVG – the best striker in the Premier League. Courtesy@MCFC

The superb Demichelis stopped him in his tracks and Shrek instinctively protested for a penalty. In his after match interview the England skipper said it wasn’t a penalty – so why the appeal Wayne?

City saw the game out with substitutes Nasri, Dzeko and Fernandinho, on as replacements for a tireless Milner, a broadly ineffective Jovetic and Aguero, clearly annoyed at coming off.

Karma was clearly evident in the dying embers of this fraught affair, as Fellaini fluffed a close range header on City’s goal, shouldering the ball out of play.

Pellegrini passion - hot Chilean Manuel enjoys the derby day win. Courtesy@MCFC

Pellegrini passion – hot Chilean Manuel enjoys the derby day win. Courtesy@MCFC

One can only imagine the headlines about United’s valiant efforts and the ‘character’ shown by the Reds, had they snatched a point. City being denied three penalties would have been reduced to mere distraction.

As disconcerting as it was that City were relieved to hear the final whistle, they had secured the win, stayed within touch of league leaders Chelsea and quelled the fanciful notion that United were coming back anytime soon.

Justice was done. 1-0 flattered a United side who, for all of their self-congratulatory rhetoric, could have been on the receiving end of another half-a-dozen City goals had Michael Oliver not been a eunuch.

What's at the end of City's rainbow? A derby win but there's still 84 points up for grabs.

What’s at the end of City’s rainbow? A derby win but there’s still 84 points up for grabs.

Manchester City are back in the ball game and, having still not hit anything like top form and with cash to splash in the January transfer window, their season is far from spent.



By David Walker @ReadButNeverRed @djwskyblu




  1. November 3, 2014  8:17 pm by ormrod Reply

    Great article. Not sure im trusting our MP as much you. His substitutions were diabolical yesterday. I still don't think he knows what he's doing

    • November 3, 2014  9:09 pm by David Walker Reply

      It's not blind faith but I'm certainly backing MP for the forseeable!

  2. November 3, 2014  8:20 pm by Doug Sharp Reply

    Though painful in anticipation of the match, and at times agonising to watch, this win was the sweetest of all. At least Sky and MOTD2 were condescending had to admit how poor Manure were. LVG'a credibility diminishes each time he opens his mouth. Another £300m in the transfer market might help them to finish a game with all 11 players on the field.

    • November 3, 2014  9:10 pm by David Walker Reply

      LVG is comedy gold - Long may King Louis reign!

  3. November 3, 2014  8:30 pm by Susan Bookbinder Reply

    Enjoyable read as ever, David; particularly liked the "most expensive" top line - caustic and to the point! Look forward to your reports going into a book perhaps so that we can settle down and remind ourselves of the highs and lows of the season with your unique punchy style, which pulls no punches!

    • November 3, 2014  10:38 pm by David Walker Reply

      My book - were it to come to fruition - would make the perfect present for need of a bloody big doorstop! Thanks as ever for reading and more so for commenting. I notice you haven't cashed any of the cheques yet? ;-) See you later in the month x

  4. November 3, 2014  8:32 pm by Fifthcolumnblue Reply

    Games like these are PRECISELY the reason why many football fans suspect more than a touch of corruption has entered the Beautiful Game. There is no excuse whatsoever for Oliver missing any of our penalties other than being bent. Scared of giving a penalty? My arse was he scared, it was clear from the time he denied the second shout that he was going to give us absolutely nothing. Bent as a nine-bob note that's been through a pipe bender, and if he ever referees another PL game then we'll know the FA care sweet F.All about their reputation or the integrity of the game.

    What Fellaini did was utterly disgusting - I hear some people, even of the Blue persuasion prepared to give him "the benefit of the doubt" over the incident, but from the video he clearly thrusts his head towards Aguero with his lips pursed - the rest is history. I am not one for wishing injury on any player, but I wouldn't miss Wiggy McSpitsalot one bit if he were to suffer an unfortunate mishap that kept him away from a football pitch for a very long time. The fact the F.All will not be charging him once again calls into question their integrity, but I guess they're so used to that sort of charge that they are adept at ignoring it. I guess the only time the FA will actually pull their head out of their arses is when Sky Sports begins showing incidents on an endless loop and demanding blood.

    All in all a very welcome win, which should have the doom and gloomers keeping their chants of "Pellegrini Out" under wraps until the next misplaced pass, but the amazing thing is that quite a few Stretfords I know are actually suggesting that the reds played well and deserved something from the game! Have to confess that one or two red chums may not speak to me for a good while after I laughed very loudly at any such nonsense!

