Nou not blue – BARCELONA 2 MAN CITY 1

A ¼ is not a ‘vulgar’ fraction in arithmetic terms, but it will be decidedly ‘distasteful’ if it represents the sum total of Manchester City’s success by the end of the season.

In the space of  82 hours, City have seen 50% of their targeted trophy haul wiped out by Wigan and Barcelona – can you imagine a stranger juxtaposition than the pie eaters of the North West and European football royalty?

Nou way - City couldn't eclipse Barcelona  Courtesy @MCFC

Nou way – City couldn’t eclipse Barcelona Courtesy @MCFC

The shock FA Cup exit was in stark contrast with the anticipated departure from the UCL, following the unjust and undeserved 2-0 reversal at the Etihad, three weeks ago.

Nonetheless, City could still exit the ageing, but still visually impressive, expanse of the Nou Camp with heads held high.

With the odds already stacked against them, City were further handicapped when Sergio Aguero was once again cursed with a hamstring problem. It had hindered him from the 10th minute.

Team mates - Messi & Aguero the Argentine strike force  Courtesy @MCFC

Team mates – Messi & Aguero the Argentine strike force Courtesy @MCFC

His Argentine team mate, Zaba The Lionheart was sent off 67 minutes later, after protesting to French official Stephan Lannoy, about a proverbial ‘stonewall’ penalty.

After the turnip of a Swede referee in the 1st Leg in Manchester, City were having to cope with the gross inadequacies of yet another incompetent ‘yellow peril’ ref who more than lived up to his name – annoying hardly came close – but Le Blithering Bleeding Buffoon, is not a common name in France.

Annoying idiot - French referee Lannoy sent Zaba off.  Courtesy @MCFC

Annoying idiot – French referee Lannoy sent Zaba off. Courtesy @MCFC

To be fair ‘Msr Irritation’ did the hosts a disservice, by disallowing what appeared to be a legitimate goal by Neymar in the 18th minute.

Prior to that, Lescott could easily have been adjudged to have fouled Messi, not once but twice, and conceded a penalty into the bargain. Nothing was awarded and the stalemate was preserved.

Nonetheless, the clueless Lannoy seemed to be booking City players for anything and everything, while Barcelona committed the same kind of fouls with impunity.

The Champions League is playing a dangerous game by employing these inadequate officials, regardless of their origins. Many seem on a mission to sanitise the UCL into a non-contact sport.

Le Idiot - Lannoy, the French referee, was an officious buffoon. Courtesy @MCFC

Le Idiot – Lannoy, the French referee, was an officious buffoon. Courtesy @MCFC

It’s ironic that even as English representatives, City are stacked out with foreign players, and yet, still they play a more robust style than their continental counterparts.

It’s a shame that Lannoy’s, officious approach stopped the flow of the game, and ultimately disabled any chance of a late City rally to level the tie or at least, claim victory on the night.

Going into the game there was a genuine feeling of optimism from City’s massed travelling support in the bars and restaurants in and around the buzzing Las Ramblas strip.

If you were paid a euro for every time the phrase ‘If we can just get an early goal…’ was uttered, it wouldn’t have taken long to muster a deposit for a swanky apartment overlooking Port De Barcelona. Sadly it never came.

It’s a cliché but it’s equally true, when chances come at the highest level of European football they have to be put away. City created sufficient openings but didn’t execute when most needed.

Zaba Daba Didn't - Pablo missed a 2nd half chance to give City the lead.  Courtesy @MCFC

Zaba Daba Didn’t – Pablo missed a 2nd half chance to give City the lead. Courtesy @MCFC

Nasri, Dzeko and Zabaleta all had better than average opportunities, to not only give City a lead, but to actually square the aggregate score.

With Manuel Pellegrini banished to the stand for expressing his opinion that Jonas Eriksson was ‘…biased towards Barcelona’ at the Etihad, it was the expression-less Ruben Cousillas occupying City’s technical area.

City opted to play Sergio Aguero as the lone striker supported by a swarming midfield comprising Yaya Toure, David Silva, Samir Nasri, James Milner and Fernandinho.

Lessons had been learned, City would not be giving Barca the space to play tikky-takky football and effectively surrendering the vital midfield territory.

Suited & Booted - Ruben Cousillas took to the technical area with Pellegrini banned. Courtesy @MCFC

Suited & Booted – Ruben Cousillas took to the technical area with Pellegrini banned. Courtesy @MCFC

Pellegrini undoubtedly had the right approach. It was a failure by the players to capitalise when Barcelona were vulnerable.

