Move the bus along – Champions coming through! MAN CITY v WEST HAM

According to Sam Allardyce he’ll be doing the whole country a favour if his West Ham side beat Manchester City and pave the way for a Liverpool title triumph.

The bus parking consultant from Dudley believes every neutral fan wants the Merseysiders as champions and, on a personal level, Fat Sam wants  ‘Stevie Geeeeeeeeeeee’ with a Premier League winner’s medal around his neck come Sunday evening because ‘he deserves it.’

Title recognition - Manuel Pellegrini and his team are 90 minutes from title glory.Courtesy @MCFC

Title recognition – Manuel Pellegrini and his team are 90 minutes from title glory.Courtesy @MCFC

Will somebody please pass the sick bag.

For so many years a sycophant of Sir Alex Ferguson, one wonders if sour Sam sought Baconface’s sanction for his Scouse-endorsing sentiments?

The man even the West Ham fans love to hate, is as subtle as a flying mallet in a Ming Vase Museum, but the only things getting smashed this weekend is the Hammers’ net, the PL goals record and a fair few thousand City fans as they celebrate a second title in three years.

Don’t call it arrogance, put it down to confidence…attribute it to the belief that City of old are no more.

#TOGETHER -  FIGHT TO THE END - enough said! Courtesy @MCFC

#TOGETHER – FIGHT TO THE END – enough said! Courtesy @MCFC

City no longer specialise in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, not with a world-class spine of Vincent Kompany, Yaya Toure, David Silva and Sergio Aguero.

Staggeringly, City’s backbone of the Belgian Boulder, the Ivorian Colossus, Merlin and Kun have only played as a quartet for 216 PL minutes all season.

Aguero has missed 15 PL games, Silva 11 and Kompany 10. It reflects well on a squad that has suffered more than its fair share of injuries, that City are odds on favourites in the face of such prolonged adversity.

AGUERRRRRROOO - Can City land their 2nd title in three years? Courtesy @MCFC

AGUERRRRRROOO – Can City land their 2nd title in three years? Courtesy @MCFC

The only comparable loss from when City last lifted the title in 2011/12 was Carlos Tevez, and that stemmed from Bavarian splinters in his backside, before he eventually returned to the fold after that infamous night in Munich.

Above all else, City fans are eventually – and not before bloody time – trusting the man – the gentleman – who has engineered a season that will be the most successful in the club’s history.

Manuel Pellegrini will join an elite band of foreign managers to win the Premier League in their first full season in charge, if his team avoids defeat at the Etihad in their last game today.

You're unbelievable - Yaya is arguably City's greatest ever player. Courtesy @MCFC

You’re unbelievable – Yaya is arguably City’s greatest ever player. Courtesy @MCFC

Only Arsene Wenger, Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti have that distinction. Pellegrini would be a fitting addition to an exclusive club.

City fans who felt a sense of loyalty to Roberto Mancini were undecided about Pellegrini when he was appointed. The media fuelled the debate by constantly referencing the fact that the 60-year old Chilean had not won a major honour during his time in Europe.

In five years at Villarreal – the country cousins of Valencia and with no real history of success – Pellegrini transformed them into one of La Liga’s leading lights. He broke the monopoly of Barcelona and Real Madrid at the top of the table taking runners-up spot in 2008.

#TrustOurMP - Courtesy @MCFC

#TrustOurMP – Courtesy @MCFC

He took Villarreal to the semi finals of the CL in 2006 and, when handed the poisoned chalice of the manager’s job at Real Madrid, amassed the club’s biggest ever points haul of 96 – just three behind the all conquering Barcelona at the peak of their powers.

He was subsequently sacked from the Santiago Bernabeu, before going onto prosper with Malaga, taking them to within two minutes and two ‘illegal’ Borussia Dortmund goals of the Champions League semi-final in 2013

Lest we forget he had already chalked up a myriad of successes in his native South America winning a trio of league titles, one in Ecuador and two in Argentina with San Lorenzo and River Plate, along with numerous domestic cup successes and the Copa Mercosur – the equivalent of the Europa League.   