    Would just like to mention the performance of Gael Clichy - I've not been overly impressed with his displays for a while now, but he gave an outstanding performance, totally negating the effectiveness of januszaj, Di Maria and Shaw. Hope to see a lot more of that from him this season!

    onwards and upwards, let's give CSKA a right thrashing

    • November 3, 2014  10:41 pm by David Walker Reply

      No 5 have you ever considered a blog - your comments are sometimes better than my bloody articles - just sometimes;-) Great feedback and humour - very funny observations 'Wiggy McSpitsalot' reminded me of a Scottish hairdresser. Really appreciate the following. Cheers fella.

  5. November 3, 2014  8:45 pm by susan richardson Reply

    He he cackle cackle my spell worked. They really are the gift that keeps giving and of course you as a fair and unbiased scribe are obliged to point it out. I bet your laughing as you type. Very enjoyable read. Hope MO is taken off PL list for a while. Fellaini is a disgusting individual well suited to the swamp.

    • November 3, 2014  10:45 pm by David Walker Reply

      Well if Merlin can't work his magic for a few weeks you may as well step up to the cauldron and get the job done Susan ;-) As you rightly point out UNBIASED is my middle name. The vicar was obviously p*ssed at the christening, but we all have our crosses to bear. Thanks.

  6. November 3, 2014  9:04 pm by Richard Cooper Reply

    Another good read David
    I still find it hard to believe that in a game we dominated we were 'hanging on' for the last 10 or so minutes, and that seemed to come about after the substitution of the tireless and superb Milner. Am sure MP had his reasons.
    The dreadful refereeing of Mr Oliver was well highlighted on MOTD2 - I had to watch to satisfy myself that all our penalty claims were valid, as in the heat of a game you don't always get the best view of incidents. He was a clown !
    Along with Milner, Navas, Clichy, Demichelis,Kompany, Zabaleta and to save the best until last Sergio gave performances that helped lift the gloom of the last 10 days.
    I know the Captain is allowed to talk to the referee but for heaven's sake he doesn't have to be the assistant referee. I would have thought a yellow card for persistent nonsense like that is not unreasonable.
    I always thought washing day was Monday. Apparently where we live it is Sunday afternoon - Not a red shirt to be seen anywhere around town !

    • November 3, 2014  10:52 pm by David Walker Reply

      Bang on RC - we all get a tad one-eyed in the Etihad, but when you get 15 confirmatory texts that the referee is indeed as effective as a one-legged man at an a*se kicking competition at half time you begin to feel justified in calling out that he's a 'Blinkin' Bad Sort.' Thank goodness we prevailed. Rooney is just thoroughly horrible as an opponent and, as you say, with his Captain's armband feels he has a licence to moan EVEN MORE!

      You mention washday...I have it on good authority that Fellaini's shoes are immaculate - so shiny, almost like Ray Ban Aviator Mirror sunglasses. Apparently it's all down to a good spit and polish. He does 50% and then some bloke from Warsaw adds the elbow grease.

    • November 4, 2014  11:21 am by carole Reply

      His reasons were probably to give Nasri some more minutes to up his match fitness....he's rusty atm but we need him at his best ,especially with Silva out..

      • November 4, 2014  11:26 am by David Walker Reply

        I thought - possibly incorrectly - that Jimmy was nursing his hamstring a tad and it was prudent to ensure it didn't take a turn for the worse. Your Nasri scenario is completely logical.

  7. November 3, 2014  9:14 pm by guy Burke Reply

    Thought City were not bad, but Utd were terrible and it was only Citys baffling late substitutions that presented them with a window of opportunity . Result was far more important than performance yesterday and hopefully the win can now kick start City's season. How Rooney got away with constant haranguing of Oliver was beyond belief and i think was the main reason City were not awarded at least 1 penalty. Rughead is a shadow of his former self, van mercenary but in a performance that lee Bradbury would be ashamed of and yanners eye looks more like a poor mans Adam Johnson with every passing game. United were far worse than i had anticipated and City won with something to spare despite not firing on all cylinders. Can you imagine what a field day David Silva would have had yesterday against that shower ? .... "it could have been 10 " !!!

    • November 3, 2014  10:57 pm by David Walker Reply

      They had next to nothing to show for £150m spent this summer and the most expensive ever squad and first XI in the Premier League. Funny thing is they're all getting giddy about being on the cusp of challenging for they means the Lancashire Cup? As for Merlin, if we can get 6 points out of CSKA & QPR, he'll hopefully be back for Swansea or, at the very latest, Bayern Munich. 1-0 made seven hours of travelling well worth the time and the miles.

