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3 is City's magic number - MAN UTD 0 MAN CITY 3

He declined the invitation – he had no desire to acknowledge the fans. Anyway, his hands were pre-occupied with his face buried deep within. Nonetheless the chorus boomed out unabated: ‘Moysey, Moysey give us a wave, Moysey give us a wave…’ as the bank of 3,000 visiting fans gave it LARGE to ‘The Chosen One’. It was bad enough seeing the last vestiges of fight and pride dissipate from his […]

City to chip away Chelsea’s advantage - MAN UTD v MAN CITY

If you’re an optimist having ‘games in hand’ is as good as having I.O.U notes – it’s only a matter of time before you call them in – money in the bank so to speak or, more appropriately, points in the bag. With a three game ‘advantage’ on Chelsea and having played two games less than Liverpool and Arsenal, it’s time for Manchester City to start ‘cashing in their chips’ […]

MAN CITY 4 MAN UTD 1 - Annihilation, humiliation & devastation - welcome to the Etihad!

Delicious derby day delirium was delivered with devastating destruction as the Etihad paid perverse homage to the Red Devil’s new Squadron Leader David Moyes. A 4-1 annihilation of his reviled reds guaranteed a reception way beyond any 4G phone provider as good old ‘3G’ was consumed in a cacophony of irony with the City fans chorusing ‘There’s only one David Moyes, one David Moyes…” well before the final whistle. As Manuel […]

MAN CITY v MAN UTD - It's the derby...Pellegrini and Moyes - thoroughbred or donkey?

So it’s here – derby day – but which of Manuel Pellegrini and David Moyes will emerge as the thoroughbred and which the donkey, when Manchester has its first novice handicap for 66 years? Ok, novice isn’t quite appropriate given the vast experience accrued by Messrs Moyes and Pellegrini in top flight football, be it in England, Spain, Argentina, Chile and, would you believe Ecuador? But if we were playing […]

EVERTON 2 MAN CITY 0 - Toffees stick it to City

Roberto Mancini had a headache from the moment Yaya Toure reported unfit with a migraine. It didn’t get any better when Marouane ‘Microphone Head’ Fellaini and his mates pumped up the volume and blasted Manchester City’s last lingering title hopes to smithereens. Once again City are left desolate and defeated by an Everton side who have the hex on the Etihad outfit… and probably will have until Arma’bleedin’geddon brings a merciful end […]