Hero & Legend - Has any City player ever evoked more 'love' among the fans than Zaba? Courtesy @MCFC

Hero & Legend – Has any City player ever evoked more ‘love’ among the fans than Zaba? Courtesy @MCFC

It will be a vindication of Ferran Soriano and Txiki Begiristain’s judgement, along with Pellegrini’s managerial skills, if City keep hold of the top spot after 38 games.

Having lost four of their opening 11 PL games by early November, the knives were out for the new man. A run of 20 games undefeated, gradually built up his stock in the eyes of the City support, albeit Wenger, Mourinho and Rodgers – the new darling of the media – were getting the rave press reviews.

Throughout the dreadfully repetitious references about ‘the money’ and the ludicrous laments about the size of City’s squad (25 – just the same as every other club) Pellegrini and City have been denied the credit due to them.

Merlin - David Silva has been simply sensational all season long. Courtesy @MCFC

Merlin – David Silva has been simply sensational all season long. Courtesy @MCFC

This is a team that has scored 154 goals, delighted the neutrals who Allardyce claims can’t wait to see City fail and, at times terrorised their opponents with fabulous attacking flair – just ask Arsenal, Spurs, Manchester United, Fulham, Norwich and West Ham all of whom have been taken down by City, with a combined score of 52-9.

Perceived wisdom says the team that wins the PL does so on merit, irrespective of a season packed with dodgy offsides, penalty claims, fluke goals, inept officiating, red cards and injuries.

And yet, there are those around who are saying that City will have won the PL by ‘default’ because Liverpool and Chelsea handed the initiative back to the Etihad outfit.

Fighter - Demi has won over the City faithful. Courtesy @MCFC

Fighter – Demi has won over the City faithful. Courtesy @MCFC

It’s easier to curse the bad luck of a Steven Gerrard slip, a Liverpudlian collapse at Crystal Palace or Chelsea suffering the effects of a prolonged run in the Champions League, than to recognise the quality and staying power of City.

In the past 10 days the Liverpool infested TV and radio pundit gallery has taken a decidedly lower profile. Hansen was missing from MOTD – Muppets of the Decade – when Pool started floundering in the white water rapids of the PL finishing straights.

Team Spirit - Courtesy @MCFC

Team Spirit – Courtesy @MCFC

Didi Hamann’s howler in the wake of Liverpool conceding three goals in 11 minutes at Palace had to be heard to be believed. In paraphrasing the ex-Pool and City midfielder said ‘If Liverpool had won 7-0 at Palace they would have been in with a great shout for the title on the final day of the season…’

Isn’t that a bit like saying the maiden voyage of the Titanic would have been a lot smoother if it hadn’t hit a certain iceberg? And they call it expert analysis!

The only way City will ever get anything even remotely like a ‘fair press’ is to carry on winning until those who wish to carry on sniping lose credibility in the eyes and ears of viewers, readers and listeners.

Captain Fantastic - Kompany must drive his men on to the title. Courtesy @MCFC

Captain Fantastic – Kompany must drive his men on to the title. Courtesy @MCFC

On this issue, credit must go to Michael Owen on BT Sports, having achieved the alienation of a football watching nation in less than a season. Well done Michael.

But enough of the bigotry and irrational hatred of the beloved sky blues of Manchester.

City are well aware of their massive good fortune in having Sheikh Mansour as owner and all the subsequent benefits that have ensued in the past six years.

It's a celebration - City need to continue their winning ways and then the party can really begin. Courtesy @MCFC

It’s a celebration – City need to continue their winning ways and then the party can really begin. Courtesy @MCFC

Jealousy abounds, but in their heart of hearts, every club on the planet knows that they would have done exactly the same as City, had they been in City’s boots.

When Vincent Kompany lifts the blue and white bedecked Premier League trophy up to the Manchester skyline this afternoon, it will be Blue Moon joy and happiness that will eclipse the dark and ugly emotions harboured by City’s detractors.

As one smart-arse MCFC blogger stated as long ago as  August 11th 2013, #TrustOurMP – 10 months on it looks like sound advice


By David Walker



 Last Day Dedication


Lifelong blue and father-of-five Paul Glennon is all set to see what will be his last Manchester City match at the Etihad – a game that will live long in the memory of his family after he has gone.

Paul has fought, and continues to fight, what will ultimately be a losing battle against a crippling condition, a chronic disease he feared would prevent him seeing City crowned as Premier League Champions for a second time.

