It’s up to you now…Special Agent GB

Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini’s cunning plan to finally see the sky blues snare six points from age old nemesis Everton, in a single season, swung into action late last night.

The Chilean supremo launched a dramatic covert operation placing one of his key men behind enemy lines, as Special Agent GB was dropped into an unsuspecting Goodison Park.

Secret mission - Manuel Pellegrini's plan to plunder six points from Everton is underway

Secret mission – Manuel Pellegrini’s plan to plunder six points from Everton is underway

Pellegrini has craftily concealed his intentions in recent days by praising Special Agent Gareth Barry, diplomatically referring to him as an ‘important player’ when speaking to the media.

But, in the next breath the wily City boss has implied that Yaya Toure, Fernandinho, Javi Garcia and Jack Rodwell were all ahead of Special Agent Barry in terms of first team selection.

Undercover - Gareth Barry has seemingly changed his stripes...or has he?

Undercover – Gareth Barry has seemingly changed his stripes…or has he?

His strategy of leaving his deep cover asset in England, as City’s first team squad travelled to Germany and Finland in the pre-season, is now seen as a master stroke as both Everton Chairman, Bill Kenwright and new manager, Roberto Martinez ‘bought it’ and took the bait just before 23.00hrs.

Special Agent Barry bluffed and double –bluffed his way into the blue side of Liverpool, as protracted negotiations over his six-figure salary threatened the success of his mission, before it had even begun.

Now, having taken on a deeper shade of blue in his match day uniform, Special Agent Barry needs to execute Pellegrini’s plan with military precision. He must move swiftly and with dexterity to convey the Merseysider’s strategy for the forthcoming fixture in Manchester on Saturday, October 5th.

Unable to participate in the match himself due to the loan transfer conditions, Special Agent Barry may well inform his unsuspecting new paymasters that it is a 3pm kick-off, thereby giving City a 135-minute head start to rack up a monstrous goal advantage.

Or, at the very least, City can claim all three points by default, following Everton’s failure to be at the Etihad on time.

He then has almost the entire season to weave a web of deceit to ensure a City victory at Goodison Park, in the penultimate match of the Premier League season on May 3rd.

In agreeing to this daunting task, Special Agent Barry deserves the undying respect and gratitude of the entire Manchester City support.

Midfield General - Special Agent GB needs to work with military precision

Midfield General – Special Agent GB needs to work with military precision

It’s been an astonishing 33 years – longer than Special Agent Barry’s lifetime – since City last plundered maximum league points from the Evertonian enemy. A 2-0 Boxing Day win in 1980 was bolstered by a 3-1 victory at Maine Road In April 1981, in the pre-Premier League era.

The success of the mission would be a glorious pre-cursor to City lifting the PL trophy aloft on Sunday May 11th when West Ham travel to Manchester for the last game of the league campaign.

If all goes to plan City will still have two more games to play – the FA Cup Final on May 17th and the Champions League finale in Lisbon on May 24th.

Special Agent Barry would be conspicuous by his absence from both showpiece occasions but certainly not forgotten by those in the know (ITK), who will marvel at the self sacrifice and sheer professionalism of the man.

Whatever the outcome, the Manchester City ‘Family’ should always remember his valiant role working tirelessly – often unnoticed – in City’s rise to prominence.

On behalf of all City fans, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you – Special Agent Barry – our very own one-man Team GB – for your invaluable contribution to the upward trajectory of the Blue Moon…over and out!



David Walker



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