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‘F’ in Manchester! – Man City 0 Stoke City 1

A certain ‘F’ word was prominent in the vocabulary ringing around the Etihad Stadium less than 48 hours ago. The Champions of England had huffed and puffed but failed to penetrate a wall of well marshalled red and white stripes, succumbing to a shock home defeat to Mark Hughes’ Stoke City. Another ‘F’ word was on the lips of Manchester City fans as it appeared that Colombia’s finest, high grade export would have […]

City’s domestic dilemma

Manchester City’s defence of their second Premier League title in three years is hampered by two great lengths of red tape – the dubious Financial Fair Play regulations and the eminently more laudable ruling on ‘home-grown’ players. The hypocrisy, corrupt practices and self serving sentiments of FFP have been well documented, as has the fact that if City are to comply with their FFP punishment, their net transfer spending is […]

Rotation rotation rotation - MAN CITY v WATFORD

Goal gluttons Manchester City have sent most of their opponents into a spin this season as Manuel Pellegrini’s astute rotation policy has provided a resilient and resourceful platform for the club’s record-breaking run. With the games and goals ratio in almost perfect synch – matches every three days and approximately three goals per outing – City remain in the trophy hunt on four fronts. Pellegrini’s deft handling of key players, […]

Mr Whippy eat your heart out - MAN CITY 5 BLACKBURN ROVERS 0

 A  ‘99 Special’ from Pellegrini’s may sound like a delicious treat from an exotic ice cream parlour, but when it comes to creating mouth-watering delight’s Manuel is superior to Mr Whippy, Mr Creamy or any other genius gelato-maker. The only thing missing from a Manuel-made 99 is anything remotely flaky – his Manchester City side are decidedly solid as they continue to give all-comers a damn good licking! While City […]

Pathetic Pardew loses more than points - NEWCASTLE UTD 0 MAN CITY 2

Newcastle United lost more than just three points when they went down to a ninth consecutive Premier League loss to Manchester City. They lost the respect and empathy of Manchester City fans thanks to their foul-mouthed low life of a manager, the dirty play of their team and the scurrilous cat-calls of their fans, directed at a stricken Samir Nasri. Admittedly the Barcode followers probably don’t give a flying ‘wotsit’, but […]

Oysters & jellied eels - MAN CITY 6 WEST HAM UTD 0

When it comes bus parking, Sam Allardyce has ‘L’ plates as big as the mountain his hapless Hammers have to climb in the second leg of the Capital One Cup semi final. Big Sam’s West Ham masterplan was to frustrate City’s goal gluttons with a resolute rearguard action, putting the brakes on Manuel Pellegrini’s push for silverware so early in his Etihad reign. It worked like a dream for all […]

‘Disaster’ as City only draw - BLACKBURN ROVERS 1 MAN CITY 1

First rule of writing – don’t do bland – nobody wants to read ‘beige’ – so at the risk of being a tad ‘colourful’ and offending some of my fellow Blues, here we go with reflections on a less than satisfactory sortie to Blackburn. Manchester City haven’t lost a match since a particularly dim Sunday in Sunderland on November 10 – that’s 13 matches and 11 wins ago. Only two […]


It wasn’t so much jingle bells more like jangling nerves as Manchester City edged table toppers Liverpool 2-1 in a ding-dong feast of festive football fayre. And in keeping with the seasonal sentiment of peace and goodwill, Liverpool keeper Simon Mignolet must have mixed up his Christian festivals big time, presenting  victory to City on ‘Palm Thursday’. The Belgian flapped an insipid right hand at Alvaro Negredo’s 45th minute shot […]

City soar as Swan’s hopes dive - MAN CITY 3 SWANSEA 0

How many more teams will find themselves shot down by Manchester City in what is rapidly becoming the Etihad execution chamber? The fate of any opponents who stray into the air space and consequent crosshairs of the sharp-shooting Mancunians is virtually guaranteed – they’re dead ducks. First came a murder of magpies, followed by an opera of canaries and now a squadron of swans, all mercilessly culled and dispatched for […]

City need to shine bright - SUNDERLAND v MAN CITY

Manchester City’s shining renaissance of recent years has been bedevilled by one constant source of darkness emanating from the Stadium of Light. Despite a meteoric restoration to the elite ranks of English football, comprising a trio of top three finishes – including a Premier League title – City persist in being dim when it comes to their stand-out bogey fixture – Sunderland away. Roberto Mancini fashioned City into FA Cup […]