For his sake and the sanity of all Manchester City fans – COME ON CITY!




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Blast from the past – City’s Swedish beauty.

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  1. May 11, 2014  12:39 am by Simon Dear Reply

    I Pray you a right David .. Big day ahead , I hope we take this one in our stride and with some flair , think that would finally see the 'typical' word buried for ever . Thanks again have a great day Blues !

    • May 11, 2014  12:49 am by David Walker Reply

      The 'T' word is already banished from my vocabulary. ;-) CTWD

  2. May 11, 2014  12:57 am by Ann Marie Reply

    You've said all along this season #trustourMP & you've been spot on. I recall several numpties calling for his head after the Sunderland game. My hope for tomorrow is 3 comfortable points & Hanson choking on his words on MOTD. It is totally in our hands and we need to play our part in this, we really need to raise the roof off the Etihad!!! Come on blues!!!

    • May 11, 2014  1:00 am by David Walker Reply

      Indeed let's sing, shout and encourage and let's do it LOUD, so loud that the roof comes off the South Stand to expedite work on the new extension. ;-) x

  3. May 11, 2014  1:34 am by Philtheiron Reply

    I am a bit embarrassed about BS comments actually! It is disrespectful to citeh and totally uncalled for! As a west ham fan I have a lot of respect for citeh and no not grudge them their new found wealth or the sensible way it has been used to build the club from the ground up. If when we make our move to the OS we can enjoy even a fraction of your success I'll be a happy hammer! As for Sunday as usual I'll be hoping for the best but fearing the worst! Love it to finish 2-2! But whatever happens I would like to wish man city all the best and think they would make worthy champions! COYI!

    • June 4, 2014  7:52 am by David Walker Reply

      Thanks Phil. The West Ham support has always been, and will doubtless continue to be, superb through good and bad, happy and sad - just like City's over the years. Your comments make for refreshing reading at a time when so many opposition fans seek to deride City's success of recent seasons, whilst conveniently ignoring the decades of chronic under achievement and downright misery endured by City's fans.

      Hammers/Irons fans deserve success and here's wishing you and your team all the best with your switch to pastures new, albeit tinged with some sadness that Upton Park - I always call it that - will fade and die, in similar fashion to Maine Road.

  4. May 11, 2014  3:36 am by GeorgeInIsrael Reply

    Great read, as always.

    I'm going to tempt fate and ask you a question (anyvbody else reading this should also feel free to answer). 89th minute and City are winning 3-0 and we have one susbtitution left. What substitution would you make so that both players get the ovation they deserve? I can't decide between Zabaleta/Richards or Demichelis/Lescott.

    • May 11, 2014  6:13 am by David Walker Reply

      Micah for Zaba - as I see it because unlike Lescott, I don't believe Richards is eligible for a PL medal whereas Lescott will be. On that basis let Micah have that moment before leaving for pastures new.

  5. May 11, 2014  6:14 am by Ian Reply

    Uplifting start to the day, so desperate to see the boys finish the job & stick it up the media. Not that we should need it but the words of the loathsome Alardyce should lift things even more. Every single Blue deserves this title, spare a thought for Chappy who retires today, it would be a great way for him to call time on his career, looking forward to seeing his role on City TV.

    • May 11, 2014  6:28 am by David Walker Reply

      So much riding on today - yes let's give Les a big send-off as kit manager & let's give Paul Glennon a day to savour - unlike the majority of us he's highly unlikely to see City crowned Champions again.

  6. May 11, 2014  7:05 am by Susan richardson Reply

    Excellent as always. I am so glad that City have done their talking on the pitch. No infighting or scandals for the press to relish. The hypocrisy of some especially of those who have had 30m+ pa for at least a decade pontificating about FFP beggars belief.
    I have everything crossed and will be very loud and proud today.
    So glad Paul Glennon is able to be there today I am hoping that my dear friend Phil Delaney who has very advanced Prostate Cancer is well enough to attend to savour and relish the day.

