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Cheeky Liver bird wants City to sell Joe on the 'cheep'

Fairly or unfairly, it's pretty damn certain that Joe Hart is heading for the Etihad exit in the next few days.

Last night saw an outpouring of emotion for City's popular keeper, as thousands of fans sang his name and applauded his every touch during the win over Steaua Bucharest.

Pep Guardiola even gave Joe the captain's armband for what will surely be his last appearance as a City blue.

After the match former City player - the ever UNPOPULAR - Steve McManaman, a so called 'pundit' on the loathed BT Sport Football, said it would now be appropriate for City to help facilitate Joe's move away by selling him at a 'reasonable' price.

So called 'McPointyMan' - all he ever did in two years at City was point his fingers and tell others what to do, while he contributed sweet FA - pointed out City owed Joe a debt of gratitude after 10 years.

Errrrr, no, as saddened as I am to see Hart leave, the player has had a wonderful career at City, been handsomely rewarded and, at 29 yrs old, would still be a great signing for the likes of errrrr - Liverpool - McPointyman's true love!

No ulterior motive there then Steve, so glad we cleared that one up!

City must do unto others as they have done unto them in a crazy transfer environment of bloated fees - sell high - if at all possible.

Pragmatism may have a part to play, but City won't do their credibility any favours if they sell a very very good goalkeeper at a vastly reduced price.

By David Walker @ReadButNeverRed @djwskyblu

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