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Mind the gap - MAN CITY v ARSENAL

Today’s the day Manchester City fans find out if Manuel Pellegrini’s grasp of English is any better than his knowledge of basic maths. Having overseen one of the most memorable nights in the club’s history and beaten the reigning European champions in their own backyard, Pellegrini proceeded to receive ‘pelters’ for not knowing one more goal would have put City on top of Group D, ahead of Bayern Munich. Such […]

City soar as Swan’s hopes dive - MAN CITY 3 SWANSEA 0

How many more teams will find themselves shot down by Manchester City in what is rapidly becoming the Etihad execution chamber? The fate of any opponents who stray into the air space and consequent crosshairs of the sharp-shooting Mancunians is virtually guaranteed – they’re dead ducks. First came a murder of magpies, followed by an opera of canaries and now a squadron of swans, all mercilessly culled and dispatched for […]

SPURS 3 MAN CITY 1 - Gone in 380 seconds...

Six minutes of kamikaze defending from the Premier League’s top defensive unit means Manchester City have less than 24 hours left to call themselves champions. That is unless Aston Villa can either pull off the most unlikely of victories or force a draw, with Slur Baconface’s First Rasher XI at The Swamp on Monday night. City’s inexplicable implosion following an imperious first half at White Hart Lane beggars belief or […]