    • May 11, 2014  7:24 am by David Walker Reply

      Thoughts & wishes with Phil & you as well! COME ON CITY x

  7. May 11, 2014  7:13 am by Eileen Fullen Reply

    Although nervous excited everything rolled into one I am looking forward to the game.we have a wonderful squad thanks to our owners (hopefully they take UEFA on) and trust our Boys will do the job. Hopefully bitter big fat Sam gets his just desserts. It will be an emotional day for us all especially Mr P Glennon who I hope gets the result we all desire. A WIN
    Thanks for another brilliant read

    • May 11, 2014  7:26 am by David Walker Reply

      Sam will be even fatter if he has his desserts - maybe he'll go pop along with Liverpool's title ambitions?

  8. May 11, 2014  7:51 am by Pete Lynch Reply

    Watching the game nervously from my local tapas bar in Benalmadena (long story). The locals love MP as much as we do and also the Lamborgini song! Praying that by the time im back in english soil we are champions again!

    • May 11, 2014  8:22 am by David Walker Reply

      Pop the sangria down your neck & let's hope we're celebrating tonight

  9. May 11, 2014  8:26 am by Graham Ward Reply

    Well, it's a lovely Manchester day at the moment....not! Throwing it down.
    Today's the day another hopefully glorious chapter is written in our long and proud history.
    Trust the players to produce the same type of display as Wednesday. We'll be right. Come on City!

    • May 11, 2014  8:44 am by David Walker Reply

      Raining outside but sunshine in our hearts

  10. May 11, 2014  8:53 am by Mark Turner Reply

    Wonderful article as always David with some beautifully artuclated venom expressed towards the plethora of ex LFC pundits. I still can't forget Jamie Redknaps response a few weeks back to the question "Can City win the league?" He replied. "They can, but they won't" and it'll be good to him choke on this view later as the bunch them feel oh so sorry for Bambi. Our MP has been a wonderful strategist, leader and ambassador for the club and he above all others deserves the accolades later. COME ON CITY!

    • May 11, 2014  10:53 am by David Walker Reply

      It's bleedin Brenda who winds me up. What a sack of shyte he spews forth in every interview and always, ALWAYS, chuntering about City's money. He's a twat - at least Mourinho is a twat with a decent CV!

  11. May 11, 2014  9:13 am by guy Burke Reply

    Fat sam eh ? To think some people with influence at City (buzzer for one , not his finest hour!) wanted him as manager instead of even !! Pravda has nothing on our media and the hatchet job they do on City, the biggest two fingers to the lot of them is for Vinny to lift that trophy today , bitter Brenda at it again today , according to this weekends tabloids he may have been better off keeping it in his pants than winging about City and spending which is actually only about 20% more than Liverpool in recent years?

    • May 11, 2014  10:57 am by David Walker Reply

      Our only weapon is our football and if that does our talking then the rest of the world can go to hell!

  12. May 11, 2014  9:16 am by lghualways Reply

    Great read dave as usual. The 52-9 stat has calmed nerves so thanks for that. I hope Paul enjoys the game and just want to send all positivity to him and his family

    • May 11, 2014  10:59 am by David Walker Reply

      That's my prediction for today 52-9 ;-)

  13. May 11, 2014  9:18 am by guy Burke Reply

    Sorry..spelling mistake, should have read SVEN not even!!! Easy mistake to make i suppose, most City managers have been distinctly Uneven ?

    • May 11, 2014  11:02 am by David Walker Reply

      Unhinged, unbalanced - same sort of thing! ;-)

  14. May 11, 2014  9:23 am by guy Burke Reply

    On a serious note, that message about Paul . Brings a lump to the throat . It is fact that all clubs have some fantastic fans (i was at Altrincham yesterday and their fans were magnificent) but people like him are our family and like all families we laugh and cry together!! All the best to everyone connected with City today

    • May 11, 2014  10:45 am by David Walker Reply

      Thanks Guy - Paul will read this and I'm sure he'll appreciate your good wishes.

  15. May 11, 2014  9:56 am by John O'Sullivan Reply

    I am an Irish Hammers fan who has a soft spot for City particularly it's Citizens due to your unwavering support for your club through thick and thin and as a result you thankfully lack the arrogance of other top club supporters. I wish you well today and hope you do get to see your players lift the Cup today.

  16. May 11, 2014  11:13 am by John Evans TT Reply

    MP’s job today is to organise the team, and he will.

    Our job is to get behind them for the entire 90 minutes!

    • May 11, 2014  12:07 pm by David Walker Reply

      I can manage that ;-)

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