Of course, there’s always some smart-arse who knows better than the manager, regrettably they’re usually sat behind me!

Some ‘lamented’ to put it mildly, that The Beast was to remain caged at the kick-off and some said Dzeko should start.  Some derided Pellegrini or Cousillas (you decide) for Aguero’s non-appearance in the 2nd half, believing it to be tactical, despite advice from texts that it was that bloody hamstring playing up again!

Midfield minefield - Milner added some bite to City's play. Courtesy @MCFC

Midfield minefield – Milner added some bite to City’s play. Courtesy @MCFC

The media in both Spain and England were eager to pour no little derision on City, despite what many neutral observers viewed as a valiant effort.

With very little to lose, City took the game to Barcelona for sustained periods in the second half, having played more on the counter in the initial 45 minutes.

Messi was much more on his game and was giving both Lescott and Kompany palpations from time to time.

Messi night - Kompany found Lionel more of a challenge in the 2nd Leg. Courtesy @MCFC

Messi night – Kompany found Lionel more of a challenge in the 2nd Leg. Courtesy @MCFC

The departing Englishman, in particular, was destined to look uncomfortable against the mesmerising Argentine, but in truth Joleon delivered a decent showing in the face of adversity and the presence of genius.

But that didn’t stop him being the fall guy for Barca’s opener when, stumbling, he inadvertently knocked the ball into Messi’s path. The rest is history as Lionel (who would undoubtedly look splendid in sky blue) dinked the ball past a beaten Joe Hart.

Brave Hart - Joe pulled off some super saves, surely now Pellegrini trusts his keeper?  Courtesy @MCFC

Brave Hart – Joe pulled off some super saves, surely now Pellegrini trusts his keeper? Courtesy @MCFC

It had taken almost 70 minutes for the ‘passionate’ Catalonians to spring into voice and wave their freebie flags around the five-tiered ‘Catherdal’ of the beautiful game.

The City optimists – possibly aided by Spanish beer – said it made no difference as City were always going to have to score three on the night. They still believed that the Nou could be turned blue in the remaining half hour.

The first, could and should have come when Dzeko was felled by Pique – a DRY stone wall penalty to everyone in the Nou Camp, apart from the French Annoyance.

Great Escape - Pique felled Dzeko...& got away with it. Courtesy @MCFC

Great Escape – Pique felled Dzeko…& got away with it. Courtesy @MCFC

Exasperated – and with every justification – City protested, but the galling Gaul fuelled even greater consternation by dismissing Zabaleta.

Mission Improbable had been upgraded to Mission Impossible.

Displaying the fortitude that is going to be required to claim the title of Champions of England, City went after Barca and delighted the vociferous away support, one that had been so vocal in various parts of the City since Monday afternoon.

Silva service - Spanish Dave fought well against the Catalonians.  Courtesy @MCFC

Silva service – Spanish Dave fought well against the Catalonians. Courtesy @MCFC

The sky blue fans could never have been so close to the heavens (the 5th tier) when asking for divine intervention, and they delighted in Kompany’s 89th minute equaliser from close range, courtesy of Dzeko’s headed assist.

It would have been a fitting and well deserved draw on the night and at least a moral victory, one that wouldn’t damage Barcelona but would irritate their overly smug support.

Sadly it was another irritation – a prickly Brazilian – who massaged the aggregate score into a 4-1 misrepresentation, with Dani Alves scoring a last ditch winner for Catalonia’s favourite sons.

City had been edged by a club which knows its way around the Champions League and all its labrynths, some of them very dark and dank with an accompanying stench…something kicking up a stink and not quite right.

Vanquished - Captain Kompany know's he'll be back & City WILL win.  Courtesy @MCFC

Vanquished – Captain Kompany know’s he’ll be back & City WILL win. Courtesy @MCFC

In truth and with hindsight, the Champions League was always going to be a trophy too far this season – unlike the FA Cup.

Pellegrini – has my unswerving support – but by putting so many eggs in the UCL basket, he clucked up a Wembley semi final with Arsenal and a prospective domestic cup double.

Never do things by halves is a good life mantra, unless it means landing ½ of your trophy targets. Pellegrini now has a dozen ‘cup finals’ to win to be able to proclaim himself and his team as ‘Champions’ of England.