  8. November 3, 2014  10:11 pm by Glenn Kavanagh Reply

    I was very impressed by Clichy & Fernando they played really well, great save from hart from Di maria.. Sergio was fantastic again, lovely ball to Clichy by the 42, your right about the ref" he was very very poor. Hopefully now we can step it up from now & get a decent run together, there's maybe 30% extra for us to aim for. Its great to have won four in a row' I still don't like dzeko stupid twitter comments. How old is he??? Jayus' maybe him & smalling are friends!!!! Anyway what's all this about aguero non show...popstars & arguments with rojo??????? Is it true that sheikh mansour is putting 500 million euro into redeveloping reals stadium??? Blue moon of Kentucky won't you keep on shining ;-)

    • November 3, 2014  11:01 pm by David Walker Reply

      It appears HHSM is part of a group investing £360m in redeveloping the Bernabeu because the world's biggest club are £474m in debt and can't afford to do up their own lounge and downstairs loo! FFP - my backside. Who knows, there may be some subtle strings attached so don't be surprised to see Isco, Bale and Ronaldo at City next season. Wow, it's amazing when pigs fly isn't it? Good to see Yaya showing some really classy moves and yes, Clichy did a tremendous job on the left flank. Thanks as ever GK.

  9. November 3, 2014  11:30 pm by Alan Reply

    Utds squad cost £382m? Think again my man............David de Gea £20m ,

    Rafael £3.5m,

    Luke Shaw £30m,

    Phil Jones £18m,

    Jonny Evans £0,

    Juan Mata £37.1m,

    Wayne Rooney £29m,

    Adnan Januzaj £0

    Chris Smalling £10m,

    Anders Lindegaard £3.5m,

    Javier Hernández £10m,

    Michael Carrick £18m,

    Nani £22m,

    Ashley Young £18m,

    Danny Welbeck £0

    Robin van Persie £24m,

    Ander Herrera £31m,

    Nick Powell £6.5m,

    Tom Cleverley £0,

    Darren Fletcher £0,

    Antonio Valencia £16m,

    Anderson £24m,

    Wilfried Zaha £15m,

    Guillermo Varela £2m,

    Marouane Fellaini £27.5m,
    Ángelo Henríquez £6m,
    And Di Maria £60m
    Rojo £16m
    blind £15m
    Falcao £6m
    Total £483.1m!!

    • November 4, 2014  7:40 am by David Walker Reply

      There's no greater Red hater than myself but in all fairness fella you are including players who are either out on loan, or not even at The Swamp anymore. Even I have to be balanced where that lot are concerned...sometimes ;-)

      • November 4, 2014  11:12 pm by Alan Reply

        All the players on this list are owned, bought and paid for by Man Utd except Welbeck who cost zero anyway, so the figure I have put is what they have spent on their current players. They all return and are still on their books, hence the squad costs is still £483.1m how ever you look at it.

        I also have City's squad cost at alittle more than you. I do them individually off the M.E.N, SKY or the BBC as they are much more accurate than most even though most of these players are undisclosed in reality. I do not take them from a dodgy websites such as etc as they always add a few million on players from city. I have also included the now on loan but sold Negrado as he is still a city player so acctually your is more than mine.

        Micah Richards £0
        Joe Hart £400k

        Bacary Sagna £0

        Vincent Kompany £6m

        Pablo Zabaleta £6

        Fernando £12m

        James Milner £16m plus Ireland £0m

        Samir Nasri £24m

        Edin Džeko £27m

        Aleksandar Kolarov £16m

        Scott Sinclair £6m

        Willy Caballero £3m

        Jesús Navas £14.8m

        Sergio Agüero £35m

        Frank Lampard £0m

        Eliaquim Mangala £32m

        David Silva £24m

        Gaël Clichy £7m

        Fernandinho £30m

        Martín Demichelis £3m

        Matija Nastasić £10m plus Savic £10m

        Stevan Jovetić £22m

        Bruno Zuculini £1.5m

        Dedryck Boyata £0m

        Yaya Touré £24m

        Jose Pozo £2.5m
        Alavro Negrado £16m but guaranteed sold but still added


        • November 5, 2014  10:46 am by David Walker Reply

          Thanks for your research and for quoting your 'sources' I have no beef with anything that presents City in a favourable light when set against United.

  10. November 4, 2014  10:31 am by Graham Ward Reply

    I'm one of those people who will have to hold up his hands to Fifth's point about benefit of the doubt on Fellaini - I didn't think it was deliberate, but he did have a nerve to go back to abuse Aguero after getting away with his foul. Double case of cheating, agreed he fits the rag DNA perfectly.
    He's got form, and, sooner or later, he'll get caught. Nervy last 15 minutes or so, but we deserved the win after a quiet first 20, as we created the better chances, and won it with a lovely move. It's a bit more of a worry to me the number (so far) of clear penalty calls in all games that have been denied us.

    • November 4, 2014  11:22 am by David Walker Reply

      There is room for deliberation over Fellaini's spit but I've decided based on previous - he most definitely spat at Zaba at The Swamp last season - not to give him any benefit. I would however sign off on invalidity benefit for old Bogbrush head - he is a hideous individual, all elbows, saliva and slimy deceit - I'm surprised LVG didn't warm to him sooner. Re the penalities we'd have put at least two of those away, Manure would have been crushed by half time and we would have thrashed the swines. Still, three points and keep Chelsea in sight. We move on to CSKA and another bunch of slimeballs. Thanks GW.

    • November 4, 2014  11:21 pm by Alan Reply

      I personally gave him the benefit of doubt last year when he had another supposed accident with spitting against Zabba, he did similar fouled went up to the player screaming as if they dived after smashing his forearm into his face and neck (he even said Zabbs ran into his elbow!) then spat on them. No more benefit of the doubt this time it's a clear he's a total scum bag, but to be fair he's at a team with that kind of pedigree over the years.

  11. November 4, 2014  11:28 am by carole Reply

    haha, great blog David....highly amusing and entertaining.
    Only one wee complaint...'a broadly ineffective Jovetic'..little unfair I thought. He was in there to give us a bit of creativity in Silva's absence and I thought he was lively all game & put a lot of effort in.
    That delightful lob to Yaya would have been the assist of the weekend had the big man got the penalty he deserved!

    • November 4, 2014  12:42 pm by David Walker Reply

      Just my opinion and impression from being at the game. If I had the time to watch on playback I might see things differently. Jovetic has massive potential and I just felt he was over eager, lacking composure. No questioning his effort but it needs to be channelled to better effect. Thanks for the feedback.

  12. November 4, 2014  12:13 pm by Doug Henshaw Reply

    Great read David as always & highly amusing. Totally agree the ref was as a F****** A******* & that's swearing i wouldn't of been at all surprised if he had given rugrat fat lad his non pen how can he & his assistants be so poor. The rugrat should of been booked for constantly moaning is he constantly on his monthly's ?????. The game as crying out for David Silva i think MP got it wrong in not resting him on Wednesday it could of cost us dear yesterday. I also think MP got his subs wrong he took the momentum away from us & let them back in he game but enough moaning i win is a win & Sergio took it beautifully Indecently for me Clichy was my man of the match he did a superb job all through the game. Still don't think we are fully up to speed yet but wasn't the atmosphere brilliant.

    • November 4, 2014  3:12 pm by David Walker Reply

      Rugrat and monthlys - very amusing DH! These derby wins bring out the best in all of us. You're quite right we won and that was just about all that mattered. Anything less than three points and Michael Oliver would have had to have gone into protective custody for a very very long time. I agree MP shouldn't have gone with Silva on Wednesday. Maybe the subs bench if it was all going wrong - which of course it did - but if you rest Joe, Vinnie and Sergio you rest David as he is possibly the most influential of the lot.

      Similar atmosphere of seething hatred required towards the repugnant Russians tomorrow night. Let's put one over on Putin.

  13. November 4, 2014  12:50 pm by Toby Teasdale Reply

    Message from our Finnish (Kotka) correspondent regarding Microphone Head.

    "I read as always (thank´s to you Toby!) an excellent blog from David Walker RBNR and i found very funny parable at Fellaini" and attached was a picture of 'Spit the dribbling dog'.

    As you say David, the sock sucking Felattioini has previous against Zaba in March.

    Check out this link; and notice the cur slyly looking over his shoulder as he slinks away.

    • November 4, 2014  3:19 pm by David Walker Reply

      The RBNR World Tour kicks off in Helsinki then! Cheers TT. As we now know Bogbrush Head won't face any punishment for spitting at a City player AGAIN. I pray for the day when Belgium deem him surplus to requirements and VK can half cripple the cur - great word - in training. Notwithstanding me politely declining your chauffeur service from Stockport, how about a meet at the Etihad in the not too distant future?

  14. November 5, 2014  2:22 pm by goonermichael Reply

    I enjoyed the game. The refereeing doesn't surprise me at all. Rooney asking for a penalty was funny, although I seriously thought he was going to give it. I think he bottled the penalties rather than any other reason. If that had been Webb he would have sent Hart off and given shrek a pen

    • November 5, 2014  2:59 pm by David Walker Reply

      So did I - hilarious observations - thank you.

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