By David Walker




I had hoped that this edition of Read But Never Red would be a joyous celebration of a truly historic victory, one that could be dedicated to a very special woman who was the embodiment of life… vibrant, loving and passionate.

Susan Margaret Walker – my wonderful sister – passed aged just 21 years on March 14 – she was the best sister any man, woman or child could ever have wished for…and I miss her so much. She coped with adversity in her life as City have done so throughout their history.

Here’s hoping Sky Blue Heaven is coming our way…in more ways than one.


  1. March 15, 2014  12:29 am by John Evans TT Reply

    Hope you had a good time and not unduly delayed by fog.

    What an Induction to European football, Bayern, Naples, Dortmund, Real Madrid, Bayern again, Barcelona. Can't complain about the quality of the opposition although you might wonder why Munich keep popping up? Particularly as Uli Hoeness might be spending 5 years in the modern equivalent to Spandau (or should that be Spandex?). We are definitely improving and this certainly the best of the three campaigns

    Bruce Willis had 12 monkeys to deal with 'OurMP' now has only one. It will be interesting to see what sort of a fist he makes of it?

    I am not a doom and gloom merchant, except............... the pony tailed De Michaos is available again and he will be well rested!!

    • March 15, 2014  1:08 am by David Walker Reply

      Those who have won the UCL have normally been in it for minimum of 5 years, our time will come 2016-2017 etc.

  2. March 15, 2014  1:27 am by Simon Dear Reply

    Back to the EPL for me , no excuses , no resting players , no looking at the next fixture before the one being played is done , no wishing we had played our best 11 playing , no wishing we had a rest , no wishing we had another pay day before the next match !, and no wishing we had a CB partner for Vinny ( ok maybe that's going too far ) .... But certainly and unequivocally ... NO FEAR . 12 wins and we are Champions!! Lets stick it too them .
    We might no be the best in Europe ... 3 / 4 players short for me ... But we are the best team in EPL .. Without question .
    Andy Gray summed it up tonight perfectly .... Do they have the characters to go & win the league .. By god they do ... Zabbers, Kompany, Yaya,Ferna, Negredo, Nasri , Silva ... Born winners !! Take a bow son .

    • March 15, 2014  1:41 am by David Walker Reply

      Nicely put Simon. 12 wins - a dirty dozen - & we're done!

  3. March 15, 2014  1:32 am by Simon Dear Reply

    ps . Never a day goes by when we don't miss our loved ones., we keep going for them ,for their memory , for one day we will be someone else's . RIP

    • March 15, 2014  1:41 am by David Walker Reply

      A sobering prospect!

  4. March 15, 2014  7:40 am by Pete Lynch Reply

    Masterful piece David, like a Vinny Kompany performance and a beautiful tribute. Thoughts with you and your family.

    • March 15, 2014  9:33 am by David Walker Reply

      Thanks Pete, much appreciated.

  5. March 15, 2014  11:03 am by Graham Ward Reply

    A great and worthy effort on the night that wasn't rewarded by the final scoreline. I thought we deserved a draw.
    At this level of European football, we should be seeing the best referees, something that certainly doesn't happen.

  6. March 15, 2014  11:30 am by guy Burke Reply

    Sorry for your loss mate . Very sad news . Got back last night from Barcelona, great trip and not really spoilt by defeat
    hope i am wrong but do not really feel we are firing on all cylinders and can see City struggling to catch Chelsea now. 3 trophies in 3 years is far from disastrous though , a 4th would be a magnificent achievement.

    • March 15, 2014  3:14 pm by David Walker Reply

      Destiny is in our own hands - we can do this!

      And thankyou.

  7. March 15, 2014  11:40 am by DOUG HENSHAW Reply

    Great piece David & so true we came so close to causing an upset but for me we lost it in the first leg when MP got it wrong. I'm a bit disillusioned with the manger at the moment he sacrificed the Fa Cup in the hope of C/L glory.
    Once again David so sorry to hear about your about you lovely sister Dave losing a loved one is hard. Heaven has gained a beautiful angel.

    • March 15, 2014  3:15 pm by David Walker Reply

      Thanks Doug.
      Yes MP screwed up in the FA Cup but if we can add the PL to the FLC it will be THE most successful single season in MCFC history.

  8. March 15, 2014  11:56 am by John Evans TT Reply

    So sorry for your desperate news David. Cherish the good memories, time will heal.

  9. March 16, 2014  10:13 pm by The21lvafox Reply

    Sorry to hear that sad news David. Hope you ok. Always love what you write.

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